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From back in the Free Speech Era: A Genuine Holocaust Discussion, on the Radio!

via Brian Akira

There’s a 2-hour radio show at this MP3 link:

Mark Weber & Ted O’Keefe [KFI AM640 LA 1990.12.17]

“With its 24-hour 50,000-watt signal, and enormous listening audience in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, KFI is easily the biggest talk-radio station on the west coast. And Ted O’Keefe and Mark Weber were scheduled for a live in-studio debate with Aaron Breitbart, senior researcher from the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center. Breitbart chickened out at the last minute, so for over 2 hours — from 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM — on the evening of December 17, 1990, roughly a million KFI listeners from as far away as Oregon and Texas got an unforgettable dose of history in accord with the facts. This is probably the most effective case for Holocaust revisionism ever carried over the airwaves.”

It’s from back when people were still allowed to debate History. If you listen to this, hopefully you’ll realize how absurd, unhistorical and anti-intellectual The Holocaust Myth is.

“The Holocaust” does not mean that Jews were discriminated against, or dispossessed, or murdered or mistreated, and so on.

“The Holocaust” means:

1. Approximately 6,000,000 Jews were murdered
2. A deliberate policy of genocide (using genocide in the greater sense of extermination, as opposed to the lesser sense of what is now called “ethnic cleansing”, like the Internazi NATO-sanctioned ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Krajina, in Operation Storm, or like the Jews did in Palestine)
3. Gas chambers

And these three “pillars” are either lies or unproven.

The demographics are suspect, and probably ultimately unknowable. Nowhere even close to 6,000,000 were murdered. There may have been a deliberate policy of genocide. It’s possible, perhaps even likely, but that’s a subjective matter, and unproven. Gas Chambers are unproven, and it seems to me that the fabrications, lies, distortions, propaganda, psy-ops aspects, and the lack of credible witnesses or evidence indicate that they must be inventions.

The guest from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre goes off the show because he says it’s beneath him to have to debate with “deniers” or “flat-earthers”. In fact the reason he goes off is because the Myth cannot withstand scrutiny. It’s a lie. A fabrication. A propaganda weapon. A form of psychological terror.

These officials, like the Wiesenthal stooge, know it’s a lie. They know it. And from a certain point of view they’re worse than the Nazis, because at least the Nazis attacked people they believed were an enemy race. These “Official Jews” terrorize their own people. And I believe they encourage anti-Jewishness, for their own benefit.

If he had stayed on the show, then he would have been compelled to confirm what the “deniers” were saying, such as, for example: no gas chambers at Dachau.

Anyway, this show, a relic of the Free Speech Era, shows why Official Jewry (ADL, CJC, etc) are now conducting a Free Speech Scorched Earth Policy, because they know how much of the Myth is phony, and how much is exaggerated, and they know how easily this can be proven if people are allowed to debate reasonably and objectively. This is why your media gatekeepers and government “representatives” have to be terrorized into Holocaustianity conformity.

Such a show as this is impossible today.

But listen to how absurd the callers are.

One woman says that her relatives “were killed in concentration camps! They were murdered! They didn’t die of disease or anything like that! They were murdered!”

She’s asked, “Where were they killed? How?” and responds, “I don’t know.”

One guy calls and says that if anybody is allowed to question anything about the Holocaust then, “there’ll be another one!” And he says the “proof” of this is that the American Nazi Party gloats about it. That was because Jews had taken over the Nazi movement, as I wrote before. The Nazi movement had been led by Goerge Lincoln Rockwell, and one of his main arguments in defense of being a Nazi was that the Holocaust was mostly an invention. He always defended Hitler. When Jews took over, they led American Nazis into Jewish neighborhoods shouting things like “We’ll kill another 6,000,000,” and “You’d make a good lampshade!” This was done in order to terrorize Jews in order to strengthen Kahane and the JDL, and to raise support for Israel.

The host says his relatives were murdered in Jasenovac, because they were Jews (perhaps more accurately because they weren’t R.C. Croats), and that therefore proves the Holocaust. Most of those murdered at Jasenovac were Serbian Orthodox Christians (which is why few people no or care about it). Where they mistaken for Jews? Is it possible that not only Jews suffered during the Internazi-Nazi War? I wonder why few people even know about the Christian Holocausts, in Serbia, Russia, Ukraine…

One guy calling in is either demented or an outright liar. He says he was an American soldier who “was in the gas chamber at Dachau!” and starts crying about “I saw that showers-heads.” This radio program was in 1990. Now you can see for yourself that Yad Vashem, Holocaust Museum DC, etc all deny that anybody was ever gassed to death in Dachau. There were no “gas shower heads.” Perhaps this caller is a victim of Allied psychological terrorism? Did US psy-ops rig up a phony gassing contraption to brainwash their own soldiers, just like they did with the anti-German hate-mongering lies at Belsen — “Jew Lampshades!”, “Jew-Fat Soap!”, “Shrunken Heads!”

A black woman calls in and says she was in a gas chamber in Germany. She says it was Auschwitz. “I went to about [about!] two of them.” Complete fucking idiocy! Then when informed that Auschwitz is in Poland, she repeats twice that it was in Germany. Nobody, nobody, no serious historian claims that there were gas chambers in any concentration camps in Germany, so she’s either an idiot or a liar. (I vote: idiot. On second thoughts, she’s a liar, since she says ridiculous things like, “I went to about two of them.”)

Another caller says that the historians are using “Göbbels’ technique of repeating the Big Lie,” when in fact Hitler and Göbbels used that term to describe the British and Jewish propaganda techniques. In other words, “The Big Lie” is better applied to Holocaust propaganda than to those who question details of the Second World War.

Another moron calls in and says the historians “disgust” her, because she was in a concentration camp herself, in America, as a Japanese-American. In other words, Americans were war criminals. therefore all German soldiers were? What the fuck is her point!?

The host claims that Jews were the only people targeted en masse for ethnic cleansing, which is ridiculous, since 14 millions Germans were ethnically cleansed, with millions of them being slaughtered or starved to death. The host thinks that’s funny. Also, the Soviets moved entire “enemy populations”: Turks from Georgia to Kazakhstan, Chechens to Siberia, Koreans to Kazakhstan, Volga Germans to Siberia. How many of them died in the process? Who knows or cares?

Notice how when people fail in logic and history, all they can do is descend to insults, “Nazi!” accusations, and death threats (and attempts, in fact).

And I wonder why it is that so many Jews want so desperately to believe they have suffered more than anybody else; why they are so in love with their atrocity porn; and why they get so upset if anybody tries to see if they haven’t actually suffered so much. Most people would be relieved to find out life’s not so bad after all.

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