Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ruth Foster's sad Holocaust™ fable - Jews snuck into mortuary to bite flesh from dead jews' buttocks & cut out livers

In the Stuffhof camp Ruth "witnessed" jews sneaking into the mortuary and bite flesh from dead jews' buttocks. Others would have knives to cut out the livers.

Article: "Ruth Foster: Riga Ghetto & Stuffhoff Camp Survivor"


  1. "From there, they were marched to the Stutthof concentration camp where, on arrival, Ruth was sent to a gas chamber to be killed. Fortunately the SS had run out of gas –'one of the miracles by which I survived'."

    1. If thats a link to her "miracle" survival story (SS ran out of gas) i am afraid to say that it has "miraculously" disappeared.