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Summary of the Sobibor "extermination camp" - Shoah pimps allege "300,000 jews were holocausted in showers with a diesel motor, flocks of Nazi geese drowned out the sound of the screams"

Kosher story via wikipedia:

Sobibor was a Nazi German extermination camp set up in the Lublin region of occupied Poland as part of Operation Reinhard; the official German name was SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor. Jews, including Jewish Soviet prisoners of war, and possibly Gypsies were transported to Sobibor by rail, and asphyxiated in gas chambers that were fed with the exhaust of a petrol engine. One source states that up to 200,000 people were killed at Sobibor. Thomas Blatt claims that "In the Hagen court proceedings against former Sobibor Nazis, Professor Wolfgang Scheffler, who served as an expert, estimated the total figure of murdered Jews at a minimum of 250,000."

After a successful revolt on October 14, 1943 about half of the 500 prisoners in Sobibor escaped; the camp was closed and planted with trees days afterwards. A memorial and museum are at the site today.

Sobibór is also the name of the village outside which the camp was built, which is now part of Lublin Voivodeship in Poland.

Memorial at the entrance to the Sobibor extermination camp, Poland.

Sobibor Memorial Plaque

A critique of the kosher account:

The official story is that about 20 SS officers and 100-150 assistants, aided by 1000 Jews, forced up to 1,200 Jews at a time into 3 to 6 gas chambers, time after time, day after day, buried the bodies, dug them up again, burned them, then crushed their bones in the special Nazi bone-crushers. And in this way they killed about 300,000 passive, weak, pathetic, bovine Jews in 1942 and 1943.

A Soviet Jew named Alexander Pechersky described the mass murders thusly:

“At first glance, as one entered, it like a normal shower: hot and cold taps for running water, wash basins … as soon as everyone was inside, the doors slammed shut with a loud noise. Out of holes in the ceiling, a heavy, blackish substance poured down in spiral shapes…” [Alexander Pechersky, La rivolta di Sobibor, in Yuri Suhl, Ed essi si ribellarono, Milan, 1969, p. 31.]

According to Pechersky, in order to drown out the pitiful cries of their victims, the fiendish Germans kept a flock of geese at Sobibor which were made to quack very loudly whenever Jews were murdered with the magical, mysterious “blackish substance”

Later these blackish-substance-shower-rooms transmogrified into gas chambers.

According to Poliakov, the murder device was a diesel motor (Léon Poliakov, Bréviare de la Haine, Éditions complexe, Paris, 1986, p. 224); Hilberg changed the diesel motor to a gasoline motor (Hilberg, p. 941.); the Enzyklopaedie des Holocaust declared ex cathedra that the murder weapon was a diesel motor (Enzyklopaedie des Holocaust, p. 1496); the München court seems unsure, or perhaps they have been directed by certain elders to establish a new version.

The crafty krauts destroyed all of the evidence including millions of mortal remains, and all that remains of these killing camps at Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor is one pair of little shoes.

Brian Akira

Additional Resources:

Holocaust or Hoax?: The Arguments by Jürgen Graf, Chapter 12 (kosher)


  1. Hitler was intelligent but psycho what was going through his head when he planned the holocaust?!all those innocent people that lost their lives ... may their souls rest in peace... now that they are not in the holocaust anymore

  2. The Sobibor camp was a TRANSIT camp -- neither a "death"- or a concentration camp!
    Read the brand new book “Sobibor – Holocaust Propaganda and Reality” by the very thorough writers/historians Jürgen Graf, Thomas Kues and Carlo Mattogno.
    When accusing a whole country and its people (Germany) for such a serious crime as the Ho£o€au$t one/YOU should deal with forensic & scientific FACTS -- not “feelings” and since for ever repeated main-stream-media LIES!

    Think again, pls!

    1. Yes, you're right, Sobibor was a transit camp not a death camp. It seems to have been built inside a forestry settlement or lumber camp alongside the railway line leading into the former Soviet Union.

      If one goes to Google Earth and follows the alignment of the old railway line northward from Sobibor, you will see that it used to cross over the river Bug into what is now Belarus (the bridge has long been demolished). The Russian railway tracks were slightly wider than the German system, which meant that all passengers, as well as freight, had to change trains at Sobibor. Thus, it was an ideal place for a transit halt for Jews being shipped eastwards.

      It is interesting to note that the SS did not completely demolish the camp in 1943, but left the Kommandant's cottage intact as well as the station platform, or ramp. They also left some barracks standing, which were used just after the war for refugees being transferred and resettled between the Ukraine and Western Poland - thus confirming Sobibor's role as a transit halt.

      There was also a very tall watchtower in the centre of the Sobibor camp which still stands today. But this wasn't a sinister SS guard post, it was an entirely innocent firewatch tower over-looking the vast surrounding forests.

  3. I wasn't there but I do have sense enough to know these super secret killing rituals would never have worked.
    If I am going to kill you I don't care if you know or not.
    You get of the trains totally under my control and you don't have to shower.
    Sure tears the heart outta me as an intrigue though.
    But its far from fact.

  4. Hitler had a problem when we was a little kid him dad used to drill in his head the jew were different and that might be were he got it from..he was very smart but just a "little" off...may all of those who lost there life in this crazy and VERY sad moment rest in peace

  5. The evidence is clear. How do you explain the bone fragments, buried toothpaste etc? Also the testimony of Thomas " Toivi " Blatt. There is more evidence to suggest it happened compared to that it didn't happen.

    1. You say the evidence is clear - but who found these bone fragments and articles such as toothpaste etc. Where are these objects now?

