Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thomas Buergenthal sent to Auschwitz at age 10 - Survives two years at "death" camps

Wait, I thought the story was that the Nazis killed all those under 16 or over 40 at Auschwitz, as Abe Price says.



  1. hence the lucky child

  2. Are you serious? I know Judge Buergenthal. Are you seriously saying he invented these facts?

  3. Long ago I had a friend at school whose Dad was an Obergruppenfuhrer at Auschwitz. And one day he had the bright idea of using laughing-gas instead of Zyklon-B in the gas chamber that he was responsible for.

    The reason for this, was that the ferocious guard dogs were becoming unsettled by the terrible screams that emanated from inside the chamber. So he rigged up a lound speaker inside and ordered all the Kapos to read funny jokes as the gas was released.

    This did the trick - very soon he could hear guffaws of laughter from within, and he looked through the peephole to see tears of merriment running down the cheeks of the naked Jews. They literally died laughing!

    The trouble was, that when the gas chamber was emptied and the bodies were being hoisted up on the elevator to the crematorium ovens, half of them were not dead at all but were recovering, and started struggling and fighting. No way were they going to be slid into a fiery furnace!

    So, alas, for the disconsolate Obergruppenfuhrer, his brilliant idea immediately hit the buffers, and laughing-gas was abandoned.