Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Auschwitz painting by Felix Nussbaum

comment from Yehuda Abraham:
That guy on the far right must have heard about Irene Zsisblatt, as he appears to be looking into the poop bucket, perhaps searching for diamonds.

I feel sorry for the woman who had to carry that thing on the Death March.

source (includes more holo art)


  1. The red brick houses and the roads that visitors to Auschwitz can see nowadays must have been built after the war I guess...

    1. It could have been Birkenau (i.e. Auschwitz 2), the brick barracks weren't there.

  2. From the source:
    "By Felix Nussbaum. Born in 1904, he died at Auschwitz in 1944."

    From Wikipedia:
    "On August 2, they arrived in Auschwitz and a week later, Felix’s fears came to reality. He was murdered at the age of 39."

    Did he have canvas and painting utensils during that time?

  3. Painting is from 1940. As the concentration camps had been occurring since 1933, Nussbaum had plenty of time to hear the stories, internalize, and produce this work. He knew. he knew, in 1944, the horrors he was to face in the camps.