Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rivka Yosselevska's absurd Holy Hoax fable - Escaped biting jew corpses, witnessed geysers of blood

Rivka Yosselevska testifying at the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem

This is one of the all time great Holocaust stories.

The tale goes like this: Rivka and her family were rounded up by the Germans, shot, and thrown into a pit. Despite being shot in the head, Rivka miraculously was still alive, but bodies were falling on top of her suffocating her in the pit. She started crawling her way out, but dying victims started, and I quote: "biting at my legs, pulling me down"! But she got away from the evil undead!

The Nazis were so inept, they also failed to kill several others whom were shot and thrown in the pit. Rivka even helped try to pull out one woman, but the dead jews were "biting" at the leg of the woman. Many children and women crawled out of the pit, but only to be tracked down shortly thereafter by the Nazis and finished off. But not Rivka. Mysteriously, the Nazis just let her live for whatever reason. Rivka just lay there by the pit for 3 days, and saw blood spurting out of the ground.

Not only did Rivka survive the Holocaust, she survived a zombie jew outbreak!

Every word of this is true. Believe or be an evil anti-semite.

Article: "Testimony of Rivka Yosselevska"


  1. do you not seee the proof of the holocaust all around you? are you that STUPID?

  2. this is disgusting, this woman lost her family and you are disrespectful enough to point out 'flaws' in her story. f*ck you.

    1. Nice language, next you’ll be calling the blogger a “racist and an ant-semite.”
      And you’ll be soooo wrong, as . . .

      1. No matter your colour . . . you’re a racist too if your parents are of the same colour and race as you, otherwise you would have had different coloured parents and you would have been a “mamzer”, a bastard, the result of miscegenation [race-mixing.]

      The jews are the self-proclaimed master race.
      And if racism is the appreciation and the study of unique races, what happens when there are only two races left to study – the Jew and the diversely moulded mixed-slave-race?

      2. A jew is not a Semite, that naming belongs to the “True Chosen of YAHWEH God” the White Adamic seedline through Adam, Seth, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, later re-named Israel. Identifying the ancient Israelite's of the Bible as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and Kindred peoples.
      See, Israel is a person’s name – not the name of that hellhole called IsraHell.

      "Then said he [the Messiah Jesus Christ] to them, But now, he that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his money: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."
      - Luke 22:36

      Buy a gun, get a weapon because you’re going to use it, whether you like it or not . . . and it makes a BIG difference on who's side you're on, as YAHWEH God said:
      Obadiah:1:18: And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.
      See, YAHWEH God’s Word tells us what He intend for the “jewish Christ killers.”

      So, read Jeremiah 48:10
      Cursed be he that doeth the work of the LORD deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.

      By keeping our focus where it counts, we the True Seedline can deal with the greatest enemy of all; the enemies within, which are of our kind, but ideologically are treacherous and hell-bent on committing racial suicide and worse still, bringing us down with them.

      Once we grasp the fact that the enemy comes in different fancy dress costumes, then we can see that the only people we need to concern ourselves with is our own people, and that even though some of the aliens amongst us may from time-to-time take a common position against a common enemy, they are still not of us, and therefore should always be kept at arms length.

  3. the author of this is disgusting. agreed.

  4. points made are valid, but whoever you are, get a life, this woman went through waaaay more then you blatently did

  5. what the hell is wrong with this guy?! of course the holocaust is real! wtf?!

  6. Sheep. All of you! Has the Holocaust™ been so ingrained into your psyche as to have erased all traces of common sense? I have NO doubt that scores of people (Jews and Gentiles alike) suffered in ways unfathomable today. However, said suffering: 1- Is NOT solely the domain of the Jews, and 2- It does not automatically gives the "survivor" a free pass to weave preposterous stories of German cruelty and incredible Jewish survival stories. Being removed from one's home, from school, work, and the familiarity of everyday life only to be warehoused in a camp to work in less than ideal conditions is horrific enough. I would have MUCH MORE empathy towards ALL survivors if they would just stop with the preposterous Holocaust™ tall tales. It seems that every Auschwitz survivor was "hand picked" by Dr. Mengele, to the point that one wonders how on earth he managed to conduct his diabolical experiments considering he seems to have spent 99% of his time hand picking Jews fresh off the ramp. Oh, and what a quack he must have been, based on the enormous amount of living survivors of Mengele's evil deeds.