      And even if they are authentic, how can we deduce from these that Sobibor was a death camp. If the figure of 4 to 500,000 people arriving there is correct, then it is not surprising that a few of them died in transit, and their remains were buried nearby.

      Equally, the presence of discarded articles is no evidence of mass murder, because so many people brought their possessions with them, and much of it was confiscated by the camp authorities.

      As for Thomas Blatt's verbal testimony. Well, I am afraid that's all it is. He has never been cross-examined under oath by any court or tribunal. Neither has he submitted himself to rigorous questioning by teams of investigators or researchers. He has just been allowed to present his version of events to the world, and that's it!

      Before I can accept Mr Blatt's account as true, then I want corroboration from several other sworn witnesses, plus some physical evidence from Sobibor itself. I would also require a reasonable amount of authentic German documents describing what went on at Sobibor.

    2. Apologies! - I got the numbers confused between Belzec and Sobibor. It is claimed that Belzec had 4-500,000 arrivals, while Sobibor had between 160,000 and 250,000 victims.

  6. Those of you still denying that these were death camps, why don't you read the actual trial testimonies by German officers who worked at these camps? And how about reading books written by SURVIVORS???

    1. The testimonies of German officers at these trials is practically worthless.

      Have you ever heard the expression;- "When you've got them by the balls, then their hearts and minds will follow."

      What I mean by this, is that the victors of WW2 declared that Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec were "death camps". The losers of this war i.e;- the German officers held in custody, were simply induced, beaten, threatened, encouraged etc. to adjust their testimonies to meet the requirements of their captors.

      And as for reading books written by survivors - well, I've read countless numbers of these. Most of them are just pure fantasy - either to make money, or to keep the holohoax industry alive. Others are more-or-less genuine, but the authors have often put two and two together and come out with the answer of five. They did spend time in Nazi labour camps and passed through transit camps during WW2, but have allowed themselves to be bamboozled by the holohoax industry into believing that these were actually "death" camps.

  7. Please don't laugh, ladies and gentlemen - but the holohoaxers are now digging around at the Sobibor site, desperately searching for the remains of "gas chambers".

    And golly-gosh - lo-and-behold - they claim to have found what they have been looking for!!

    Reports from REUTERS and the GUARDIAN on 18 September 2014 say;-

    "Archaeologists found lines of bricks laid four deep"..."They are amazed at the size of the building, and well-preserved condition of the chamber walls"..."They found a wedding ring with an inscription in Hebrew."

    Interestingly, though, they haven't found any human remains, graves, or pits of buried bodies.

    The Archaeological dig is a joint operation carried out by a team from Yad Vashem in Israel, "The German-Polish Foundation", and the Majdanek State Museum.

    In other words, the entire operation is in the hands of the "usual suspects". There is no independent team of archaeologists involved in the dig at all. So no one can verify the work done, or the artefacts found at the site. Both Yad Vashem and the Majdanek State Museum have a vested interest in finding "gas chambers", in order to prop up the prevailing orthodoxy of the holocaust, while the "German-Polish Foundation" is a body sponsored by the two national governments who strongly desire that the holocaust myth is maintained at all costs.

    According to one of the archaeologists present - WOJCIECH MAZUREK;-

    "The extermination of people took place there; murder by smoke from an engine that killed in 15 minutes"..."the Nazis even bred geese in order to drown out the shouts and torments of those dying inside, so that prisoners outside would not hear the screams."

    Oh, is that right Wojciech - they had an engine that blew smoke into the chamber that killed everyone inside. You ought to tell us what kind of engine it was, what fuel it used, and how they induced the smoke into the chamber. You also need to explain how they extracted the smoke before removing the dead bodies.

    And they even bred geese to drown out the screams?. You mean to say that the Germans - who were able to develop rockets, jet aircraft, modern tanks and submarines - chose a flock of geese to do this job. Couldn't they have used a mechanical siren, or perhaps do what the camp authorities did in Majdanek when they carried out the alleged killings there - rigged up loud speakers and played Mozart all day long!

    Another thing that struck me about this archaeological work at Sobibor is how they got permission from the Jewish authorities in Poland to dig there. Because I distinctly remember the Chief Rabbi of Poland expressly forbidding any kind of digging work at Treblinka. He could be seen on TV shaking his head sternly when asked by the gorgeous "dolly-bird" CAROLINE STURDY-COLLS to carry out excavations there. Back in 2012/13, Caroline had led a team of archaeologists from Cambridge University to search for the remains of gas chambers and human remains at Treblinka.

    But returning to Sobibor, what exactly have they found there ? Well, if we accept at face value that they have uncovered the remains of a large building, one can't assume that this was a gas chamber! Sobibor was a large forest, with a sizeable logging industry. A forest clearing might well have had temporary structures built upon it, such as sheds for housing the mechanical equipment, tools and vehicles. There might have been a saw-mill there, or even a series of sheltered racks for stacking and drying out cut timber.

    In addition, we also know that Sobibor was chosen by the German army as a work site, and arms dump, alongside the railway line leading to and from the Eastern Front. And here, they employed workers to sort and repair munitions brought back from the front line. It is therefore quite possible that these remains are part of the foundations for structures connected with these activities.

    1. Thanks for the informative post. The "breeding of geese in order to drown out the shouts and torments of those dying" in the delousing chambers is a real gem. I think I need a separate article for that.

  8. Every other event in history can be scrutinised apart from the holocaust.I wonder why this is?think they're trying to hide something? Definately.