Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Klaus Stern's tale - "pulled from gas chamber line at last minute when SS guard saw his fat face and though he was too healthy to die"

Klaus Stern

Nearly fossilized old jew Klaus Stern is a seasoned veteran on the Holo speaking circuit, speaking all over the NorthWest -- including Washington via the Speaker's Bureau of the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center.

Stern had been selected for execution for his bad health.

But a miracle!

On the morning his tattoo number was called for work duty, Stern’s face had become bloated by malnutrition, fooling a guard with its "grotesque illusion of health" and his life was saved.

Stern recalled the guard saying, “Hey you with your big fat face, don’t you know what it means to be in that (work) group?’”

Article: "Holocaust survivor tells students about horrors of Auschwitz"


  1. My Great Uncle Eizak was an inmate in Auschwitz, and one day an SS officer came to his barracks and ordered everyone to take a shower and change their clothes. So off they all trotted to the ominous-looking shower-block called "Krema 2".

    Eizak thought to himself as he was undressing, "It does seem a bit strange that we should be taking a shower inside a crematorium, and it is also a little unnerving to see flames, sparks and hideous black smoke belching out of the tall chimney".

    But with a shrug of his shoulders he said to himself;- "His was not to reason why - Eizak's duty was to do or die", and so he readily joined the line of naked jews filing into the shower chamber.

    Unfortunately, while the chamber was gradually filling up with jews, Eizak realised that he suddenly had an urgent need to "break wind". He tried desperately to bottle it up, but eventually he had to let go and delivered a huge and prolonged rasping fart that echoed around the chamber. It was such a rip-roaring "corker" that all the other jews started yelling at him. "You disgusting old Yid!", "Can't you control yourself man!", "What a stinker!", "Get him out of here". And they all started chanting "out!, out!, out!", and began elbowing and jostling him out of the door.

    Once outside the chamber, the SS guard immediately slammed the door, and sealed it shut. Eizak tried to remonstrate with the SS man that he was also due to take a shower, but was told that it was too late, and that he would have to come back another time.

    As he was leaving the changing room, a Kapo slave worker who was busy clearing away the discarded clothes, came up to him and whispered in his ear;- "You're lucky mate, all those others inside the chamber have just been gassed - and you've been saved by a miracle".

    So on his way back to his barracks, Eizak was is in a very thoughtful and melancholy mood. He pondered on humanity, and the meaning of life and death, and resolved then and there, that if he was to eventually survive the death camp at Auschwitz, then he would provide testimony to the whole world. His profound and uplifting message to mankind would be this:-"If you ever find yourself with an urgent need to "break wind" - then go ahead and fart, regardless of any one else present. Because by doing this, it could very well save your life!"

    1. Hahahaha. Thank you for adding this Holy tale.