Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lola Rein Kaufman's holofable - hid with 3 other jews in a 6ft x 4ft hole in the ground for 9 months

Lola's book, "The Hidden Girl A True Story of the Holocaust"

Lola Rein Kaufman says that at the age of 7 the Germans arrived in her Polish town and killed her mother and father.

Kaufman's grandmother arranged with a 'Gentile' woman for Lola to hide with three other Jews in a 6-by-4-foot hole dug in the floor of a root cellar.

When the Holocaust was over and she was liberated, she only had the embroidered dress her mother had made. She cleaned it up and kept it.

Then when the Holocaust™ Museum opened in New York, Lola gave the museum the dress as an artifact.

Lola had never told her Holocaust™ story to anyone, not even to her three children. But after speaking to a museum representative, suddenly she decided to start telling her tale.

Lola shares her story to fight against "the supremacist haters."

Article: "Holocaust survivor stunned by attack on memorial to millions of slaughtered innocents"

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Read more about Lola's story via the USHMM.

Hear Lola speak...


  1. God love you Lola. Your journey displays nothing but bravery, even though you say you were frightened, you have overcome Hitler by all means. I shed a tear for you and all Jewish descendents. You will always be in my heart from reading your book.

  2. im doing a project and putting your name in it,i hope that is ok
    what a great story

  3. What a ridiculous story

  4. Your stupidity is beyond belief. My mother is Lola Rein. One day the human race will be studied by others. The chapter on retarded behavior will be skipped, I am sure. Hitler put a bullet in his own head. Now it is your turn.

  5. read your book yesterday , could not put it down, had tears in my eyes.. what a tragedy. I am glad you are sharing your story with the world, so people aware of holocust.

  6. im also using you for a and the struggle of millions will save future lives

  7. ^^^
    "Hitler put a bullet in his own head. Now it is your turn." wish

  8. Jews are some lying ass people. But Goyim are dumb as hell to believe this kind of shit.

    1. Well some Jews make be kind so just don't so around saying things like that.

  9. Just finished reading your book 4/22/2013 couldnt put it down till i finished it... Very sad but you were such a brave girl.. P.R.