Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daniel Chanoch's tale - At Mauthausen, "the Germans used to prepare soups cooked with human flesh for the prisoners"

Daniel Chanoch and daughter

Article: "Survivor's victory on evil"

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  1. I dunno where they got the human flesh from for all the delicious soups prepared in Mauthausen, but what is interesting about dear old Daniel's story is that he is very upset with the "holocaust" establishment, such as institutions like Yad Vashem.

    He states;- "The camps strengthened us. I learned about life in Adolf's facilities...we are not victims, and I'm fed up with being portrayed as part of a herd like sheep to the slaughter. They are feeding us with nonsense".

    So - ladies and gentlemen - we have it straight from the survivor's mouth; "They are feeding us with nonsense."

    This means that all the revisionist historians who have been persecuted, fined and imprisoned over the years have been correct all along, and are therefore overdue an apology from the holohoax industry.

    Daniel even says that the camps strengthened the Jewish people, and they learned about life in the camps.

    Well, this is genuinely uplifting news. From what he is saying, the Nazis actually tried to help the inmates, and were not intent on destroying them.

    I think the Jews should now stop belly-aching, and be truly grateful for all this help that they received.