  7. More holoco$t horse s*** from the past masters of horse s***.

  8. These deniers are ignorant liars.

  9. You don't mean "layed". You mean
    "lay". However, your moronic grammar cannot compare with the paucity of your intellect and moral fiber.

  10. I live and breathe for your "approval."

  11. Why is it that it is your default reaction to doubt this poor woman? I think in light of ALL the testimony against the Nazis this story is in no way unbelievable. Even Himmler was said to vomit and lose his composure when he saw how the victims were being killed by the Einsatzgruppen.
    And how dare you compare the desperate struggles of these victims to survive a mass grave to zombies.I seriously doubt this author has ANY understanding of a person's will to live.

    1. And that's all they had were wild testimonies by Jews. No proof such as forensic evidence, autopsies, etc....In fact it now illegal in 16 or 17 countries to question the now reduced number 6 million dead Jews. In Germany if you are accused of questioning the holocaust and your lawyer produces evidence that 6 million were not gassed or killed he/she too will be sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine.

      Since when does the truth need a law to protect it? After the Red Cross and Polish government have reduced the amount of deaths at Auschwitz by 3 plus million, why is the 6 million number still thrown around as truth?

      Until the holohoax promoters enter into an honest debate with Historical revisionists and prove that this alleged event happened I will continue to believe the revisionists and their documented evidence.

      The real holocaust happened 1944 to 1947 in the firebombings of German cities and the Eisenhower camps. The book: Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947

      The documentary based on Hellstorm:

      You can also verify the horrors in a book titled: An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945

      Although I would call it A Lie for an Eye because all that happened was the Jews were deported and when deportation became impossible due to the war, the Jews were put into camps. Many of the Jews in Germany were communists. There was no extermination order. The holocaust is a giant ponzi scheme and is now used as a political hammer to shut down any criticism of Jews. You will be accused of being a Nazi who wants to kill 6 trillion Jews. The Jews tried the 6 million jews dying, dead, or suffering during and before WWI.

      The info is out there all you have to do is sort through all the Jewish lies and propaganda. The question has been posed so I'll ask it here; how will the world react once this lie has been exposed? The holocaust is now our state religion called Holocaustianity and has been given public land and some taxpayer money to build their Museum of Lies.

  12. The reason we cannot accept this woman's story at face value is because it is not corroborated by any other person or source. For it to be accepted as true, then an investigation into when, and where, this massacre took place, who was involved, and which Nazi unit carried out the deed. One would need to ask her serious questions - not only about how she was able to survive for three days and nights out in the open without food and water - but how she reached safety afterwards and then managed to hide for the remainder of the war.

    The Eichmann Trial was a travesty of justice. Here we had a man on trial for his life - charged with the most appalling offences, and into court comes someone who he does not know from Eve to give uncorroborated evidence against him under oath.

  13. I have read many books about the so-called holocaust, and it hasn't been proven, so i believe it is a lie! What i want to know is, what about the holocaust in Russia where the Jews killed millions of Christians, that is hush hush isn't it, we don't hear about the murder's what the Marxist Jew's committed. Read your history books, and you will have a balanced view of the hated Jews, who have been expelled from hundreds of countries because of their parasitic ways of living off 'Goyim'!

  14. PRECISELY: "I have read many books about the so-called holocaust, and it hasn't been proven, so i believe it is a lie! What i want to know is, what about the holocaust in Russia where the Jews killed millions of Christians, that is hush hush isn't it, we don't hear about the murder's what the Marxist Jew's committed. Read your history books, and you will have a balanced view of the hated Jews, who have been expelled from hundreds of countries because of their parasitic ways of living off 'Goyim'!"

    jews are PURE scum.

