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Belzec Concentration Camp

Article reproduced in entirety from judicial-inc:

source: http://judicial-inc.biz/belzec.htm

Belzec Concentration Camp

A Major Killing Center, Or A Jewish ' Fairy tale'?

Belzec – A Few Buildings

Jews would transfer here to be shipped to the Ukraine

Here Is The Camp?

Belzec Was A Few Wooden Shacks

The Entrance To What The Jews Say Is A ‘Death Camp‘

What Was Belzec?

Jewish historians claim that 600,000 came into this tiny camp, were gassed with a diesel engine, and buried. When historians went to look for bodies, they were told the bodies had been dug up, and burned.

The truth is, Belzec was a logging camp which consisted of five buildings, and a small rail spur. In mid 1942 the Germans used Belzec as a transit camp, where Jews being shipped to occupied Russia, changed trains.

Belzec operated 9 months from March 1942 till December

Belzec was a transit camp, where Jewish deportees then transferred eastwards into German-occupied Soviet territories.

Jewish Version

Between March and December 1942, at least 600,000 people were deported to Belzec, and killed. Most of the victims were Jews from the ghettos of southern Poland.

Where Are The Bodies?

Jewish legend says they were burned on massive bonfires, made from railroad tracks, and then the Germans hid the tracks

Jews said this was a “ Bone Crusher “

Beginning in October 1942, the Germans began to exhume the bodies of the murdered and to burn them in open air ovens made of rail tracks. This effort continued until all the bodies of those murdered at Belzec were cremated by the end of spring 1943.

1944 air photos show a few small buildings

This was old logging camp, and there were just a few small buildings.

Belzec Today

Jewish interests put a small memorial to the 600,000 they claimed die here.

If 600,000 Dead Were True

There would be archeological teams from Harvard, Yale, Brandeis, etc., digging up this small field. Teams have searched thousands of square miles in Egypt, for just a few bones.

Jewish high schools would send 1,000 kids there every summer to help.

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  1. I think your on to something here. Your overwhelming evidence has me convinced.
    Too bad the Germans didnt murder more, specifically along your bloodline.

    1. i like your comment sir

  2. Are you German or something? This article is stupid and biased

  3. "Are you German or something? This article is stupid and biased"

    I'm not the author. It's from judicial-inc.

    Could you be more specific, and identify which parts you allege are "incorrect"?

    1. ALL OF IT!!! try looking at Eva galler's page on holocaust survivors.org, see what happened to her family!!!

  4. wow. if you knew anything about the war - or about germans - you would have known that no jews were transferred to Russia, of all places. people were transferred OUT of Russia - to go to work. the "hoax" you are "uncovering" with a bunch of complete nonsense - "small logging station used to transfer Jews" - is a historical fact, and you must be either really bored or very antisemitic. I suspect second.

  5. The author of this article does not have a bloody clue - it is antisemitic ranting with no basis in history at all.

  6. you are idiots. i hate the jewish and their bullshit. But there was a death camp there. i lived 5 km from the place and people used to go there and dig in the ground and find gold stuff including teeth. later communists fenced it off to stop the scavenging. there was a death camp there. Old people lived in the area talked about it.as well as the fact that ukrainian guards worked there.Also when jews escaped the trains some were helped, some robbed and sold out to SS.
    I cant say there was 600 000 jews killed but they were killed there with a carbon monoxide from 2 engines. Later camp was cleaned up...The story is true.

  7. im german and i think this is really biased

  8. Gosh, it is entertaining to read delusional fiction written by idiots.

  9. uggh projects take forever

  10. really you're that stupid to believe this shit never happened?!? there was a death camp there! millions died because stupid people like you put hitler in power!

    just sayin'

  11. ^Of course the camp existed. Even Holyhoax deniers don't contest that. What we contest is WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED at the camps.

    The truth is that there was no "extermination program", and the stories of "homicidal gas chambers", "making soap and lamp shades out of jews", etc...are preposterous lies.

    Those who died at the camps died overwhelmingly from disease, not murder.

    And the numbers that died have been GREATLY exaggerrated.

  12. You are a vicious liar. The Holocaust did happen. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, & the entire Nazi Party were nothing more than a bunch of murdering thugs, who killed millions upon millions of people who did not fit into their mold of the perfect race. If Hitler & the Nazis had their way, many of my friends would be sent to the death camps.

