Friday, November 13, 2009

Esther Eisen's tale

Esther Eisen

Also with a sad tale is Esther Eisen.

Esther was only a young girl when the evil nazis sent her to the Auschwitz Death Camp.

But the nazis decided they would not Death Esther at Auschwitz, and instead put her in a cattle car, and trained her all over Europe.

Then the allies bombed Esther's cattle car! There was flames everywhere! The cattle car cracked! Esther ran away! The nazis guards were shooting to kill! Shooting to kill!

Then the nazis caught 100 women who escaped the alliedbombingtrainofdeath. The nazis put the women into a small building, and burned them alive!

Then Esther went to Poland. But she decided she liked Germany better, so she and her husband went to Bergen Belsen.


VIDEO of Esther telling her story (embedding has been disabled)

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