Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Lies of Simon Wiesenthal; His Holohoax story an outrageous fabrication; His work as "Nazi hunter" and Holocaust™ "historian" a total fraud

Wiesenthal's holohoax story has it all. He claims he was in 13 "death" and work camps, yet "miraculously" survived them all. He walked 170 miles on a gangrenous foot with a recently amputated toe -- and without a shoe and only the sleeve of a coat covering the foot! His gangrenous foot and leg "miraculously" healed without any medical aid. Then there are the numerous "miraculous" escapes from death, including one where he falls unconscious in sub-zero temperatures, is mistaken for dead, only to be discovered alive just before going into the crematorium oven, and simply given a cold shower to thaw out.

Article: "The head Nazi-hunter’s trail of lies: Simon Wiesenthal, famed for his pursuit of justice, caught fewer war criminals than he claimed and fabricated much of his own Holocaust story"

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  1. this is total lies he told the truth

  2. if these are lies, then perhaps you might be able to explain why Wiesenthal has no tattoos on his arm the way good holohoax survivors are supposed to have?

    1. Look, you, six-hundred-billion of us were bored to death by gassy Germans. They couldn't tattoo all of us. Some of us only wanted ritual scarification or circumcision.

  3. The holohoax industry rumbles on!

    Last night on TV, SKY NEWS broadcast a story that the German authorities are considering prosecuting former guards of concentration camps. All these men are now elderly - some are even as old as 97.

    They've been pushed into this action by the "Simon Wiesenthal Centre" in America. Yes, the organisation that proudly displays the above-named fraud in its logo.

    It's pathetic really, all they can do to keep their industry going is to persecute the frail and elderly.

    Let's face some facts here. These men were very young soldiers at the time; Germany was at war; they had to obey the orders of their superior officers at all times, so they had no say in the matter at all.

    These men are not going to be charged with any specific individual war crime, but are being prosecuted for simply being ordinary guards at these camps - What a travesty!

    Organisations like the Weisenthal Centre are never going to disband even when those who lived in WW2 have all died. They'll think of something to keep the hoax going. Probably by going after the children or grandchildren of these guards. They might even dig up the graves of SS men and put their skeletons on trial. After-all the present German government is so soft and craven that they would readily go along with such a daft idea.

  4. Yet another elderly German is being prosecuted for something he did not do seventy years ago!

    The German prosecutor told reporters that "the accused - who is 93 years old - served as a medic in Auschwitz, but claimed that he had no idea about the purpose of the camp at the time".

    The World Jewish Congress are said to be highly delighted, as is the Weisenthal Center's "Chief Nazi Hunter" - Efraim Zuroff.

    Mr Zuroff is leading a world-wide search for former personnel and SS guards who worked inside Nazi camps during WW2. His campaign is a very important crusade, and it enjoys the grandiose, military-style, title - "Operation Last Chance".

    Now ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine a more ridiculous scenario, whereby hundreds - maybe even thousands - of "nazi hunters" have got nothing better to do with their lives but go chasing after decrepit old men with their zimmer frames, hearing aids and false teeth.

    "Look out, Mordechai", exclaims the desperate chief nazi hunter" - "one of them is trying to escape in his wheelchair; take a detachment of your hunting troops and stop him before he reaches the day clinic and tries to hide among the other geriatrics.

    Absolutely pathetic - and the German government and its legal authorities are perfectly happy to go along with this charade.

    1. The Associated Press of 23rd Feb. 2015, states;- "That German prosecutors have charged a 94 year-old man with 3,681 counts of accessory to murder in Auschwitz back in 1944."

      Now this could be the same guy referred to in the above post - because this unnamed man was also a medic who worked in the hospital at Auschwitz. And of course, if he was aged 93 last year, then he would indeed be 94 now.

      Anyway, this German man held the rank of sergeant, in presumably, an SS unit. And that is the travesty in these absurd charges. Not only did he work in the hospital, caring for the inmates health, he was there as a mere sergeant taking orders from superior officers; and in war time a man from the lower ranks has to obey his officers, and has absolutely no say whatsoever in the actions that he is expected to carry out.

      And it will be interesting to see if these 3,681 alleged victims are all named as genuine victims in the court proceedings. Will verified documented evidence be produced, or will it be restricted to testimony given by a bunch of decrepit old "survivor" frauds?.

      Because these eye-witness "survivors" are the same sort of people who falsely accused a totally innocent man - John Demjanuk - of being a "make-believe" character named "Ivan The Terrible" who allegedly worked in Treblinka. These people were quite prepared to perjure themselves in order to convict someone to death whom they had never met before. But I'm afraid that this is the type of irresponsibility that these war crimes trials seem to allow. The chicanery goes way back to the original kangaroo courts held at the Nuremburg Tribunals immediately after WW2.

