Friday, November 6, 2009

Jakob Silberstein's tale - Yad Vashem honors the "righteous tree" that saved him

Old jew Silberstein with the "righteous tree" in the garden at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem

Silberstein was put in the so called Maurerschule (bricklayers' school) at the Auschwitz "death" camp. Why the Nazis went through the trouble of teaching trades to jews "before exterminating them" is one of the many mysteries of the Holocaust.

Even with the Soviet Army advancing westward near the end of the war, the Germans still had soldiers to spare to scour the countryside looking for Jakob hid from the Germans in the trunk of a birch tree on a farm.

Many years later Silberstein returned to the Czech countryside to recover the tree and had it shipped to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Jakob, of course, "is the only surviving member of his family."

Article: "A Righteous Tree"

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  1. that is the most beautiful and touching story from a holocaust survivor i have ever read...
    to think that millions of innocent jews/gipsies/homosexuals/blacks were put through that pain and struggle, day after day, month after month. it brings tears to my eyes just to think of it. i respect all of those who went throughthese dreadful times, and i realise that my 'struggles' are not even half as bad as what they went through...