Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ho£ocau$t™ fable being re-written before our eyes - Battleship S/S Gas Chamber is sinking

Timothy is a "historian" who tells us more Jews died in the Death Camps of Sobibor, Treblinka, and Belzec from Diesel soot than in the Auschwitz Death camp. We are watching history being re-written right before our 2 years, they will begin to claim they knew all along there were no gas chambers. -Yehuda

"Historian Timothy Snyder says 70 percent of Jews killed in the Holocaust died before Auschwitz was even operational"

Now it will be Holocaust by Bullets and all-jews-were-shot-at-the-eastern-front. So, only 1.8 million died in the gas chambers, or what? And all the fuzz about gas chambers for 70 years? My dear friends: The Holocaust is dying now... O-vik


  1. this is bullshit

    everyone knows that approximately 25 to 30 million soviets died in that war

    the huge sacrifices made by the russian people to defeat the nazi is relegated below that of jews

    don't these people ahve any shame, codeming those who did more than any other people to defeat the nazi, and as a by product, end the holocaust

    1. Agreed. We should never forget the sacrifices made by the soviet people. There would have been no allied victory without their heroism.
      There is never any whining from the russian people, unlike our jewish fellow humans, who constantly milk their fake 6 million sacrifices.

    2. The "heroic Soviet people" were slaves to their Jewish rulers. Millions of them were killed by the Jews and fought against the only country that tried to defeat the Communist Jews.

  2. Most sensible people now realize that there were no gas chambers or extermination facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau, or Majdanek . They also strongly doubt that Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec were death camps. So, where can the champions of the holohoax go now ?

    Well, there is only one place left for them - and that is within the German occupied territories of the former Soviet Union. This is a vast area of scattered towns and cities surrounded by sparsely populated countryside.

    The history books already record the activities of the mobile SS "Einzatsgruppen" battalions who went from town to town in this region carrying out killings of local people, including Jews, who were Communist party members or activists.

    Could it be that the holohoax advocates will gradually down-play - or even abandon - the gas chamber fantasy, and instead trumpet out a new narrative of mass shootings and burnings in large open pits. In such a scenario, Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec could be identified as what they really were - transit camps, but with the numbers passing through them doubled to nearly 3 millon.

    If so, then the concept of Jewish bodies being burnt as martyrs would be kept - in order to cement the idea of a "holocaust", while the phony number of 6 million could be retained as well.

    The planning of such a scenario may well be underway even now. Just recently the diaries of Nazi leader Alfred Rosenberg were discovered and handed over to the US Holocaust Memorial in Washington DC. Rosenberg was responsible for the occupied eastern territories during WW2. Could his diaries be "doctored" or "spun" in such a way as to make it appear that he knew, and approved, of mass killings of Jews within his jurisdiction ?

    Time will tell !