Saturday, December 12, 2009

Esther Raab's tale

Yehuda's summary:

With a further sad tale is Esther Raab.

Esther was only 7 years old when the evil nazis sent her to the Sobibor Death Camp. Sobibor was a pure Death Camp. Everyone who came to Sobibor lived only 1 hour.

7 year old Esther lived in the Death Camp for 9 months.

Then Esther ran up a step ladder. The evil nazis shot her in the head, but Esther ran away!

Esther wants to testify at Demjanjuk's trial, but the Germans must be anti-semites, because they won't let her.

Jewspaper article on Raab's story.


  1. what blithering idiots and antisemites, you holocaust deniers are. "Holohoax." is that supposed to be clever--for a 6th grade child, perhaps.

  2. Esther Raab was born in 1922. Re-do your math! Sobibor was a death camp, but there was a mass escape in Oct. 1943.