Friday, November 20, 2009

Jenny Eisenstein's sad tale - Sent to Auschwitz at 13 yrs old, lives 2 years in "death camp", survives

From other "eyewitnesses" of Auschwitz, we know the Nazis immediately gassed all those under 16 years old. So how did Jenny survive? A miracle, of course!

Jenny Eisenstein

Article: "Survivor spreads message of hope"

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  1. My 10 yr old daughter and I met Jenny at a nonsinging function. She is such an inspiring person. I appreciated the time she spent talking to my daughter and two of her friends. She entertained all of their questions. While we were all terribly saddened to hear of her experience during the war, we felt so fortunate to be educated by such a heroic and caring person. I look forward to hearing her sing one day. Thank you Jenny!

  2. I gave Jenny a ride today .....never meet her in my life was just doin a good deed
    Random people just make your day~<3 She made mine.
    Shari Bloch

  3. Bless you Jenny.
    Are we related? my name is Shari Eisenstein? My grandfatherHerman Eisenstein's family was in Romainia and grandmother Rose Goldman's was from Russia