Sunday, November 29, 2009

British soldier Denis Avey's tale - "smuggled himself into Auschwitz to witness was going on inside and find out the truth about the gas chambers"

The story is that brave Denis (psych warfare operative?) snuck into Auschwitz in order "to witness what was going on inside and find out the truth about the gas chambers, so he could tell others."

Curiously, this article mentions absolutely nothing in regards to his witnessing any gas chambers. All it says is that he heard from an inmate that another inmate had died and "gone up the chimney". Well, what does that prove? Of course there was a crematorium, for inmates who died of disease and natural causes.

Article: "The man who smuggled himself into Auschwitz"


  1. Everyone knows that there were no crematoriams at Auschwitz 3.You are an idiot!

  2. He smuggled himself into Auschwitz (I'm sure he's actually referring to Birkenau) so he could tell the world what he saw, then he waiting until he was 91 years old to say anything.
    He schemed to bring in cigarettes in order to help an arrogant jew who insulting referred to him as 'ginger'.