Friday, November 6, 2009

The choices available to the Germans for tools of genocide - and they chose bug spray and diesel engine gas?

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Consider the choices available to the Germans for tools of genocide:

1)The pistol. Though proven effective 20 million times in a row by the jews of the NKVD, with no big-mouthed survivors left to tell embarrassing tales. There were no Christians who went into the basement of the Lubyanka with a jew agent and emerged to rat them out.

But the Germans opted not to use the pistol.

2)Sarin or other binary nerve gases, of which the Germans were the inventors and sole possessors. ThEy had about 10 tons, enough to kill everyone in Europe several times over, since it was 500 times as lethal as cyanide. These would have been quick and thorough, leaving NO survivors.

But the Germans opted not to use binary nerve agents.

3) There were at least 12 train de-lousing tunnels in the area of German control, where complete trains were pulled into the tunnel, the crew evacuated, and the entire train fumigated with cyanide to kill lice.

Like a good country song, a holycost tale must have trains, so the Germans put the Polish jews on trains. But they did not pull the trains into one of the many de-lousing tunnels, evacuate the crews and fumigate the trains, killing ALL the jews, with NO survivors.

They opted to haul them to 3 camps on the Bug River. Once they got them to the camps, Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor, they could have used:

4)The pistol. See above..

5)Hydrogen cyanide, just like they used in the train delousing tunnels, which would have been the next best thing to Sarin gas.

But the Germans opted not to use cyanide.

6)Producer gas. The Germans had over half a million producer (wood) gas generators in use at the time. These produce carbon monoxide in concentrations more than 10 times as strong as a gasoline engine. They are cheap and use wood, ubiquitous in the forests around the camps, and were familiar to virtually every man in the German Army.

But the Germans opted not to use wood gas.

7)Gasoline engines. Even though the Germans invented the diesel engine, and much preferred them, the lack of petroleum reserves forced them to use gasoline (made from coal) engines, even in their tanks. The exhaust from such an engine is fatal to humans, usually in less than one hour.

But the Germans opted not to use a gasoline engine.

8)Diesel engines. Although diesel exhaust had never in the historyof the world killed a single human being, and was so harmless that it was approved(And still is) for use in underground mines in every country that had mines, and diesel fuel was one of the scarcest items in the Reich, the Germans opted to use diesel smoke at the Bug river camps to kill about 1.5 million jews.

Since diesel engines were scarce, they had to use a captured Soviet tank engine, for which they had no repair manual and no spare parts.


  1. Ill shit ...

    If true, REALLY 'ill shit' ...

  2. Error in the article:

    "But the Germans opted not to use cyanide." (point 5)

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