Friday, December 18, 2009

Paul Kessler's tale - Lived with mom for a year in 4x4 hole in ground covered with twigs and manure

Paul Kessler [1]

Article: "Holocaust Survivor Shares Memories"

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Hear this sacred survivor speak:

More on Kessler and the Texas Holohoax Circuit from plantation14:

Paul Kessler's haunting grounds include the powerful "holocaust educational museums" in Texas, with centers in Dallas, Houston and El Paso. The University of Texas at Dallas hosts numerous seminars for hundreds of high school teachers who listen to "holocaust experts" from the mother institution (the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum), other teachers who have taught about the holocaust, and holocaust survivors like busy Paul Kessler. He might sound silly, unbelievable and stupid, but he knows the holocaust game well.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum isn't just for Texas. It is very also concerned about issues like Iran... and the fact that a Ukrainian university granted "American neo-Nazi" David Duke an honorary doctorate. "Countering those kinds of lies is one purpose of Holocaust education centers, their leaders say. They face a particular challenge getting their information into a country like Iran, where the media are government-controlled."

The idea for a Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance began in 1977 and came from 200 Dallas holocaust Survivors. They established the Dallas Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies in 1984 and in 2005, changed its name to the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance, and moved to downtown Dallas. [

The Holocaust Museum of Houston was opened in 1996 and is the fourth largest holocaust memorial museum in the US. "A major commitment of the Holocaust Museum Houston is the educational program." This program comprises teacher training and student programs. It also offers contests for students, such as the annual “Yom HaShoah Art and Writing Contest”. [

The $2 million dollar El Paso Holocaust Museum had help from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. The main goal of the Museum is “to teach young people today about what happens when bigotry and racism are allowed to flourish.” It began in 1984 by giving frequent tours for schools, tourists and for U.S. and German army trainees. It is the brainstorm of Henry Kellen, a survivor, who escaped from a camp in Lithuania and was hidden by a farmer, along with six others, under the floorboards of a house for three months before the liberation. "He, like many other survivors, kept quiet about what he had seen and endured. But, in the early 1980’s, something happened that made him rethink his silence. It was the growing and organized movement of Holocaust deniers in America and Europe that spread propaganda on the internet, in written papers and speeches. He felt he must speak out against these lies". [


  1. "El Paso Holocaust Museum". That sounds like a joke!

  2. Nothing about any of these museums is a joke
    Henry Kellen and The El Paso Holocaust Museum deserves more than comments like the above

    1. You are quite right, sir - the El Paso Holocaust Museum is certainly not a joke.

      I remember as a youngster attending my local synagogue where the Deputy Chief Rabbi of West Texas came to lecture to the congregation about the extermination of the Jews in El Paso. His name was Mordechai, and he witnessed all the Jews being rounded up into the ghetto by the county Sheriff and his deputies - along with a platoon of SS soldiers led by Obersturnbannfuhrer Hank Himmler.

      After several weeks living inside the ghetto, Mordechai and his Mom - along with all the other Jews were loaded into cattle waggons belonging to the Atcheson -Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and then transported into the hills to an old deserted gold prospectors camp which the Nazis had turned into an extermination facility.

      But a miracle happened on the journey to the death camp, when the train was ambushed while heading through the Pass by an Apache Red Indian war party. As the SS guards fled in panic, the Jews escaped from the train and headed off in all directions.

      Mordechai and his Mom spent many days wandering around the desert, managing to stay alive by eating raw rattlesnakes and vulture eggs. There was no water available, so they had to resort to drinking cactus juice instead. One evening they stumbled into a cowboy camp, where the good-ol'-boys had just finished eating their beans. But of course, the air was absolutely rancid with stale farts, and so they gave the camp a wide berth.

      Eventually, they waded across the Rio Grande River into Mexico - and to freedom. Once there, they began to let the world know what was happening to the Jews. The trouble was - that the world didn't believe a word of what they were saying, and just carried on as normal.

      Disappointed, Mordechai and his Mom joined a gang of Mexican bandits which went raping and pillaging across Texas. As dangerous outlaws a bounty was soon placed upon their heads saying;- NOT WANTED - EITHER DEAD OR ALIVE. In order to escape the bounty hunters, they had to dig a hole in the ground, hide inside it, and then cover themselves over with twigs and manure.

  3. All you good folk who live in Texas are extraordinarily lucky!

    Not only is there a "holocaust" museum in El Paso, but there are three other such museums within the Lone Star State. The cities of San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are each blessed with one of these sacred, holy, tabernacles.

    And if Texans are not finally humbled and reverential after visiting these museums, then they can commute across the State-Line into Mississippi and Louisiana, where there are "holocaust" museums in Clarksdale and New Orleans respectively.

    But that's not all - in the other direction from Texas, one can visit "The New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum" in Albuquerque, or the "Holocaust and Tolerance Museum" in Chandler, Arizona.

    So it's "Tolerance" in Arizona; but "Intolerance" in New Mexico - Hmmmn!

    But if you Texans are really looking forward to immersing yourselves in holocaustianity, then how about spending a weekend at "The Desert Holocaust Memorial" in Palm Desert, California - truly, a whole, wide, world away from Eastern Europe where it is all alleged to have happened!

    1. ^Wow! Americans in general seem to be very blessed, to have so many sacred Holy Hoax propaganda memorials. Never Forget !!