Friday, November 13, 2009

Dina Babbitt's sad tale - "survived Auschwitz only because Mengele commissioned her to produce paintings of Gypsies"

Because Gypsies' "skin tones could not be captured accurately in photographs." Yeah, right.

So besides being the busiest physician in history, Mengele was commissioning jews to produce artwork?

Now old jewess Babbitt needs money from us to help her get the paintings back since the Auschwitz Museum is claiming the paintings as their property. She has been battling for 10 years to get the paintings back. Elie Wiesel is going to help her though.

Article: "A portrait of survival: Students take up artist’s fight to bring home Holocaust paintings"

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  1. give back paintings

  2. This dreadful, red-haired, old Babbitt woman is trying a "shake-down" racket on the Auschwitz Museum, by pretending that these paintings of Roma children belong to her.

    Was she even in Auschwitz during WW2 - the article does not provide us with any corroborating evidence. And is it not strange that the SS would employ a Jewess to paint portraits of Roma children, when it is alleged that the Nazis wanted to be rid of both these groups of people as soon as possible.

    I'm no fan of Auschwitz - with all its myths, legends and falsehoods - but on this issue I sincerely hope they give old Babbitt a very firm, and well deserved 'Order Of The Boot'.