Friday, October 30, 2009

The Twelve Stages of a Holohoax Tale

1. The survivor is put in a cattle car filled with hundreds of jews and a poop bucket, and sent to the camp, usually Auschwitz. Many Jews die of suffocation, but none of thirst, since a jew can survive for 3 years just on their own saliva.

2. The survivor stands in a line, to be chosen either for the gas chamber or the kitchen/orchestra/workshops. Close family members are always put in the other line. Even though all those under 16 are immediately gassed at Auschwitz, many young kids are sent to the work line.

3. The survivor comes face to face with Joseph Mengele himself, who decides to spare their life because Mengele had never seen a dancing Jew, a singling Jew, a Jew with no pimples, or a Jew who said they would work hard for him.

4. The survivor lives on a meager ration of 200-300 calories per day, including turnip heads/potato skins/excrement/grass soup/sawdust salami/human flesh, bones and hair/cat/rat/dog meat/mice/etc.

5. However they are still strong enough to work for the Germans, including making furniture/carpentry/electrician/plumber/V-2maker.

6. The survivor has some gold, daimonds or other jewelrey hidden about their person, which they use to bribe the guards for favours, or pay for a visit to the camp brothel.

7. They are taken to the gas chambers, but miraculously escape at the last minute, evading the guards. All their friends are killed. They witness other horrible atrocities, including babies burned alive in pits, geysers of jewish blood spurting out of the ground, or people burned alive in the ovens when the gas chambers were too busy.

8. The survivor is then forced to take part in a 'death march' which never actually leads to death. Often the survivor runs away!

9. The survivor is then transferred to another camp, where they cheat death again. This may be repeated any number of times.

10. The survivor escapes, right under the guards' noses, lives in the forest for a couple of years, then eventually emigrates to America/Britain/Australia/Israel although they have no friends, family or money. Then the survivor buys a multinational corporation. They are the only member of their large family of 200 to survive, and weigh only 40-50 pounds when they are rescued.

11. For 60 years the survivor says nothing about his or her experiences. Then suddenly they can't talk about anything else. They usually write a memoir called 'Dancing to the Music of my Dreams - A Survivor's Story'.

12. The survivor has now found peace, and spends the rest of his/her life telling their amazing story to schoolchildren. Only the very youngest ones, of course.

-by: CooDayTar, Yehuda Abraham & Son of Saxon


  1. Yea. They all meet with Mengele. Each day he spends 18 hours welcoming prisoners to Auschwitz. 12 hours each day he is at the gas chambers waving good bye. The remaining 42 hours he performs evil experiments on twins.

  2. To become a leading authority at a museum where the legend of the gas chambers at Auschwitz is nurtured all you have to do is to write a book about how people got burnt alive in pits instead.

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  4. There should be a competition for the holahoax.
    Most gassed jew
    jew who walked most miles on death march, barefoot,shoed, or one legged
    jew who lost most relatives
    jew who visited most camps. the list could go on and on, just like their stories

  5. I actually survived the Holohoax ,but because I am not a jew I missed out on 1,000,000 in compensation , I think it's really unfair because I got gassed seven times , do you know what that could have been like to go through that ? The only thing that kept me going was my very close friendship with Anne Frank ,now Annee as I called her was one of the most experienced young ladies I have ever met ,and her writing skills surpassed anyone else at the camps , her use of descriptive words when talking about her private parts was well exciting to say the least ,so all I can say to close is long live the Holocaust ......and Annee !

  6. All of your comments are gross. The first step was to be put in cattle cars with one small window and no air. If you survived, you did meet Dr. Mengele. He sorted the people who could work and the people who could not work. Yes, he was very interested in twins.
    He wanted to find out what role genetics had on twins. The Jews were in abundance, therefore he always had a large number of umwilling unsuspecting people to do his research on. The next step is take all the clothing, get deloused,give the inmate a hair cut,tatoo a number on their left arm and give them a pair of stripped pajamas. This process is discussed in the book, "Night". Otto Frank finishes the last chapter in "The Diary Of Anne Frank." He is the sole survivor. If Peter did not go on the "death march" and stayed with Mr. Frank, maybe he would have been liberated with Mr. Frank. There are other books to read on The Holocaust. "Iren Sendler's Children." She is a Christian social worker, who saves 2,500 Jews ftom being exterminated. These children became orphans because their parents were Jews and they were exterminated in concentration camps.