Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ellen Litman's amazing tale - Family escaped being holocausted by hiking across Alps "living on bread and milk left by shepherds"


Jewish Community Voice Article: "Ellen Litman: Lions Gate resident survived Holocaust"

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  1. I've got a hunch that dear old Ellen is one of these sad people who has been to see the blockbuster movie "The Sound of Music" at least eighteen times.

    In her mind, she has morphed her own family into that of the fictional Von Trapps, who escaped the Nazis by trekking across the Alps from Austria into Switzerland.

    And - once again - we have shepherds who appear in the narrative. These characters are a very useful prop in the creative performances of the so-called holohoax "survivors". Firstly, the concept of the poor, lonely shepherd is a powerful myth in human imagination; and, secondly, because a shepherd wanders with his flock, and therefore - quite conveniently - cannot be traced afterwards to provide any sort of evidence in which to confirm the "survivor's" testimony.