Friday, October 30, 2009

Private letter from Thomas Dodd, former US Senator and top American Nuremberg prosecutor: 75% of staff lawyers at Nuremberg are Jewish

Thomas Dodd With Shrunken Head Exhibit, 1946


On Sept. 25, 1945, Tom Dodd, the second in command on the American prosecution team at Nuremberg, made the following observations:

“You know how I have despised anti-Semitism. You know how strongly I feel toward those who preach intolerance of any kind. With that knowledge — you will understand when I tell you that this staff is about seventy-five percent Jewish. Now my point is that the Jews should stay away from this trial — for their own sake. For — mark this well — the charge ‘a war for the Jews’ is still being made and in the post-war years it will be made again and again. The too large percentage of Jewish men and women here will be cited as proof of this charge. Sometimes it seems that the Jews will never learn about these things. They seem intent on bringing new difficulties down on their own heads. I do not like to write about this matter —it is distasteful to me — but I am disturbed about it. They are pushing and crowding and competing with each other and with everyone else.”

Note that this admission is coming from someone who is sympathetic to the Jews and opposes "anti-semitism."

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  1. The above photographic image should display bubble captions, such as;-

    (THOMAS DODD) - "I believe the savage, evil Nazis made this shrunken head".

    ( The SHRUNKEN HEAD replies) - "And I believe you're full of crap mate; you'll be telling us next that you believe that 19 Arab hijackers armed with box-cutters brought down the World Trade Center on 9/11. But anyway, Tommy boy, I admire your Dicky-Bow, it certainly makes a greasy old slime-ball like yourself appear as a thoughtful, wise, distinguished academic scholar. I'd like to get a bow-tie like that for myself, but as you can see, I haven't got a lower neck to attach it to !"