Friday, October 30, 2009

Israeli Government claims 1,092,000 Holocaust survivors™ were still living in 2004

The New York Times Article: "At the beginning of 2004, 1,092,000 Holocaust survivors were still living worldwide"

If 1 million were still alive in 2004, then just how many jewish "holocaust survivors" were there to begin with? In the previous 60 years after the end of the war, you would have to assume that a good majority of those who had survived the camps had already died. Assuming the "1,092,000" figure is accurate, at that rate there were around 5 or 6 million "holocaust survivors" immediately after the war ended. Then knowing that there were only around 6 million jews in all of Eastern Europe before the war, then how is it possible that anywhere near 6 million jews died? Preposterous.

The reality is that virtually any jew who was in Europe before or during the war, and survived the war, claimed to be a "holocaust survivor", regardless of whether they were in a camp or not. At most, only around 100,000 - 200,000 died of all causes in the camps, mostly from disease (eg, typhus).


  1. "It is estimated that out of millions of Holocaust survivors, only 200 000 are still alive"
    Wow! "Millions of Holocaust survivors"...

  2. Yes, and I bet all these 1,092,000 survivors are all picking up generous amounts of compensation money even now!

    There should have been a cut-off point for claims after 25 years, and only those people with genuine physical and psychological injuries allowed to continue to receive payments.

    But it looks to me as though anyone who was not even caught up in the holohoax can claim a life-long pension.

    Mark my words, when these scoundrels finally depart this world, their children and grandchildren will devise a way of carry on the payments to themselves - claiming their own lives have been shattered by the horrors of the "gas-chambers" etc.

    1. And they can if they want to to go to palastine and walk around for a cute homestead they like,throw out the owners as long they are not a jew,and shut the door.

    2. And they can if they feel like doing exactly what "was done" to them,go to palastine find a cute home throw the non jew occupants and lock the door,bam free new home in a land they say God himself gave to them. So these ppl,cough victims have an imaginary spaghetti monster giving them the pass to steal,Rob,murder anyone they want to and the "burnt offering" gives them deeds to all non jew material goods if they like them

  3. The poor old holohoaxers are now squabbling over the distribution of compensation loot!

    Down in the land of the kangaroo, the wallaby, the dingo and the possum they are very upset that they are not receiving their share of the accumulated bounty. According to the Australian news outlet SBS on 30th October 2014, claimants there are angry that they are not getting enough holocaust compensation money from the New York-based Claims Conference who hold the treasure trove. Back in 1992, this Claims Conference became the legal successor to thousands of unclaimed jewish properties in former East Germany, and it is they who decide who is eligible for compensation, and how much they receive.

    But you might be fascinated to learn that most of these claims are not from "holocaust survivors" themselves, but from their so-called "heirs" who were not born at the time, and thus did not spend a single minute of their lives inside a Nazi concentration camp.

    For example; 54-year old Lionel Rosenburg - who was born in 1960, some 15 years after the end of the war - "is disgusted at the level of compensation being offered". "I am an heir" - the Darwin grandfather said - "I am rightfully entitled to this. It's diabolical that others unrelated to me or my family should claim entitlement".

    Now, you or I, might question why any "holocaust survivors "are still getting generous payouts after 70 years - surely they've had enough compensation money by now. But the idea that a bunch of "johnny-come-latelys" - who never suffered a single moment of Nazi oppression in their entire lives, should be cashing-in on this holohoax racket is completely preposterous.

    So my advice to you, Lionel - me old cobber - is to put your digereedoo and boomerang into your tucker bag, then wander down to Swagman's Creek, and jump into your local billabong !