  13. The facts are in the history books for those
    To read I recommend you read a few. It was a
    Well planned German engineered atrocity to
    Get the Jews out the only way possible when
    No country In Europe would take them. The gas
    Chambers were actually for the Germans own benefit
    Killing someone face to face woman and children
    Proved far to evil even for the more drunk and vicious killers
    So they came up with a 5 step plan from ghetto to open pit
    Cremation that got the job done. The truth is and this is what
    Is really bad is everyone involved had a choice nobody had a gun to
    There heads it was because the wanted to further the careers
    And believed whole heartedly in the cause
    I think after reading the 6 books I have read the thing that
    Bothers me most is the sheer cruelty of it all
    Human were treated far less humanly then animals in a slaughterhouse
    I think a holocaust denier is very misinformed though I won't argue nbers of
    The dead with them because really though recorded who knows how many
    To many is more then one.

    1. After making a trip to Treblinka this year, some aspects of this surprisingly small site left me doubting the official version of its true function. Back home, I studied the records of the 1965 trial in Dusseldorf where some of the German camp personnel were brought to face justice.

      What concerned me, was that the list of defendants included 2 cooks; 5 male nurses; 2 photographers; 1 farm worker and 1 builder.

      There were no prison guards, or security personnel on the list; neither were there any chemical engineers or gas technicians. Also missing were experts on ventilation systems, pipe fitters, electricians, or motor mechanics.

      Could it be, therefore, that there were no gas chambers at Treblinka, but that the main purpose of this camp was to medically inspect the Jews as they arrived on trains, in order to ascertain whether they were fit enough to travel on eastwards into the Occupied Soviet Union.

      This could well mean that only a fraction of the huge number of 800,000 souls met their final fate at Treblinka - these poor people being machine-gunned into pits at the back of the camp.

  14. My paternal grandparents and 5 uncles and aunts from Skole, Poland were gased in Belzec in 1942.
    My Maternal grandparents from Berezno, Czechoslovakia were gased in Auschwitz in May 1944, as was my mother's entire extended family.
    I don't have any relatives other than parents.
    Tel Aviv

  15. this is worthless come on man you could've done better than this piece of shit. 3:)

  16. You guys are idiots of course its real ther's proof every where just open your damn eyes and get your heads out of your asses

  17. Sure, the Germans used all their resources to move Jews to the concentration camps instead of reinforcing their front lines. And the crematoriums? Even in modern day crematoriums it takes 90 to 120 min to burn a single well prepared body. Do the simple math.
    Oh and history's written by the victors, if you know what I mean ;)

  18. It is truly sad to read poorly presented dis-information. All the camps can't be disproved; all the deaths can't be ignored. Even if this story was true, can you disprove all 1500 camps, all the deaths? The attempts that are made, like this one, to minimize, invalidate or ignore the overwhelming evidence is sad and pathetic. The number of victims and the speed of disposal are irrelevant. At the very less by the most skeptical experts, collectively a million people died. Does it matter from that point where and when and how quickly? One death would be enough if it were your child, your parent, your spouses or YOU. Do you have any humanity or is it been lost in your delusions.

  19. i feel so bad for the stong survivors who had to live through such a terrible experience and probably lose someone precious to them, just to have people like you tell them that all they went through is just false lies and all their suffering and the abuse just never happened. Those people are truly amazing to still survive after having to endure all that. but sir next time before you try to deny history please get your facts straight because its clear to almost everyone whos posted that you havent done your hw and you havent a clue what ur talking about.

    1. I'm not denying a holocaust or that people were taken from their families, treated cruel, segregated, and even on occasion killed. However, I might suggest that YOU do some solid research. The issue becomes, that documented in the Nuremberg trials it is claimed that this was a death camp, yet only 5 minutes of "testimony" took place, and within such testimony claimed a 12 by 12 wooden shack held an "electric killing machine" which consisted of lowering a floor, flooding it with water, electrifying victims with a shock, killing them, then rising the floor, passing yet another current through the dead bodies, thus reducing all remains to ashes. This is now known to be an EXTREME lie. Knowing this as being accepted as fact as Nuremberg and now being known to NOT have happened, wouldn't a sane person consider other claims as false too? Such as the claim (by "witnesses") that piles of THOUSANDS of bodies were burned while Jewish slaves had to throw burning hands back on the burning pile....completely disregarding that bodies consist mostly of water and contrary to popular belief cannot and will not simply burn in such a manor making such a claim physically impossible, should you not question it? or the claims (by "witnesses" and at Nuremberg) that gas chambers killed 2,000 people at a time, and we're ready again in 2-4 minutes....how were these bodies taken out so quickly in a room with only one exit? I suggest you do some research And see why such disgusting people question these events. I haven't even touched the needle point that is this iceberg. There are Many many fallacies in many holocaust claims, and it is considered improper to question scientifically impossible events said to have taken place, thus leading to.further questions. Research sources directly from the time period and see the facts about torture at Nuremberg, or facts about defendants lawyers refusing to cross examine witnesses, and then maybe you will see the difference between "knowledge " and propaganda. Before you dismiss someone as crazy, why don't you do some unbiased research and obtain FACTS not folklore. Oh, by the way, do you know Israel's main source of income by far and away the last 60 years? I'll give you a hint, it's from certain reparations...

