Friday, November 20, 2009

Laszlo Berkowits' tale - liberated from Auschwitz "by the 82nd Airborne Division"

Auschwitz was "liberated", of course, by the Soviet Army [1], not the Americans in the 82nd Airborne. So one must wonder, did Laszlo really spend time in Auschwitz?

Berkowitz now tells his tale to young children, teaching them to "love everyone" because "we're all the same."

Laszlo is now a rabbi, and lives in Virginia. [2] [3]

Article: "Holocaust survivor to bear witness in Greensboro"

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  1. The Auschwitz camp had to be abandoned on January 18, 1945 because Soviet soldiers were in the area. The prisoners were given a choice of waiting to be liberated by the Soviets, or following the Germans on a "death march" out of Auschwitz. The 82nd Airborne liberated Wöbblein, a sub-camp of Neuengamme concentration camp. Berkowits was obviously one of the prisoners who followed the Germans and he was taken to Neuengamme.

  2. How dare you question whether or not he actually spent time there? Shame on you.

  3. You must be some kind of a jerk.
    My mother was also in Auschwitz and was also liberated by the Americans.
    So she was also lying to us all these years?