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Susan Cernyak-Spatz's tale - Ate "sawdust salami", jews went to gas chambers "willingly", "whole German nation clothed by clothing from dead jews"

Susan is an Austrian jew who became a university Professor and self-styled expert on the Holyhoax.

As the story goes, Susan was taken to Auschwitz at 18 years old, where she ate "sawdust salami", and had to eat and poop out the same bowl. Sometimes, she ate grass and frogs.

She claims the Nazis had killed 2 million Polish jews by 1941, and that holocausting jews by bullets was too costly because they needed the bullets for the war, so the Germans built the "death camps."

Cernyak-Spatz says the Germans were so determined to kill every last jew that "trains carrying Jews to the death camps were given priority even over troop trains carrying soldiers to battle." Is that a contradiction from her claim about not holocausting by bullets due to the priority of the war effort?...moving on.

The Germans told the Jews to wear lots of clothes for work, and then they gassed them, and stole the Jews' clothes. According to Susan, "for the years during the war, the whole German nation was clothed from the clothing of dead Jews."

Death in the Birkenau gas chambers took only 8 minutes, says Susan, and the Nazis used jew hair to "stuff mattresses, for insulation, and wove it into cloth." Between 1,500 and 2,000 Jews died in the chambers at Birkenau every day. Some jews even volunteered and went to the gas chambers willingly!

Then Susan almost died from typhus. Susan also survived scabies, scarlet fever, and hepatitis. It's a miracle she survived. Because the Nazis gassed everyone who got sick.

When they abandoned the camp with the Soviets advancing, for some reason Susan can not explain, the camp commandant opened up the warehouse, and told the Jews to take the warmest clothes they could find. Even though the Germans were trying to kill all the Jews.

Then they Death Marched Susan to Berlin. But Susan didn't die, so they Death Marched her again. Then the Nazi's turned the Jews over to the Allies.

Susan tells us the sacred 6 million will "die again if they are forgotten."

Article: "Woman captivates students with tales of life in Nazi death camp"

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  1. I once read a true story about a Polish Jew named Ezra Bronfman, who worked as a kapo in Auschwitz. He was part of a Sonderkommando team which was employed to keep the pits of burning bodies alight 24 hours a day. It was a very dangerous task, not only because he had to approach the fires and draw off the human fat in iron ladles and pour it back on top of the burning bodies, but also because an SS guard might come up behind him as he worked and kick him into the flames.

    Ezra saw this happen several times to other kapos, but he kept his eyes open, and when the guard came up behind him and lunged out with both feet, Ezra swerved to the side at the very last minute with great panache and dexterity. The poor old SS man continued flying through the air - managing to utter a brief scream, before disappearing into the flames.

    Everyone in the vicinity, both kapos and SS guards started wildly cheering and applauding Ezra's superb athleticism. Even the ferocious dogs broke off from attacking inmates testicles to wag their tales in appreciation. The Obergruppenfuhrer in charge summoned the camp orchestra to play joyful marching tunes as Ezra was escorted back in triumph to the barracks, carried on the shoulders of the other kapos.

    That night, for his evening meal, Ezra was given an extra portion of grass and frog casserole to go with his sawdust salami, while the Camp Commandant poured him a thimble full of schnapps to celebrate his virtuoso performance that day.

  2. ^Thanks for adding this holy tale. Never Forget™

  3. At least dear old Susan has got a genuine tattoo on her arm - unlike so many of these "latter-day" holohoaxers who pop up from out of nowhere to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame.

    I believe she was in the Theresienstadt Ghetto for several years before being transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. But alas - just like most of the other survivors - she has gone completely "over the top" with her horror stories.

    She claims;- "the first thing that chased you out of the train at Auschwitz-Bikenau was a smell - a stink. An almost sweet stink, and you couldn't identify what it was, because who in the 20th century could identify the smell of human corpses, burning 2,000 at a time.

    Gosh - 2,000 at a time!

    But Susan, dear, the cremation facilities at Birkenau only had 46 individual ovens, or muzzles, and even if you were packing 3 or 4 corpses into each one ( which the holohoaxers claim, but is actually physically impossible ) you could only consume 184 bodies at a time.

    I'm afraid you will have to revise your figure downwards.

    1. Correction - I meant "muffles" or retorts, not "muzzles".

  4. You 1 crazy bitch, Doctor Suzy. We luv your holohoax tales - 'specially your poop bowl and your sawdust salami.

    2 million Polish Jews killed by 1941 eh? That's odd - coz the "holocaust" didn't get started until early 1942, but still, wot does time, history & accuracy matter when you've hit the big time on the holo circuit.