  15. Typical - denial of the Holocaust by people who covertly support it. At least have the guts to come out and say so.

  16. Why is it outlawed to investigate the Hollowhaux in certain countries if what has been documented about it true?

    Since when do we need laws to protect the truth?

    Shouldn't the truth be able to stand on it's own?

    Or is this more of the same old same old tactic of persecuting the whistleblower while protecting the criminal with unjust "laws"?

  17. This is a very, very late response to your brilliant Article [Rivka Yosselevska's absurd Holy Hoax fable - Escaped biting jew corpses, witnessed geysers of blood] . . . it’s late as I’ve only just discovered your blog.

    From the comments you got it’s clear that the worse enemy are of our own nationality – they’re what is better known as judeo-christians.

    The judeo-christian cannot read his Bible except through Jewish spectacles, and, therefore, reads it wrong. As a result, Christians don't have God's word on certain matters, they have the Jew's word.
    Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every 'Christian Church' in America and world-wide.

    To them IsraHell comes first and no matter how big the lie, they’ll swallow it hook line and sinker, to them the jew is the “so-called-chosen” they could’nt be bothered to find out . . . “chosen by whom?

    And Jesus the Christ, YAHWEH God came in the flech could’nt put it more clearly than as He did in Joh:8:44: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    The JEW communist in their lust for dirt and filth, love to destroy anything and anyone who is of a good moral character.
    World JEWRY has no morals, they just have planned destruction of all that is good, moral, and descent.

    The point of Immigration, especially using Third World aliens is Ethnic Fouling leading on to Genocide.
    It is being inflicted on us by Jews, paranoid Jews full of hate, from the cradle to the grave, the jew is taught to hate all non-jews.

    Most people don’t even realise that the jews are NOT Israelites, they’re a Sephardic, ashkenazi, mamzer clowns, melungeon mongrel hybrids with a bloodline/DNA of such a mix ALMOST AS IF EVERY RACE ON EARTH DONATED A DROP OF BLOOD, THEN IT WAS MIXED IN A BLENDER . . . AND “WHALLA!” OUT POPS A JEWISH DNA.

    Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23.

    The only problem is that all societies are now tainted by this Liberal Judeo-Christian dream.

    And we should take heed as YAHWEH God has warned us to . . .
    “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”
    - Titus 1:14.

    The whole World is heading For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportion.

    But . . . there is a reckoning coming, a reckoning between humanity and the Jewish people, which will cause the very heavens to darken and the very devils in hell to hide their faces in shock and terror.

    You might say we owe them a Holocaust.
    We've been paying their bills and taken their pills for years and at some point we're finally going to get what we've paid for.

    The White race has best get out of their vapour-locked mindset and start to correct this type of insanity instead of just sitting on their thumbs.
    That is... if they truly love their children.

    Nice work SoldierofYah , keep on blogging.

    1. Spot on comment. Totally agree with you. Thanks for posting.

  18. In her testimony at the Eichmann trial, Rivka claims that;- "Blood was spurting from the grave in many places, like a well of water, and whenever I pass a spring now, I remember the blood which spurted from the ground, from that grave."

    Many of these holy-hoax witnesses and survivors refer to blood geysers, or fountains, that seem to burst forth from out of the earth. And I just wonder if this is a normal feature of Jewish corpses. That when a Jew has passed on from this world, then his or her blood takes on a life of its own and propels itself upwards out of the ground by supernatural forces.

    If this be the case, then I want to know for certain - because when I walk down the road to my local Chinese Take-Away Restaurant for my chicken chop-suey, sweet and sour pork, and yummy prawn balls, I have to pass by a Jewish Cemetery. And if there is a danger that I might be spattered on by human blood, then I really need to carry an umbrella with me each time.

  19. Dear old Rivka is by no means the only Jewish female to claim that she climbed out of a mass grave after being machine-gunned. There were three naked women who escaped from a pit in Poniatowa in Eastern Poland, and at least another eight women who survived mass shootings in Lithuania.

