Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jewry decides to admit Simon Wiesenthal was a fraud

The Jewish Community Online Article: "It is right to expose Wiesenthal"

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- The Lies of Simon Wiesenthal; His Holohoax story an outrageous fabrication; His work as "Nazi hunter" and Holocaust™ "historian" a total fraud


  1. of course he should be exposed he misled people he got money off people thats FRAUD a crime

  2. since the creation of the old testament, a mytological story witch used fragments of the great Egyptian culture...the jews seems to be the founder of Monotheism. Until now this most successful hoax is used as a legitimation for war and worldwide missionary and colonisation. A tool to surpress the Gentiles and other Nations. It is a racist ideology. The holocaust hoax is just the climax of jewish liars...the thing they have really learned is how to use the power of lies and make money out of it...thats the way they have chosen...but its not a pinch of holy bless in it. Poor germany...its still have this Vampires in theyr neck.

  3. Soon, within 6 years, 6 months and 6 days, - every filthy jew on earth will find out what HOLOCOAST REALLY means. These eternally wicked creatures are mutant life forms that deserve one thing, what they have given to HUNDREDS of millions of their Victims: DEATH. This is what the WORLD wants - no more jews, ever.

    1. The WORLD agrees 100% with you. They will ALL die. I hope to be one of the exterminators myself. I will volunteer. Just to clean the earth, by killing jews.

  4. shut up to the violent trolls, you guys are ridiculous. Anyway, Jews will be checked, but God willing through peaceful means. The last thing we need is more war (the first casualty being the truth). Truth should be a priority for you folks, or are you no better than they are? probably not sadly, too many racist supremicists looking for power.

    God bless the world, we peace, love, and the truth. Lets end Zionism control of America, and do it right this time.

  5. fuck off you ignorant american prat - america's time is so over, it is pathetic - looking forward to seeing the usa nuked by Korea or Iran

  6. Those afraid of the Truth will be exposed for the Frauds and Criminals they are