Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leon Litvack's tale - "Second generation holocaust survivor" says his momma escaped Auschwitz gas chamber twice by climbing out a window

Leon's poppa survived seven German labor camps.

He shares this fairytale with young schoolchildren to teach against the "evils of racism, anti-semitism, prejudice and discrimination."


Note: use http://www.archive.org/ to find article if original link no longer works


  1. When the hell did they start putting windows in gas chambers?Wouldn't that have killed the guards at the camp as well?

  2. Of course there were windows.Constructed in much the same manner as the wooden doors to keep the gas inside.Nothing contains death gas than the old
    trusty wooden death doors.
    Don't forget when it comes to German precision in dealing death by death gas.There was a back up just in case of any death gas leaks.Metal latches!! LOL

  3. Nothing beats gas containment like windows, wooden doors and for extra security backup in case of gas leakage.Metal latches!

  4. So, we are now being presented with the next generation of holohoax frauds - i.e;- the sons and daughters of so-called "holocaust survivors".

    They, of course, weren't around in WW2, but have decided to cash in on their parents victimhood by going round the schools and pretending to be noble teachers of civilisation. But all they're really doing is spluttering out to the kids a load of hearsay evidence, which may - or more likely - not be true

  5. YEHWAH--YOU ARE CRACKING ME UP. Don't forget key holes. One hoaxer survived the chambers by breathing through a keyhole. those dam Nazi were suppose to leave the key in so the gas did not escape and so these bastards could not get fresh air.