Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holohoaxer Extraordinaire Sidney Finkel

77 year old Sidney "Charlatan" Finkel (A.K.A. Finkelstein) is another senior out of the Southern Arizona Holocaust Survivors Group Syndicate who is in the news again... and again and again. Sid is inexhaustible! He has spent the last 14 years obsessively telling his story to over 100,000 people, and he travels to 30 or so schools across the country and speaks to 7,500 students and adults a year. He often reads from his fictional childrens book, "Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die". The Crap-holo industry even puts out a professional study guide for teachers who want to use the book as a teaching tool.

He loves to recount to bright eyed little kiddies his horrible stories, especially the one about how the 'Germans' (as he refers to them) came to the hospital and threw his sister's newborn baby out the window and then took her away and shot her. He repeated his gloomy story, with a couple variations, for soldiers at Fort Huachuca recently. Now and then, usually around the thirtieth time a day he dredges up his dead sister's name, he wipes away a tear. Oh, Sid. We feel your pain, buddy!

Finkel is good chums with childhood friend and fellow Buchenwald alumni Herman "Chuckles" Rosenblat who wrote the death camp love story that turned out to be a fake. Since, however, he has distanced himself from his friend. "I knew the story was a lie,'' Finkel now says, even though he initially accompanied Rosenblatt on part of his tour. Now that the fraud was exposed, Sid is only worried that Rosenblat's made-up story damages the credibility of all survivors: "It creates doubt in people's minds. Everyone's memoir is in doubt now.'' We can only dream.

Finkel, a retired appliance salesman, is also a pal of our death-quilt maker Rosa Freund. He accompanied her on their memorable visit to tell the Catholic Bishop how bad his religion is. Sid also told the Bishop that his experience with Catholics in his native Poland was “negative, and that’s a mild description.” He said it was his view that anti-Semitism was the result of “centuries of repression” by the Church. Then he tried to sell the Padre a used refrigerator.

Sidney "Charlatan" Finkel (A.K.A. Finkelstein) doesn't much rely on the Holo Museums to tout his prowess as a prevaricator. He likes to keep the money all to himself, and he blows his own horn loud and clear on his tacky website "" where he shamelessly hawks his service as a hired holo-goon. Sid singing "My Way" (It is really him, but maybe he's crooning, "What kind of fools are you?"). He takes Pay Pal


Sidney's webite: "Sidney Finkel: Holocaust Speaker"

"Sidney Finkel

Camp Survivor

Speaking to the Youth of America,
In Your School"

He has a book out, "Sevek and the Holocaust: The Boy Who Refused to Die"


  1. It ceases to amaze me how people who survived the Holocaust were able to return to school and get a full education even though some people, like Sidney, missed their entire grade school years. And yet someone who has lived their entire life in America the free, with endless opportunities for a great education, can be as small minded and have such little education as "Plantation14"
    There is no doubt that my American Studies class will be studying and analyzing this article as well as the website "Stormfront" to see how White Nationalists, though still around, are not threatening and simply full of bitter men and women. You are a minority. The hatred you spill upon this earth is so easily swept away that you posting this will soon be forgotten unlike the Holocaust in all its reality. I have been to Poland, I have been to the death camps, I have seen the bones. Your admiration to eliminate the facts that surround the Holocaust is cute, but barely feasible. Good luck.

    Thank you for posting this and motivating Holocaust Survivors to continue doing what their doing and teaching what their teaching.

    PS: Did you know that all German schools have to learn about the Holocaust and go to see death camps? Isn't it weird that the country would make their children learn such a "lie" that hurt the nation so badly? Interesting.

  2. Mr. Finkel will be visiting my school and talking to my students this spring at no charge and sold us hundreds of his books at cost - there goes your theory about his money motives...

    It completely astounds me that your kind of ignorance exists. I will pray for at my (Catholic) Mass today.

  3. What is it that is broken in your soul and your brain that fills you with hate and irrationality?

    You may hate Jews, you may have agreed with Hitler’s goal and you may support the often willing participation of the German people in the attempt to exterminate Jews from Europe and the world. In our free world, we are forced to embrace both love and hate. Clearly this kind of deep hatred of anything “non-white” is a physical, biological flaw deep within your brain or the product of some horrible early life trauma. For this, human compassion dictates pity on you. If your signs of mental damage manifest itself as body tremors or seizures, would any rational, caring person see this as reason to hate you; of course not. We would all be compelled to comfort and attempt to aid you in your condition. Once again, we would pity you for your broken mental state.

    Your irrational denial of one of the most well documented crimes in history is another story. I will not debate your twisted version of what happened to the Jews in WWII. The overwhelming body of historical evidence proves a willful, organized and largely successful campaign by the German state to wipe out the Jews of Europe and beyond. No amount of your silly, fantasy posts on the internet will change these facts. It is clear that your sick and damaged mind is incapable of assimilating this factual information.

    However, the fact that you possess the rational mind to write the passage above and to presumable read the links you post means that you need to be held responsible for your conscious, evil, willful, behavior. In many other countries in the world, you could be prosecuted for this slander and revisionist history, but good or bad, our constitution protect free speech heroes and sick cowards like you alike. I suppose that without sniveling cowards like you we might not recognize real man of character when they arise.

    If your words were not so painful to the few remaining victims of Germany’s crime then I would find a simple, elegant justice in that fact that you are wasting your life locked in a web of fantasy and hate spun at your own hand. But that is not the case, I know several survivors personally, including Sidney Finkel, and your denial of their painful personal history does hurt them even now as they have aged into old men and women. While I laugh at your pathetic screaming into a hurricane of factual historical data, I condemn for the pain you cause these people.

    In closing, I hope and pray that the kernel of hatred that burns within your body is, as I write these words, mutating into tiny cancerous cells that will lead you to a drawn out and pain death in the coming years. Your body as a torture chamber of your own making, can you feel it? I trust in the justice of the world. You will pay. You will pay.

    I dare you to post this comment.

  4. As a comfortable, middle aged white woman living in a world full of smart, evolved people, I forget sometimes that the hate-filled old white men have not yet all died out. Today I will send a donation to Hatewatch and the Southern Poverty Law Center, so they can spread justice and truth long after you are dead.

  5. eat shit and die u anit-semetic racist prick. fuck all you ignorant ass holes

  6. LOL. Keep the comments coming guys.

  7. I find the responses of Holocaust believers rather amusing.

  8. Gee, Hail to the Holocauste belivers !!! They kill their own cause. "But contre son camp" as says the frenchs soccer players

  9. You know what? If you have any serious convictions about what you posted, you'll contact me; I'm his grandson.

    I can present some hard truths that just might destroy your position. Hell, if you are in SoCal, I'll even buy you a cup of coffee and we can discus it in detail, in person.
    So there it is, I am calling you out.
    Email me,