Saturday, October 24, 2009

More Remarkable Nonsense Presented at Nuremberg - The Nazi "mobile bone-grinding machines"

Moses Korn, a member of a Sonderkommando 1005 unit, poses next to an alleged bone crushing machine in the Janowska concentration camp. [1]

Source: Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 7, 59th Day, Thursday, 14 February 1946, Morning Session, pg 438-439 (Yale Law School)


All these monstrous crimes had a definite system of their own. There was uniformity in the murder methods: One and the same system prevailed in the construction of the gas chambers, in the mass production of the round tins containing the poisonous substances "Cyclone A" or "Cyclone B." the ovens of the crematories are all built on the same typical lines, and one was the plan extending over all the camps of destruction. There was uniformity in the construction of the evil-smelling death machines, which the Germans referred to as "gaswagen" but which our people called the "soul destroyers"; and there was the same technical elaboration in the construction of mobile mills for grinding human bones. All this indicates one sole and evil will uniting all the individual assassins and executioners.

It became obvious that German thermo-technicians and chemists, architects, toxicologists, mechanics, and physicians were engaged in this rationalization of mass murder on instructions received from Hitler's government and from the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces. It was also evident that the "death factories" brought into existence an entire series of auxiliary industries.


-Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 7, 59th Day, Thursday, 14 February 1946, Morning Session, pg 438-439

via the research of Carlos Whitlock Porter


  1. At least the person who wrote the caption to the above photo had the honesty to describe it as an "alleged" bone-crushing machine, because there is no evidence that it really was such a device. It could be a grinding mill for any purpose whatsoever.

    There is another photo in existence of the same machine with three guys standing alongside it. But all these men are dressed in normal outdoor labourers clothes. I thought all concentration camp prisoners had to wear striped pyjamas.

    One also has to ask why the photographs were taken at all, because if the purpose of these machines was to utterly destroy the human remains so that no evidence would exist of such a monstrous crime, then why did the Nazis record and keep photos of the very machinery that was used to carry out the task !

    The above text from the Nuremburg Trials mentions "German thermo-technicians and chemists, architects and toxicologists, mechanics and physicians" who were involved in the extermination programme. But isn't it strange that no one from these professions was ever brought before a court in Germany during the series of trials held during the 1950's and 60's - only male nurses, gardeners, cooks, builders, security personnel, and camp commandants.

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