Friday, November 27, 2009

Sol Lurie's unbelievable tale - Went back to Germany in 1952, miraculously stumbled upon chain and good luck charm he lost during WWII

Sol Lurie

Sol says he spend five years in six different concentration camps in Europe. The Germans tried their best to exterminate him, but he just had too many miracles come his way.

He claims that a German killed his cousin's baby by tossing it in the air and catching it on a bayonet (reincarnation of World War One "bayoneting babies" propaganda?), and that he hid from the Germans in a pile of human excrement from an outhouse.

He and other jews were taken to Auschwitz- Birkenau "where they should have been sprayed with gas but only water came out." Lurie says it was "a miracle."

Now get this. Sol eventually came to America and joined the U.S. Army. During the Korean war (in 1952), he was stationed in Germany. "One night as he laid down his sleeping bag in a field, he felt a tree branch poking through; the branch held the chain and good luck charm he had lost during the transport between concentration camps"! Another miracle!

Article #1: "Holocaust survivor speaks of concentration camps"

Earlier version of Sol's tale...

Article: #2: "Holocaust memories live on 60 years later"

This earlier (contradictory) version of Sol's tale claims he only spent four years in concentration camps, and that all 10,000 jews were shot at one time in the Ghetto in October of 1941 after digging ditches (not half of the group one day and the other half the next day as in the earlier version).

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  1. The next time i take my metal detector out, im taking this old jew with me, with his luck im bound to find a kings ransom.