    According to "www.Holocaust Research" there was a massacre site at a place called Ponary, just outside the city of Vilnius.

    The website claims that on 31st August 1941, a woman named Sonia arrived in Vilnius - bandaged, barefoot and with dishevelled hair. She met a doctor in the street, to whom she told her story while having her bullet wound treated. Apparently, she "somehow-or-other" managed to get out of the heaps of corpses, and then escaped through the barbed-wire entanglements. Sonia then met a peasant women who bandaged her wound and sent on her way. In his testimony the good doctor stated that when he unwrapped the bandage, "he saw the hole from the bullet, and in the hole there were ants creeping" !

    A few days later, on 3rd September, six women are known to have crawled out of the pit at Ponary and survived. Then, in October, there were more survivors of this series of killings, including a woman named Sara Menkes who returned to Vilnius and told her story.

    But we have to wait until 1943 when a Jewish male (name unknown) climbed out of another mass grave full of dead bodies at Ponary.

    Well, guys and girls, its purely up to you if you want to believe all this stuff. But just remember, that if you don't, then you will be labelled as one of the most despicable, holocaust-denying, anti-semitic, haters in all the world.

  20. Here we go - yet another woman who miraculously re-emerged from a mass grave after being machine-gunned into a pit.

    By typing in "DINA PRONICHEVA, BABI YAR" on Google, you can get the full story of this incredible female and her holohoax escapades, but the most enjoyable part was when she was lying in the pit full of bodies after the shooting, and the executioners were walking around on top of them, looting, and finishing-off the wounded.

    Dina says;- "One SS man caught his foot against her, and her appearance aroused his suspicions. He shone his torch on her, picked her up and struck her with his fist. But she hung limp and gave no sign of life. He kicked her in the breast, and then with his heavy boot he trod on her right hand so that the bones cracked. But he didn't use his gun, and went off, picking his way across the corpses".

    Needless to say, our truly heroic Dina escaped, went on to survive the war, and then became a star witness in the Babi Yar war crimes trial, held in Kiev during the late 1940's.

  21. I once read an autobiography by a Polish Jewess, named Bimbo Krapalotska. She and her mother were naked, and about to be machine-gunned into a pit, when her mother, at the very last moment, handed her a bundle of Polish Zloty banknotes, with the words; " now Bimbo - insert all this zloty inside your slotty."

    So this is what Bimbo did, and during the long, lonely years after the war she always remembered those final tender, loving, words of her mother.

    You see, Bimbo herself was not hit by the bullets, but survived, and managed to crawl out of the pit, even though the dying corpses were biting at her limbs and dragging her back down into the sea of tangled bodies. One old Rabbi in his death-throes even grabbed at her, placing one hand on her crotch, while the other hand groped her breasts, and biting deep with his teeth into her frozen nipples.

    But Bimbo was able to shake off all these attempts to thwart her escape, rose up to the surface of the pile of bodies, and then climbed out of the pit. Exhausted, she spent the next three days and nights out in the open air without food or water until a local shepherd came along with his flock of sheep.

    Bimbo quickly withdrew a couple of hundred Zloty from her Safe-Deposit Box and offered the shepherd the money if he would feed and clothe her. The shepherd agreed, killed one of his sheep, skinned it then and there, and gave her the garment as a woollen fleece to wear. He then took her to his cabin and cooked her a delicious, piping hot meal of (you guessed it) Shepherds Pie.

    After a few days, Bimbo said farewell to the shepherd, and went off into the forest and joined the local partisans. After the war, she collected a nice, juicy sum of cash as holocaust compensation, then went off to live in Israel, and enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame by recounting her story at the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

  22. This has nothing go do with believing her story as it does with your complete belief of the Final Solution. Hundreds of Germans recounted under oath to many atrocities that were committed. In 1939 Hitler started euthanasia against his own people and continued to kill German children all thru the war. Some 80,000 "undesirable" people were killed in hospitals, all without question . If any German person or child was deemed unfit they were euthanized. And you can thank immaculate record keeping to read of it today. A regime who uses fanatical ideology to kill over 6 million people and to have such complete co-operation of its own people to carry out the executions of not only Jews but any person they pointed a finger to defies logic of a normal mind. For you Jew haters to not believe in the Holocaust is absurd since the whole purpose of the war was to eliminate not just them but gypsies and anyone not of Aryan blood. Your ignorance of your own cause is extraordinary. But not really surprising. They used common racists such as you to do the dirty work. It takes a dull mind.

