Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emmaly Reed's tale - Imprisoned for 12 years, had tattoo removed, slept in mud and feces, weighed 32 pounds at 15 yrs old when liberated

Emmaly Reed

Emmaly has quite a Holocaust story to tell.

She was taken prisoner by the Nazis in 1933 at only 3 years old, and placed at Dachau concentration camp.

At the camp, Emmaly says she slept in mud and feces.

She was tortured and had experiments conducted on her at the laboratory that were intended to kill her. But she survived. A miracle!

On her last day at the camp, she was found in a coma hanging to a wall by the wrists with a chain around her neck. Emmaly says everyone else around her was dead.

She was 15 years old and weighed just 32 pounds.

Article #1: "A story of pain and survival"

Article #2: Judicial-Inc: "I spent twelve years in Dachau"

Emmaly hanging, chained to the wall on the day of liberation?

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  1. Was cameras part of a soldiers equipment???? It just seems to me that pictures were always taken at exactly the right moment.....rifal? Check...medical kit? Check.... kodiak???? CHECK