Friday, November 6, 2009

Max Globan's Holy Hoax story - "We ate lunch on top of dead bodies" - Saw "scratch marks of fingernails in concrete wall of gas chamber"

Max Globan with Cody Novack at Medical City Children's Hospital, Dallas, TX

Summary of Max's tale:

Max Globan says he survived "several" Nazi concentration camps.

On work detail, Max says that he "ate lunch on top of dead bodies"!

Let me say that again, he ATE LUNCH on top of dead bodies.


Max claims to have experienced many other atrocities, of course. 

He says he he saw "scratch marks of fingernails in the concrete wall and discoloration from the fumes" inside of a gas chamber.

Scratch marks from HUMAN FINGERNAILS in CONCRETE!!

Did this really happen?  You can't make this stuff up, can you?

Article: "Cancer patient hears Holocaust survivor's story"

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  1. This gruesome story reminds me of the one that Doctor Leon Wells gave at the Einchman trial in Israel. He also claimed under oath that he ate his cheese and pickle sandwiches while sitting on naked dead bodies.

    I suppose they both balanced their hot mugs of chicken and mushroom soup by wedging them into the cracks between the buttocks of a couple of deceased rabbis.

    Globan, though, is totally despicable, because he went into a public hospital and recounted this garbage to some poor patient who was suffering from cancer.

    Dear, oh dear, oh dear - what will they come up with next.