Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wilhelm Brasse's comical tale - "photographed the horrors of Auschwitz, film survived burning in oven because it was flameproof"

Wilhelm Brasse

"It was one of the miracles of Auschwitz"


He claims that Mengele and the doctors would "pull womens' uteruses out through their vaginas."

Note near the end of the article where the current Holo story is that the Nazis only had 6 camps for "exterminating Jews": Auschwitz-Birkenau, Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Majdanek and Belzec

Article: "Photographer tricked Nazis to save Auschwitz images"

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Video on Wilhelm's tale...

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  1. Negatives don't burn?!!
    Do these people have an ongoing competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculous tale they can get people to believe?

  2. i can not understand that he did not kill himself during his years of living how can someone lives with these images to 95????he has no hart!

  3. what a very very ugly man from his heart and also to look at brrrrrr and he turned 95??????how could he live with those memories???because he liked it!!

  4. The link has changed. This is the new one:

  5. Pearls of Wisdom: my Story of Survival. When sent to Auschwitz, my dear mother gave me 4 pearls to trade for food if necessary, we were not as wealthy as Irene Zisblatt. Fortunately, my wise mother had the pearls strung so if I had to swallow them, I was able to pull them back out and not have to dig through my own feces to try to find them each day for two years. Now, I will say the did cause some irritation but not as much as to the poor oysters I guess. I of course met Mengele once we exited the train and even though I was 6, It must have been God who told me to say I was 16, this saved me from the gas chamber. I was assigned to the kitchen where I scrubbed dishes & even though I was constantly around the sawdust bread and raw turnip soup, I was not allowed to eat any extra rations. I soon weighed 40 pounds, I did hide one night instead of returning to the barrack, an SS entered for a late night snack and I being so thin, disguised myself as a lamp by grabbing a lampshade to stick on my head. Then I realized it was my brother Shlomo because I recognized his unique tattoo. Fortunately the SS didn't catch me and as I was returning to my barrack, the Red Army liberated us. Yes, I was there, I saw it all with my great grandfather's own eyes!