Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Map of "extermination camps" in Nazi-occupied Poland


  1. Chelmno is regarded as the least known of the six so-called "extermination camps".

    But just like Auschwitz and Maijdanek it too has had the numbers who were allegedly killed there drastically reduced from 340,000 in 1946 to 152,000 today.

    Apparently all these people were murdered in 3 "gas vans", where the engine exhaust was fed into the enclosed interior of the vehicles.

    But there is no coherent narrative as to how this all took place. Some accounts say the Jews were first assembled in a manor house, or palace, and then loaded into the gas vans, while others refer to a church, or even a watermill.

    Opinions also differ as to whether the vehicles were moving during the gassings, or they remained stationery.

    Some reports say that one gas van exploded with the Jews inside, and another claims that the rear doors of a van flew open while the vehicle was in transit and corpses spilled out on to the public highway.

    But the most unbelievable part of the story is that these "top-secret" vehicles of mass-murder were not serviced or repaired by SS mechanics and technicians within a secure compound, but were taken into the nearby town where there was a local "Kwik-Fit" garage.

    There, they were inspected and worked on by no less than 8 Polish motor mechanics - and of course could be viewed by any other employees or passers-by.

    Does anyone really think the Germans would have allowed this to happen ?

  2. ^I didn't know this. Thanks for posting.