    1. You say that German children continued to be killed throughout the war.

      Are you referring to the Allied terror bombing of German cities, which was designed to cause maximum death and destruction to innocent civilians - both young and old ?

      I've visited many British, Canadian and US war cemeteries across North-West Europe, and have noted the Jewish war graves that lie amongst the bomber crews who committed these barbaric acts.

      War crimes, my friend, are not restricted to just one group of people - there are quite enough atrocities in this world to be shared by everyone.

    2. You say that the Germans kept "immaculate records" for some eighty thousand "undesirable" adults and children who were killed in hospitals.

      OK, even if we accept that statement is true - ( and before we can do that, all the evidence, including the names of the victims, would have to published ) - then you still haven't produce any records, or documents, proving that 6 million jewish people were killed. Do you not think that's very odd, that there are immaculate records in existence for one group of people, and not for another?

      Now I would suggest that the Germans kept accurate records only of those people who they did kill, but didn't keep any records of those that they didn't kill - precisely because they didn't kill them in the first place, and thus there was no need for any records to be preserved in an immaculate condition!

      And if these 6 million jews were not killed, then aren't the German people owed an apology by you, after accusing them of their "complete co-operation" in the Nazi Government's policy of executions?

  23. There is tons of evidence including the train schedules to the death camps read The Origins of the Final Solution by Christopher R Browning and you will find all the sources of evidence for most of the killing including the SS Killing Squads that shot this women. They have records of how many killed in each town by what squad on what day.

    1. No one is questioning the train schedules - they may well be truthful and accurate for all we know. What is in serious doubt, however, is the concept of "death camps", because there are no German documents in existence which use this term to describe their own concentration camps, labour camps and transit camps.

      The term "death camp" is a post-war invention by the victorious Allies (and the Jews themselves) who have persevered over the last 70 years to bamboozle the general public into accepting this propaganda nonsense.

      Christopher R Browning is nothing more than a stooge acting on behalf of the holohoax industry. He knows where his bread and butter comes from, and consequently sucks up to the powers-that-be, knowing full well that if he produces books full of pro-holocaust garbage then his publishers will continue to print and distribute his work.

      And as for the records of all these alleged SS killing squads - how do we know that all the documentation is nothing more than Soviet forgeries and embellishments. We know today, for instance, that the Katyn Massacre was carried out by the Soviets themselves, but for decades they blamed the Germans for this terrible atrocity.

      Therefore, if the Soviets were prepared to fabricate evidence on this scale, then why should any documents submitted by them be accepted at face value. At the end of WW2 the Soviets had complete access to all German government and military offices, along with their files, typewriters, papers, inks, official stamps etc. Thus, they were free to alter or forge any document they liked for the series of war crimes trials and tribunals that were underway.

      But still - if Rivka was telling the truth under oath at the Eichmann trial; and you claim there is evidence of the "SS killing squad" involved in shooting her, then please go ahead and ask Mr Browning if he can provide us with the precise location of this particular massacre site; what date it took place; the name of the SS regiment; the number of perpetrators; how many people were shot in total; and where did they come from. Are there lists of names and former addresses of the victims ? And has the massacre site between excavated and forensically examined by a properly constituted international and independent team of experts.

  24. For all those who claim the Germans were such excellent record keepers which is supposedly proof of 6 million Jews being murdered, do some research into WHERE the documents are supposedly located. Even the U.S. Holocaust Museum website states that they're locked away in some vault in Germany and are not allowed to be made available to the public. If it's so important that we remember the Holohoax, why are the documents locked away from the public? Allow me to answer my one question. Because the documents do not exist!