  20. It is amazing that naive garbage like this is still in circulation. May I suggest that the authors and publisher of the article - as well as others who want a serious account of the subject do the following reading:


    Mind you, it's an academic publication, so you have to strain those brain muscles of yours a bit...

    1. Sir (Anonymous - March 27,2013)

      I did start to read the website that you recommend, but soon found out that Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov, and Roberto Muelenkamp had written, or contributed, much of the content.

      Let me quote from the website - www.DeathCamps.org - which is actually a pro-holocaust organisation;-

      "Sergey Romanov, Nick Terry, Roberto Muehlenkamp have been banned indefinitely from our website". We maintain no connection to Holocaust hate blogs, and would caution all to avoid being misled by these individuals."

      It goes on to describes them as "controversial and grossly inaccurate".

      Oh dear, sir! - what on earth should those of us who "have to strain our brain muscles" do now?

  21. I once met an old Polish guy called Radoslaw who was forced to work as a truck driver for the German army in WW2.

    One day, in 1942, he was driving a tanker full of fuel for the gas chambers at Belzec, but he had a puncture on the outskirts of Lvov, and pulled into a layby to change the tyre.

    While he was doing this, he heard a rumble underground and a huge geyser of red fluid burst through the earth and covered him from head to foot in Jewish blood. It was a very unpleasant experience for him, because there were bits of gore, putrid flesh, and splintered bones in amongst the blood as well.

    Poor old Radoslaw had to clean himself up before he could continue his journey, and by the time he arrived at Belzec, the camp administration was in a right old tizzy. The gassings had come to a complete halt, and Christian Wirth - who was the big cheese there - was strutting around bellowing out orders, hitting out at the Ukrainian guards as well as the Jewish slave workers with his whip.

    But Wirth absolutely exploded with rage when he found out that the tanker was carrying diesel fuel, not gasoline. He claimed that his gas chamber engines needed petrol not diesel. But another SS men said, no, it was diesel that was required. Other camp staff then began to chime in with their views, and a huge argument broke out between them all.

    Radoslaw thought to himself "Well, this is a funny old death camp, no one seems to know what fuel is required to generate the extermination gas." So he quietly suggested his own solution to Wirth - "Why don't you get all your Ukrainians, Jewish workers and SS men to line up outside the gas chamber, open up the doors, order everyone to turn around 180 degrees, drop their trousers, bend over, and fart in unison on your command. Then quickly close the doors again and the accumulated gas will kill everyone inside instantly.

    So that's what Wirth did. It worked a treat, and thereafter Radoslaw became known as "The Prince of Belzec".

  22. ^LOLOL. Thanks for adding this Holyhoax tale to the archives.

  23. racest blind and disrespectful bastards shame on you for puuting this crap on the inernet

  24. Can all you people out there imagine this scenario;-

    Heinrich Himmler is in conference with his subordinate Reinhard Heydrich, and he tells him that the Fuhrer has issued top secret orders that the Jews of Eastern Europe must all be exterminated. These orders are so monstrous that they must never be written down by anyone, and the whole operation must be carried out without the world ever finding out what had happened, or how it happened.

    Now, supposing Heydrich had replied to his leader that he knew an ideal place called Belzec where the extermination could take place. The site stands on the edge of a large Polish village, alongside the main highway from Lublin to Lvov. It also parallels a busy railway line and marshalling yards for rail traffic carrying troops, supplies and munitions to the Eastern Front.

    He would continue on to say; that the camp would sit on a pronounced slope so that passers-by would be able to see what was going on inside, and they could also witness the trains full of Jews arriving there.

    To kill these hundreds of thousands of Jewish people, he would order his men to get hold of a couple of captured Soviet tanks, and harness their exhaust pipes in some extraordinary way so that the fumes could be fed into gas chambers. The engines themselves, plus the security for the whole camp, would be in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers whose loyalty and commitment to such a horrific enterprise would be extremely doubtful.