    2. With the recent conviction of the 94-year-old Auschwitz "bookkeeper" - Oskar Groening - CNN news (July 15, 2015) said;- "Perhaps he will be the last Nazi to ever stand trial."

      Oh, dear me no! - let me assure CNN that there will be plenty more holohoax trials still to come!
      Because, "On the contrary" - says the Chief Nazi Hunter for the Simon Wiesenthal Center - "Groening's conviction has set a precedent that has opened the door to further trials of alleged Nazi criminals."

      Efraim Zuroff ( who is the gallant, fearless Chief Nazi Hunter himself) claims that "at least several additional trials can be expected."

      Good for you 'Effie' - and he's even got a list of 10 alleged Nazi war criminals that he wants to bring charges against. ( Of course, one can abandon the word "alleged", as they are already guilty because the Simon Wiesenthal Center says they are - and the German courts will dutifully, obediently and promptly sentence these individuals accordingly.)

      Even the week after Oscar Groening's conviction, old "Effie" was salivating in delight at a further trial that he was in the process of orchestrating. He is going to file a complaint against a former Danish SS volunteer who was involved in events inside the occupied Soviet Union back during WW2. Others on his list include elderly men who live in Germany, Canada and Norway.

      But I must admit - this hunting after decrepit old men is a good game to be in, because you can't lose! In fact I, myself, am thinking of setting up an organisation of "bolshevik jew hunters", called the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Center. Alex was sent to the Soviet gulags - which were basically jew-run horror camps - and it is long past time that some of these criminals were brought to justice as well.

  5. The London Daily Mail of August 9, 2014 published an article regarding the blocked investigation into serious child abuse allegations against the prominent Jewish member of the House of Lords - Greville Janner.

    "Lord Janner, now 86, formerly a Member of Parliament, faced more than 20 allegations of historic abuse at children's homes, including rape and sexual assault. The original plan to arrest him was blocked, but he is now too old, and suffering from poor health due to Dementia, to be interviewed by police and charged".

    "Greville Janner was Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, and Chair of the Holocaust Educational Trust" - (so, this disgusting little "kiddy-fiddler" was instrumental in teaching your kids about the phony holohoax - you'll be pleased to know!).

    Janner became a key international figure in efforts to seek compensation and restitution for holocaust victims. (In other words, he used emotional blackmail, and downright lies to extort money out of governments, institutions and individuals, in order to provide his Jewish chums with generous life-time pensions).

    Janner is only 86, whereas the old men being hauled before the German courts for non-existent "holocaust" crimes are in their mid-nineties - Do I detect some double standards here?

    I've no doubt this despicable criminal was able to employ a couple of jewish doctors, and a team of smart jewish lawyers, to persuade the police and the courts that he was suffering from Dementia (which of course can easily be faked).

    So, you will all be gratified to learn that his Lordship can now spend the rest of his life quite happily in his £600,000 swish apartment in Hampstead, north London, quite free from any attempts by his victims to achieve justice.

    I think you will agree that this world is a good place to be in - if you are a jooy-joo.

    1. It has been confirmed this week that the "Noble Lord" Greville Janner, will not be prosecuted for child abuse due to his declining health. The Leicestershire Police - who serve the region in the UK where many of the alleged crimes are said to have occurred - are not happy about this, because they have a list of 25 people who claim that they were abused by Janner when they were youngsters.

      Not only have these 25 victims had the formative years of their lives plunged into pain, confusion and degradation - but they are not going to see any justice done at all.

      It would appear that they will not receive any restitution or compensation either.

      So I propose publicly, that because "His Lordship" was a former vice-president of the World Jewish Congress, then the incumbent president - Ronald S. Lauder - should set up a fund in which these victims can be adequately compensated.

      Mr Lauder is said to be a billionaire, and I'm quite certain that most of his colleagues in the WJC are very "well-off" financially. Therefore, surely it is only right and proper that they should contribute generously to a fund that fully compensates the victims for the harm done to them by their former senior colleague.

    2. The Daily Mail online, dated 2nd May 2015, claims that Lord Janner was still listed as one of the top directors of a company LESS THAN A WEEK before the British Crown Prosecution Service announced that he was suffering from dementia, and thus would not be prosecuted for serious child abuse offences.

      My goodness me - what the jooy-joos get away with in this world takes your breath away! This disgusting little toad was protected by senior police officers and the political establishment for years - decades even.

      Apparently, he's still entitled to be called "His Lordship", and there are no restrictions on his movements and activities despite these dreadful accusations.

      It makes my blood boil to think that this creature - a leading figure in the World Jewish Congress - was influential in teaching young people about the so-called "holocaust". Janner was always in the forefront of those calling for the prosecution of former prison camp guards - regardless of their age, or health. But look what happens when his time comes "to face the music" - Oh! you can't prosecute little old me, I'm a poor old man suffering from ill health. I won't be able to understand the charges against me. Have pity on a gentle, kindly, old jewish gentleman everybody.

      Yeah - right.