Saturday, November 7, 2009

Peter Parker's amazing holotale - Sent to Auschwitz at 11 years old - "miraculously" survived

Peter Parker talks about how he managed to survive the Auschwitz "death camp"

Peter says 3,700 people were gassed and cremated within two hours at Auschwitz. It takes around 2 hrs to cremate one body. Did they have 3,700 crematorium ovens at Auschwitz?

And wasn't the kosher story that the Nazis immediately killed anyone under 16 at Auschwitz?

Ah, whatever.

Article: "Auschwitz survivor shares experience with Burnaby students"


  1. so are you saying the holocaust was a hoax?

  2. Yea, because if you are, Lone Wolf, you're a retard.

  3. He was sent to Auschwitz, which was known as the most vile, and efficient killing machine that any country ever developed. Not all of the people were cremated, as you should know, the Nazis had many ways of killing the Jewish. Many were shot and buried in mass graves.
    But let's think here: two corpses every 20 minutes were cremated. That is 6 people per hour. So that equals 144 people per day. Now, Auschwitz had 52 muffles. So let's multiply 52 by 144. That is 7,488 people in one day. It could have been easily done.
    Also, He was 11 when it all started. He didn't go to camp until he was about 17. Do your research before you accuse the poor man of being a fraud.

    1. it is fraud. You stop with the " it could have been " rubbish

  4. You should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe you should have actually listened to his story instead of picking your nose and twiddling your thumbs. Arrogant people such are yourself is what is wrong with this world. I personally know Peter and I know that what he went through was real, whether he may have forgotten a stat or two is irrelevant compared to the faint mark he has on his arm from the tattoo removal or the tears in his eyes as he recalls his story. I would take down this ridiculous blog if I were you.

  5. I watched this man in a two hour presentation as he made a 200 person auditorium of university students break down, including myself. When he was done, there was complete silence for about a full minute before every one of us stood up, wiped our tears off and formed a single line to the stage to thank him. He is an utter inspiration in his ability to overcome the worst possible circumstances in life, and I am pleased to know him as a friend. Listen to him and you might learn something.