Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mira Kimmelman's story - Survived a 2 and a half week ride on cattle train and a two-day death march in 30 below zero temps

Mira Kimmelman

Mira Kimmelman is a tireless old fanatic who has been on the Holo circuit for decades via the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, Inc's "Speakers Bureau".

Words do not do justice to describe this fable....harrowing, dreadful, horrible are the best we can do....

It goes like this: Her mother and grandparents were gassed to death and then burned at the Treblinka death camp. Mira, her brother, and her father were sent to the Auschwitz "death factory". When Auschwitz was evacuated before the Soviet army arrived, she was "Death Marched" with 60,000 other inmates west into Germany. For two days she waled through the snow in 30 below zero temperatures. After the two-day march, she traveled for two and a half weeks on a cattle car (with no heat in 30 below temps) to Bergen-Belsen, where she had to drink her own urine. Only 2 members of her immediate family of 18 survived.

Jews like Mira are very worried about the "very real potential that the Holocaust might be repeated."

Mira tells her story to fight "hate, bigotry and intolerance", pleading that "we all belong to the same race -- the human race", because some people deny the Holocaust happened, and to prevent the real Holocaust from occurring in the future.

Article #1: "A journey of pain and intolerance"

Article #2: "Remembering the Gates of Auschwitz"

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Mira's "memoir" Echoes from the Holocaust:


  1. You are revolting disgusting people that would host a web site such as this. It only shows your lack of education, humanity, and upbringing. I pity you and the world you live in; God will not forget what was done to the Jews, or any other people that have been sacrificed for hatred.

  2. I seriously hope the use of a George Orwell quote on a Holocaust denial website is ironic.

  3. The shallowness of the previous comments is astounding. Obviously they did not read the book. It is a good read, and it tells an important story that happened to many families and Survivors. Mira Kimmelman is a heroic woman who has spoken to numerous adults and students, and, with her words, changed at least two lives of now retired public school teachers whom I know well. She has been a highly positive and giving person in the East Tennessee community, and with her late husband Max raised two find sons who became and are serving as prominent lawyers. She is an example of the courageous immigrant whose wit and determination allowed her to make a new and successful life in America to the benefit of us all.

    1. Thank goodness those public school teachers have retired. Let us hope that young people in Tennessee will now no longer be subjected to any of this holocaust brainwashing.

      And as for the "prominent lawyers" - let me tell you what I think about American lawyers. They are the most despicable, crafty, money-grubbing bunch of crooks that the world has ever seen. The "prominent" ones are the worst of the lot. They act as pimps who represent the legal interests of the gangsters and banksters.

  4. It is sad to read mean spirited words in congruence with having read Mira's book. I am happy that I was subjected to all the holocaust brainwashing in Tennessee. Very fortunate to have met such a lovely woman and for my son to have gotten to met her as well. Please let the brainwashing continue!

    1. Yes, unfortunately, I think you are right. The holocaust brainwashing in Tennessee will continue on into the future - at least all the time that the Zionist jews, and their hired lackeys, retain control of the State's school curriculum.

      However, young people today now have access to the Internet, and can easily visit websites that are either pro-holocaust, or pro-revisionist, and thus they are able to make up their own minds about whether the holocaust really happened or not. This is very good indeed, because it encourages the youth of America to come to their own conclusions regarding historical accuracy, rather than have an official narrative drilled into them within the classroom.

    2. If young people living in Tennessee, or indeed any other parts of the USA, wish to explore the holocaust from a different perspective than the "official" narrative that has been drummed into all of us, then you can do no better that simply type in on Google " You Tube Jim Rizoli".

      Mr Rizoli and his brother, Joe, have done an enormous amount of research on the holocaust over the years. He comes across as a down-to-earth, regular kind of US guy, who presents his evidence in layman's terms that the ordinary man and woman at the ball-park can clearly understand.

      Jim Rizoli proudly proclaims that he is a Holocaust Denier, but always tells his audience not to take his own words as the final truth, but to do their own research, by visiting both pro-holocaust, and revisionist websites.

      But it is not hard to see how Jim and Joe Rizoli have come very near to the truth about the holocaust, because the local prominent jews in his home town of Framingham, Massachusetts have banned his local TV Channel from the airwaves.

      Now why should they do that - is there something about the holocaust that they are ashamed about, and wish to censure and hide ?

  5. There is an excellent video on Youtube that is a "must see" for all American youngsters.

    By typing in - 'Fred Leuchter Interview with Jim Rizoli' - you will be able to hear the world's leading expert on gas execution technology say - loud and clear - that the facilities labelled as homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz could not possibly have been used for exterminating anyone.

    Please, please everyone - don't miss out on viewing this very important video.

  6. What despicable human beings you are to deny the existence of millions of people who suffered inhumane treatment because of bigotry, hate, and ignorance just like yours. Mrs. Kimmemlman came to my school and spoke to us - she did not tattoo that number on her arm. To meet and speak with survivors of the Holocaust is an emotional experience because they share their pain when they share their stories.
    I suppose you would also deny that the American government had camps across the country where they locked up Germans, Italians and Japanese Americans?

    1. Yes, the U.S. government ran camps on U.S. soil where they interned Americans of Japanese, German, and Italian ancestry. The existence of internment camps does not imply a plan to exterminate anyone. Same thing with the camps run by Germany. They were simply internment and work/labor camps. They were NOT "extermination" camps. There is ZERO evidence of any mass murder at any of the German-run camps.

  7. Hitler had the right idea, he just had the wrong race. He should have rounded up all the NIGGERS and gassed them.