    In fact, there would only need to be a couple of dozen SS supervisors on duty, because the entire operation would be carried out by the Ukrainians and the Jews themselves.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls; what do you think Himmler's response to these proposals would be;-

    A) - Congratulations Herr Heydrich, these plans are excellent. I give you my full permission to proceed with this operation forthwith.


    B) - There is an ambulance waiting downstairs for you old chap - ready to convey you to the nearest funny farm!

  25. So how does the author of this crappy material react to what Kurt Gerstein reported about gassing in Belzec which was corroborated by Wilhelm Pfannenstiel in the Belzec trials.

    1. No - I think you've got it wrong mate!

      In his evidence to the Nuremburg tribunals, Wilhem Pfannenstiel says this;-

      "I know that Doctor Kurt Gerstein gives an entirely different description of this "gassing" scene. That version is false. It is full of exaggerations".

      Therefore, from this statement - given under oath - it is clear to me that Kurt Gerstein's report was NOT corroborated by Mr Pfannenstiel

    2. The Kurt Gerstein Report today has largely been discredited by historians and investigators. Even the more realistic "holocaust" believers have put his evidence on the back-burner - or abandoned it altogether. It is full of inconsistencies, absurdities, and highly emotional sentiments.

      We must remember that Doctor Gerstein was an SS officer held in prison by the French army when he allegedly wrote this in 1944/45. Who knows how he was treated by his captors. What kind of inducements, threats, or promises was he subjected to at this time?. What we do know, is that he never repeated this report under oath in a court or tribunal, because he died in mysterious circumstances while held in custody.

      And as for Wilhelm Pfannenstiel's testimony - well, the following extract will show us the vagueness and poor quality of his evidence;-

      "...the whole extermination centre looked just like a normal delousing institution..." (probably because it was precisely that!)

      "...there were 6 chambers, with a Star of David above the door, and pots of geraniums..." ( oh my goodness, this "extermination" facility seems to have been a weird combination of delousing chamber, synagogue and garden centre. Mr Pfannenstiel claims there were 6 separate gas chambers. Well, other witnesses give different numbers - some say 3, some say 5, other says 10. Take your pick everyone!. And surely the presence of a large Star of David placed right above the door would cause more than a little consternation to the poor jews about to enter. Because they were all naked - with their heads shaved - thinking that they were about to enter a bath-house in order to take a shower. What would be the purpose of a putting a religious symbol above the door. It doesn't make any sense! ).

      "...when the people had been locked up inside the room, after a short time, the glass on the peep-hole began to steam-up..." ( Now, I just can't get my head around the idea that anyone would design a door with a peep-hole, knowing that within a minute of the door being sealed shut, it would be utterly useless, because it would have steamed-up with condensation from the inside ).

      "...the motor switched on - from a 100? HP engine..." ( I do like his question mark. He's got no idea of how many horse power - he's just speculating here ).

      "...and then I suppose the stop valves or vents into the chamber opened - whether they were stop valves or vents I wouldn't like to say. It is possible that the pipe led directly to the chamber..." ( what kind of speculative nonsense is this?. He contradicts himself in the same sentence, and uses phrases like "I suppose"; "I wouldn't like to say"; "it is possible" ).

      "...The gassing took 12 minutes..". (What! - you are seriously telling us that 6 large rooms crammed with people could all be killed by vehicle exhaust fumes in just 12 minutes. Yes - I've got fairies living down at the bottom of my garden too! ).

      He goes on to talk about the alleged burial of the victims;-

      "...When the grave was full - petrol, or it may have been some other flammable liquid - was poured on the bodies..." ( you see, once again, he's got no idea, so he speculates in a weasel-like way ).

      If Mr Pfannenstiel came out with this sort of testimony in a properly constituted court or tribunal, then he would have been cross-examined closely. His speculations and uncertainties would then have to be confirmed and corroborated by other sources for it to be accepted as true.

  26. If they had a Star of David above the door of the so-called "gas chamber", in order to convince the jews that they were about to enter a synagogue to take a shower, then did the SS guards take the star down and replace it with a mural of a gypsy caravan when the Roma and gypsies came to be gassed ?

    The geraniums, of course, would only bloom in the summer time. But I suppose in the autumn the SS guards would have planted chrysanthemums; and at Christmas time - Cyclamen. Then, in early spring, the exterior of the gas chamber would come alive with colour, as first, wall-flowers, and then, spring pansies, would bring a cascade of radiant hues to brighten up the forbidding, grey and dreary extermination facility.

    So, as I understand it correctly from the holohoaxers; Belzec had geraniums, Treblinka had lupins, and Sobibor had a flock of honking geese!

    Damn, those fiendishly clever Nazis!