Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ebi Gabor's tale

Today's sad holocaust tale comes from Ebi Gabor.

Ebi was only 16 years old when the evil Nazi's aptured her in Hungary. The Nazi's put 80 jews into each box car, and sent them to the death camp of Auschwitz. There was no food or water, and only a single poop bucket in the middle of the cattle car. The jews would drink their own pee just to survive.

When a jew died in the cattle car, the other jews would fight to sleep on the body.

At Auschwitz, Ebi saw people gassed or tortured to death, and killed by dogs.

The jews had no breakfast for breakfast-only coffee. The coffee was laced with medicine to stop the jews from menstruating. 5 jews had to share a single bowl of soup for lunch. For dinner the jews only got a piece of bread.

Miraculously, Ebi survived because her future husband used to throw cheese and sausage to her over the fence. Her future husband somehow got the cheese and sausage to throw to her, even though the jews only got 1 bowl of soup for 5 people. It's even more remarkable that her future husband managed to get the sausage and cheese while they were both in the death camp.

Ebi survived 3 other death camps. Below is a picture of Ebi, 3 months after she was liberated from the death camp where she only had a single piece of bread to eat all day.

source: Yehuda Abraham

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