  5. Just been watching Susan give a presentation to students on You Tube - entitled "Doctor Susan Spatz".

    Most of what she is saying is probably true, or at least "tru-ish" considering that she is recalling events from long ago. But when she refers to her arrival at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and then
    the "gas chambers" and crematoria, then I'm afraid she is just uttering a lot of B.S.

    Susan claims that her train arrived inside the camp at Birkenau in January 1943, and she immediately saw the crematorium chimney shooting out flames and black smoke.

    But unfortunately her story is not true - and for three reasons. 1;- the railway line that passed through the main gateway into the camp was not built until the late-spring of 1944. Up-until then, all arrivals by train were taking place at a railway marshalling yard a distance of a quarter of a mile away from the camp. 2;- None of the chimneys from any of the crematoriums were in operation until March 1943, and thus these facilities were only under construction at the time Susan arrived. 3;- Crematorium chimneys do not belch flames into the sky - if they did, then this would be regarded as an emergency, and all work would immediately cease so that the fire could be rapidly extinguished.

    Susan then goes on to make some extraordinary claims that are not really part of the official "holocaust" narrative. 1;- that the screams of those inside the gas chambers could be heard outside. But how is that possible if the chambers were hermetically sealed. 2;- that the SS guard used a stop-watch to time the gassing process. But we've always been told that a peephole in the door was used to ascertain if those inside were all dead! 3;- that Russian prisoners of war were taken straight from the battlefield to the extermination centres, and their uniforms - still covered in blood and bulletholes - were handed out to newly-arrived female jews to wear in Auschwitz! 4;- that there was no gas chamber or crematorium inside the Auschwitz Main Camp. This is actually quite a bombshell from out of the mouth of a prominent "holocaust survivor", because the official narrative has always described this facility as "Krema 1", where many inmates were put to death by gassing.

    It is true that revisionist historians have claimed for many years that Krema 1 was a fake which had been constructed after the war, but it would appear that the official historiography is now beginning to accept this too.

    Susan also claims that the gas chambers at Krema 2 and Krema 3 in Birkenau could exterminate between them a total of between 3,000 and 4,000 bodies in one action, and that in 1944 two or even three gassing actions could be undertaken each day.

    But let's do the math regarding the disposal of all these bodies.

    We know that Krema 2 and Krema 3 had 15 cremation ovens each. The holohoaxers have always claimed that three or even four bodies could be crammed into each oven. This is actually physically as well as technically impossible - but for argument we'll accept it as true. Let us assume that the four bodies could be fully cremated in one hour, which means that 30 ovens could dispose of 120 bodies per hour. If these ovens were then working non-stop for 24 hours you might, if things went smoothly, be able to achieve a total of 2,880 cremations.

    But Susan is telling us that up to 12,000 bodies could be disposed of in these two crematoriums over a 24 hour period. Whoops - something wrong with your story there, Susan!

    1. ^ Excellent analysis. Thanks for posting.

  6. In December 2014, British prime minister David Cameron paid an official visit to Auschwitz. He was seen on TV sitting at a desk and signing some kind of "Book of Commemoration".

    The desk and chair for him to sign the book had been placed right outside the structure which they call Krema 1. But Susan tells us that there were no gassings or exterminations carried out in that facility, and the Auschwitz museum curator himself claimed in a video produced by David Cole that this building was a post-war reconstruction. In addition, the world's leading expert in gas chamber technology - Fred Leuchter - carried out extensive investigations there, and concluded that this facility could never have been used as a Homicidal gas chamber.

    So - two questions come to mind - what are the Auschwitz authorities doing by organising this cheap piece of theatre to go ahead right outside a proven fake structure; and why has a British PM allowed himself to become so gullible that he would agree to take part in such a stunt ?

    And the answers are quite clear - there are no depths of deception that the holohoaxers will not sink to, in order to keep their scam going.

  7. This bullshit sounds like something you would hear in a magical forest fairytale "Frog casserole, grass, sawdust salami"? LOL!

  8. The Holocaust is the cork in the bottle of the Jewish NWO plan. Convince all whites that they are evil and should lay down as their nations are flooded with 3rd worlders, blend us all into one brownskinned people with no attachment to our culture or history, and rule over us as a technocratic elite.

    The truth must be spread, the perpetually dark future the Jews have planned must not come to pass.