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Abe Price's holofable - Survived 5 straight days without water; "For three years, didn't see a child under 16 or an adult older than 40" at Auschwitz

Abe Price showing his Auschwitz tatoo to school children

Abe Price (birth name Abram Piasecki) is a Polish Jew, and one of the last living Holocaust™ survivors.

His Holocaust™ tale is one of the all-time greats.
Abe says he was held captive by the Germans from 1939 to 1945, and was sent to Auschwitz in 1944. 

The Germans used Abe to work on highways, at a stone quarry, a woodworking factory, and to build an oil refinery.

He says he escaped from the Nazis five times in six years.

According to Abe, those under the age of 16 and older than 40 were immediately killed at Auschwitz-Brikenau, and the rest were sent to labor camps within the complex.

"For three years, I didn't see a child under 16 or an adult older than 40", claims Abe.

I guess all these children liberated from Auschwitz just missed going to the gas chambers or Elie Wiesel's fire pits...

Child survivors of Auschwitz liberatd by the Red Army, January, 1945 1

Abe apparantly didn't see Thomas Buergenthal either, who was 10 when sent to Auschwitz and "miraculously" survived the "death" camp. Maybe Thomas told the Germans he was 16, and they were so stupid they fell for it.

Abe says 12,000 to 20,000 people died every day at Auschwitz.

At Auschwitz, Abe was put to work building an oil refinery. They were on a 300 calorie per day diet. He weighed just 90 pounds.

When the Russians closed in on Auschwitz in January 1945, Abe was put on a death march. But Abe escaped the death march by running away with another inmate. They hid out on a small farm in a barn under a pile of hay. They stayed there under the hay pile for 5 days straight, without any food or water. 

"We didnt' eat or drink for five days", proclaims Abe!!

He then returned to his small town of Kielce in Poland. He says only 7 people were left of the 28,500 who lived there prior to the war.

Abe claims to have lost 200 members of his family in the Holocaust.

He eventually made his way to America.  Now Abe spends his time going to schools, and telling his tale to young children.

Abe has written two books, “Memoirs of a Survivor” and “Tamed By an Angel.”

He says he gives all proceeds to the Naples, Florida Holocaust Museum.

Article:: "Holocaust survivor"


Abe now has an updated version of his tale.   He now says he spent all six years of the war in Auschwitz (not arriving there in 1944 as he said before). 

Article #2: "Holocaust survivor shares his story at Marco Academy"


  1. The two articles above about Abe Price don't exist anymore, and, apart from this page, there is no reference to him on any Google website. Maybe his "survivor" tales were regarded as too outlandish even for the holohoax industry, and so they quietly decided to fade him out of the scene.

    Abe claims that the proceeds from his two books went towards the Holocaust Museum at Naples, in Florida. By paging up this website one can view a replica box-car standing outside the museum entrance, and inside, there is a display of photos from the 1930's and 40's. Apart from that, though, there is not very much-o to see there.

    The box-car is meant to symbolise the deportation of jews from their homes and communities under the Nazi regime. Which is fair enough - although why the good citizens of south-west Florida need a museum to display this replica in their town is open to question.

    But one can't help thinking that if former Russians, Ukrainians, Tartars or German residents of the former Soviet Union opened up a museum in Florida, and ostentatiously dispayed a box-car outside, into which Bolshevik jews had herded their relatives and kinsfolk on board, then this would be regarded as gruesome and tacky, anti-social, and not "politically correct". I'm quite certain that "concerned citizens", jewish groups, and the Florida authorities would not take too long to order its removal.

    1. You can use the following website to look up web pages that no longer exist:

      Simply enter the url of the article into the "Wayback Machine" search box.

    2. Thanks, "Soldier of Yah" - I'll have a look on this archive site and see if there's any info. about Abe Price that might be of interest.

  2. Unfortunately, the archive website does not seem to record anything about Abe Price. But from the info. we have of him above, it is clear that he is just another one of these classic holohoaxers.

    He does have a tattoo number on his left arm, which would suggest he was in Auschwitz for a period of time during WW2 ( although we only have his word that it is genuine - you never know if these tattoos have been added later! ).

    But, yet again, he is one of these "survivors" who claims to have lost 200 members of his family in the "holocaust". But how do we know that these people existed in the first place. At least he deserves credit for using the word "lost", rather than "killed", "murdered", or "gassed" - because he doesn't really know what happened to any of them. While some of his relatives may well have perished in the terrible conflict of WW2, many others could have survived, and finished up in the Soviet Union, or in refugee camps scattered across Europe. From there, they migrated to other parts of the world to begin new lives in place like Palestine, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

    1. I actually have the full articles archived on another blog of mine. I may post the full articles here.

  3. Abe Price died last February, which may explain why there are few references to his tall tale: