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Kitty Hart Moxon's tear-jerking Holohoax tale - Had to scrape Auschwitz toilets with bare hands; used same bowl for food and as a toilet; 3.6 million were holocausted in Auschwitz in just 8 months!!

Kitty Hart Maxon is a jew from the town of Bielsko, in southern Poland.

According to her tale, she and her mother were taken by the Nazis to Auschwitz.

Kitty says she had her head shaved, and that they were dehumanized and treated "worse than cattle."

While at Auschwitz, she says she had to tie a bowl to her belly at all times.

Kitty says the bowl was her "lifeline", and that the same bowl was used for eating soup and as a toilet. She never was able to wash it between uses.

Her job at Auschwitz was that of "scheisse kommander", which was to dig out the excrement from the toilets with her bare hands, which was a "prestigious position."

She personally believes "much more than 1.5 million" jews were exterminated at Birkenau.

Kitty states that in the eight months she was in Auschwitz "between 10 and 20,000 people died every day."

Article: "A chilling history lesson comes to life for Berwickshire pupils visiting Auschwitz"

By her count, around 3.6 million were exterminated at Auschwitz-Birkenau in just the 8 months she was there (8 months x 15,000/day). Considering Auschwitz was operated as a "death factory" for some 4 years, at this rate around 22 million jews could have been gassed and turned to ash, soap, lampshades, and Nazi military jacket lining!!

Moxon's book, Return to Auschwitz:

Hear Kitty speak...

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  1. Hi Kitty im philomena i met you at the holocaust. and i asked you a question about how you felt living with strangers whilst the war was still on. And ever since then i may not have been you. But you don't understand i watched the boy in the striped pijamas. And it just made me think of you. I hope your okay? and did you work at Royal Orthapedic Hospital? write back please Philomena.xx*HUGS* YOUR AN AMAZING PERSON I MUST SAY. YOUR SO BRAVE

  2. What’s this jewish obsession with faeces - hardly a 'survivor' yarn without some or other reference to it. My all time favourite will always be Irene Zisbaltt’s crappy tale (sorry, couldn’t resists that!?)

    1. They are subliminally communicating the fact that they are completely full of s#it

    2. What the heck is "faeces" anyway? Durrrrrrr.

    3. "What the heck is "faeces" anyway? Durrrrrrr."
      British English spelling of feces, fecal matter, excrement, poop, shit.
      Like said, very popular in Jewish feticism/fetishism and also in some cases their idea of comedy.

  3. The jew and the shit/latrine/romance in the shit/toilet.
    It is written in the book of mudtal.

  4. It's not the Jewish obsession with faeces, it's the Nazi obsession with faeces. They didn't ask to go through that. Please.

  5. This is about stripping people of their human dignity. Making them eat their own shit is a good way of doing that.
    Abusers everywhere often engage in similarly degrading acts. It was not just the holocaust.
    When this is done to a group of people, a race/social class etc., the people themselves become dehumanised social waste.
    Remember that it is easier to kill someone if you see them as being less-than-human.

    But bear in mind that the prisons in which people were incarcerated were not cleaned, there would have been a basic issue with how to deal with millions of tonnes of sewage (well, as Kitty Hart Moxon's story makes clear).

    So, of course human waste is going to come up in these stories again and again, the suggestion of a "jewish obsession with faeces" is vile.

    I can only assume that this blog is a sick joke...

    1. Sadly, I don't think this is in jest. Some people are easily misled, a little deluded; others have an agenda, and while knowing of course that the Holocaust happened, for a variety of reasons decide to pretend it didn't.

    2. it shouldnt have happened at all my godparents survived Auschwitz and died later of rare cancers because of Mengele s madness they were unable to have children this is a crime against humanity to practice hate against anyone

  6. A lot of these so-called "survivors" recount tales of dirt, squalor, and degradation in the Birkenau concentration camp, but the true facts and the actual evidence on the ground suggests a rather different story!.

    Contrary to these exaggerated tales, Birkenau had numerous blocks of latrines distributed around the camp. OK, they were fairly rudimentary, with no private cubicles, but photographs show that they were clean and hygienic, with all the human waste directly disappearing through holes into an enclosed sewage pit. From there the effluent was pumped by underground pipes to a large, modern sewage treatment centre which stood at the far end of the camp. ( By typing in Birkenau on Google Earth, one can zoom in on this sewage treatment works, and appreciate the size and complexity of its facilities.)

    Here, the solids were separated from the liquid effluent, and was then carried by lorries or carts to be used as manure on the surrounding fields of the Auschwitz/Birkenau farm. The liquid waste - after being treated - was fed into a wide ditch, called the "konigsgraben", which had been constructed by the inmates, and this drained away into the nearby River Wisla.

    In another corner of Birkenau (again confirmed on Google Earth), the SS built a sizeable water treatment plant, and this supplied fresh running water to all the latrines around the camp. Inmates, could therefore wash themselves at all times after using the toilet facilities.

    Piped, fresh water was also supplied to the various kitchens around the camp, as well as the hospital blocks, and the shower units. The SS even built a "state-of-the-art" Sauna at Birkenau for speeding-up and streamlining the bathing of inmates, and the cleaning of their clothes.

    The camp authorities were under strict orders from Berlin to maintain hygienic standards, and ensure proper sanitation measures were followed at all times. Thus the SS doctors and hygiene officers would not have permitted absurd fantasists like Kitty Hart Moxon to wander around Birkenau with a filthy poop bowl from which she claims she had to eat and defecate in. Illnesses and desease would have rapidly spread throughout the camp otherwise!

    Please - wake up people, and get real.

    1. Nonsense. The few latrines the condemned were occasionally allowed to use were wildly insufficient in number. They were not sanitary or well kept. I did enjoy the part about human waste "disappearing," though. That was a hoot. And about the "SS" building stuff. It's hilarious to try to imagine an SS officer getting his hands dirty, or doing anything beside puffing himself up and applying his whip. Funny too, how every survivor reports the exact same conditions, without variations save their positions in the camp. They must have all got together ahead of time and agreed on what to say. Oh, and how did Typhus spread so massively if these quarters were so sanitary?

    2. I've actually taken the trouble to visit Birkenau - "Read Deeply", and I can assure you that there are numerous latrine blocks inside the camp. All you have to do when you enter through the absurdly named "Gate of Death" is to open your eyes and see them! But don't take my words about sanitation and hygiene as true - just read the contribution by Anonymous (14 Dec.) below, who quotes from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum itself.

      In addition, one can also view the extensive sewage disposal facility at the rear of the camp, as well as the water treatment plant and the state-of-the-art Sauna. It truly is amazing that these sort of facilities should exist in a so-called death camp. Oh - and of course, we must not forget the hospital that once existed in Birkenau; that is, before the Soviets and Poles demolished it, in order to convince the world that that the inmates were not treated for their illnesses and injuries.

      You say the SS guards in Birkenau carried whips? Well, bless my soul - I've seen tons of photos taken inside the camp and never seen a guard carrying a whip.

      And yet again, we are told about "survivors" all telling the same story about the conditions in the camp. But of course they all going to say the same thing. They get generous compensation payouts from the holohoax industry who have set the official narrative in advance. These people are not going to rock the boat and jeopardise their life-long pensions - they take their cue of what to say from their paymasters.

      The only part of your post that is based on fact is the massive spread of typhus through the camp. But if you read the history properly you will find that the SS were under strict instructions from Berlin to deal urgently with this problem and cut the number of deaths in Birkenau.

    3. @readdeeply:
      "Funny too, how every survivor reports the exact same conditions, without variations"
      yes.. very funny, quite suspicious actually, almost like an entire, very wealthy, nation state has a vested interest in confirming their own legitimacy. that the survivors reports the exact same conditions, without variations which makes it appear as if they are reading from a script is quite funny indeed

    4. AnonymousDecember 13, 2014 at 7:10 PM Yeah... it was like an "oasis, a real destination hot spot."

      AnonymousJuly 11, 2015 at 4:37 PM I bet they are just rolling around in the vast amounts of money they receive on this "hoax" industry. I bet she throws the money on the bed, rolls around naked and laughs maniacally on how she is duping everyone.

      Damn where do you people come from?


    5. Dear Anonymous (Sept.22),

      I've never claimed that Auschwitz/Birkenau was an "oasis, a real destination hot spot". Far from it, I believe it was a very large, grim, labour camp, that acted as a vast hub for both Jewish and non-Jewish workers who were need in the network of German war industries that lay scattered across southern Poland. Conditions in the camp were far from ideal, because overcrowding and typhus seems to have been a constant problem that the SS staff and the inmates had to face.

      And I would rather believe the published words of the 'Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum' (see below), than the wild, and often contradictory, utterances that we hear from out of the mouth of Madam Hart-Moxon. In addition, the evidence that I saw with my own eyes after visiting Birkenau, plus a careful study of the aerial photos dating from 1944 as well as 'Google Earth', makes me question many of the very gruesome accounts that we have heard all too often from these so-called "survivors".

      You have certainly conjured up an exceedingly vivid image in my mind's eye - when you "bet she throws the (holohoax) money on the bed, rolls around naked and laughs maniacally on how she is duping everyone". I must admit, I've never thought of her doing this before. But you may well be right! - Kitty's personality and character might indeed induce her to perform behaviour of this kind in the privacy of her own bedchamber - Who knows?

    6. So you searched on Google Earth and you actually think and believe that all pictures posted on the internet are accurate and demonstrate the truths as it was in the 1940s? Did it ever occur to you that some of the pictures taken after liberation might show facilities after being cleaned? It doesn't mean the feces, disease, death didn't exist. You wake up and get real. Below is evidence of the sanitary conditions for the SS officers, medical staff, facility managers, and those on the other side of the prisoner fence. I feel sorry for people as ignorant as you.

    7. What a disgusting bunch of nonsense. You have completely misrepresented Ms. Hart's testimony but that's what you holocaust deniers do don't you. You actually believe ill jews were treated at hospitals and the Russians are hiding it. LOL. Never again, never forget. You who refuse to believe are doomed to repeat it. The USA is next, the camps are already in place. Let's see how you do.

    8. Why is questioning the number of Jewish deaths such a crime? What is so horribly wrong about looking at facts concerning the Holocaust?

    9. Why is it a crime to question the outlandish number of 6,000,000? How many Palestinians have the Zionist killed so far? What did the Palestinians do to the Jews before the Jews stole their homes and killed their families? Before Zionist created the State of Israel Jews and Palestinians were able to live together in peace. Its about time the whole world see these criminals for what they really are! There is no peace in that region today nor can there be as long as Israelis continue their genocidal efforts against the Palestinians.

    10. if this was so great why come people died of disease like typhus if it was so clean why did the people have lice so bad that many like Anne Frank threw away their clothes because of such bad infestations like scabies that means you are calling all those who suffered liars and my godparents and Otto Frank wouldnt just make that up its true

  7. The following info. comes from the website of the 'Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum' ;-

    "On an EVERYDAY basis, the Auschwitz garrison physician cooperated closely with the camp commandant, advising him on medical, SANITATION and HYGIENE matters. The head physician had overall responsibility for the state of hygiene in the camp, and headed the extensive medical services, which included the SS camp doctors, SS orderlies, and prisoner functionaries."

    "The Waffen SS Police Hygiene Institute at Auschwitz whose tasks included hygienic and bacteriological labwork for SS police units and concentration camps, including the entire Auschwitz complex of camps and sub-camps...Camp prisoners who were specialists in bacteriological, pathological anatomy, biology and chemistry did most of the laboratory work."

    This Waffen SS Hygiene Institute concentrated on sanitation and engineering, and developed systems and techniques for vermin control. It also introduced decontamination measures at the various camps and maintained the quality of the water supplies.

    1. So, if the official Auschwitz narrative states that - "Camp prisoners who were specialists in bacteriological, pathological anatomy, biology and chemistry did most of the laboratory work"; then these inmates must also have carried their poop-bowls around with them tied to their waists like Kitty. But this does seem odd - surely that would have been terribly unhygienic while working in the laboratories. And wouldn't these bulky items get in the way of the lab assistants as they carried out their delicate and meticulous tasks ?

    2. no one wants to admit that horrible things like this happens its shameful

  8. Kitty Hart Moxon claims that she was an inmate in Birkenau from April 1943 until November 1944. She says that for 7 months of this time she worked in what was called the "Canada" section of the camp - where the prisoners clothes and property was sorted and stored.

    This is what she claims to have witnessed while working in one of the barracks there;-

    "From our hut, I looked out on to the Gas Chamber and Crematorium No.4 - which stood maybe just 3 metres away."

    ( The actual distance from these huts to Krema 4 was actually over 30 metres, but as we know with these holy-hoaxers, they do tend to use the more flexible, magical numbers from out of the Talmud and Kabbalah. )

    "I saw people going into the building and never coming out. I saw the SS go up the ladders and empty tins of white crystals - which produced the poison gas - into a hole in the roof."

    (Oh dear! - Kitty's story has proved to be fake right there. Unfortunately for her, she didn't check the official holohoax narrative properly, which says that only Kremas' 2 and 3 had holes in the roof. It is alleged that the poison gas pellets were injected into Krema 4 by means of hatches located in the walls - the SS guard did not climb up a ladder on to the roof, but stood on a chair or a pair of steps to reach these opening hatches. Kitty and her supporters cannot claim that this is a simple error. The actions of the SS carrying out this operation several times a day for over seven months would be etched on her memory for ever.)

    "I heard screams a few minutes later. I saw smoke and fire, and men wheeling barrows of ash."

    ( How could she hear screams from people inside a hermetically sealed chamber ?. Kitty may have seen some smoke, but certainly no fire or flames - so she is telling a porky-pie there. Once again, she has not thought her story through, because she does not mention the huge mound of coking-coal which would be necessary to fuel the cremation ovens - nor the lorries and carts which would be regularly delivering this coke to the crematorium. In fact, this scene would be more vivid and memorable than men pushing barrows of ashes around.)

    "At one point an SS woman escorted us back to the main camp on an errand. We were taken around the perimeter, past the woods at the back of Birkenau. There, they were driving people alive into burning pits."

    ( Why on earth did the SS woman guard lead them round this way ?. If an errand had to be performed, then the direct route to Auschwitz main camp was straight through the Birkenau camp and out through the main gate !. And surely, if there was such horrific burnings going on inside the woods, why would the SS allow prisoners to see such scenes and go on to be potential witnesses ?. One also has to ask, why it was necessary for the SS to build complex gas chambers and adjacent crematoriums, when according to Kitty, the Nazis were effortlessly driving the jews straight into pits where they were simply burnt alive and their bodies incinerated - and all without the use of tons of coke and Zyklon-B pellets !.

    "On 7 October 1944, there was a huge explosion. The chimney of Krema 4 fell to the ground. I lay spread-eagled on the floor as I thought we were being bombed, but it was the uprising of 250 crematorium workers who had set fire to the building. All the escapees were killed however."

    ( Kitty only mentions one chimney. But Krema 4 is alleged to have had two tall chimneys, and both of these would have been so prominent that no one who genuinely worked in the vicinity would have been in any doubt about this.)

    I'm afraid poor old Kitty-Cat's holohoax tale is beginning to fall apart !.

    1. Wrong, wrong and wrong. You really need to go back to the beginning, as your education on the subject of the Holocaust is sorely lacking. You don't o mind contradicting yourself, either. Since your quotations cite only Kitty as the source, why would she refer to "Krema 4" if there is only one crematorium? Your saying that the chimneys are prominent does nothing to prove any contradiction in Kitty's story. Your words don't make sense.

    2. Kitty's account of the fallen chimney at "Krema 4" is hardly worth quibbling about. But it is very telling that a person who claims that she worked for 7 months within sight of this building can only mention one chimney, whereas I, who was never in Auschwitz during WW2, is fully keyed-up about it definitely having two tall chimneys.

      So you are quite wrong "Read deeply" - my education on the "holocaust" would seem to be more extensive than either Kitty or yourself.

  9. Kitty says that she and her mother were in Birkenau for 19 months, but then also says that the average length of survival time for inmates inside the camp was between 6 weeks and 3 months. Now, I've heard other "official" accounts express a similar survival rate for Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    OK, if we accept this figure as an average rate, then it stands to reason that the majority of inmates would have perished within this range of time - while a smaller percentage would have either died in the 6 week period immediately before this, or during the 6 weeks after the 3 months had elapsed.

    It's also reasonable to suppose that there might be a few dozen inmates who managed to survive for over 6 months, but surely on this mathematical reckoning all would be dead within 8 months - or 9 at the very outside. Therefore, how did Kitty and her mother survive for a total of 19 months, and were still alive and fit enough to be transferred to another camp (called Gross Rosen) where they were put to work in an electrical factory.

    Her account, as it stands, is just not believable

    1. By leaving out the part that has a prisoner's survival time in GENERAL around 3 months or less, you can now pretend it is a hard and fast rule that no one could ever deviate from. Problem is, we KNOW you're leaving it out, so you look a bit silly.

    2. What on earth are you talking about. I am quoting Kitty Hart Moxon's own words, and she claims that the average length of survival time in Auschwitz was between 6 weeks and 3 months. She doesn't mention anything about "in GENERAL". But you seem to be adding your own spin to her claims - shame on you!

  10. Dear old Kitty is practically everywhere on TV and on You Tube. She's certainly a bumptious little old lady with plenty to say for herself. Her personal story to the Shoah Foundation is no less than eight hours long - but I wouldn't recommend anyone wasting any precious hours of their life watching and listening to it all !

    Even the female commentator who was asking her the questions starts coughing, choking and spluttering half way through her reminiscences, because she just can't take any more of Kitty's tall stories and downright lies.

    Kitty has spun together a collection of tales that she's picked up from other people's accounts in the holohoax scam. It reads like a teenage girl's fantasy novel - complete with wicked nazis, innocent victims, and brave heroins. Kitty herself, is of course, one of the latter, who weaves her way through the narrative, constantly facing horror and danger, but somehow, in the nick-of time, she always manages to bound free from meeting her final fate !

    Kitty recently made yet another trip to Auschwitz on behalf of a TV programme where they arranged for her to meet a group of young German guys from the far right who don't believe in the "holocaust". These guys were quite polite to her, and were even prepared to listen, until that is, she start lecturing them and making barbed comments about them and their beliefs.

    But one of these Germans made - what I thought - was a very telling comment. Kitty was well into her tale about how she had arrived at Auschwitz on a train from Dresden. But then this guy broke in to say, that she was very fortunate to have been deported from Dresden, because otherwise she would have had to face the firestorm raid which killed tens of thousands of human beings in just one night.

    Kitty didn't want to know, however, and just waved her arm at him. But his comment was quite valid, and it certainly put a different complexion on the "holocaust" story - where only one group of people apparently suffered.

    1. Why do you assert your opinions so strongly and accuse others of lying when you don't even bother to hide the fact that you have no knowledge of the Holocaust at all? I'm now beginning to think that this is someone's idea of satire, not at all a genuine denial.

  11. This Hart-Moxon character was not only rude and provocative to the German guys who agreed to meet her inside Birkenau, but she actually had the sheer impudence to twice raise her arm in the Nazi salute, and say "Hiel Hitler" three times in front of them !.

    What a disgusting gesture to make on camera right in the middle of the Birkenau concentration camp. No respect at all for the former inmates of this vast place, let alone these German guys, who had travelled all the way to Auschwitz to meet her and had shown her no animosity whatsoever.

    What she actually did by this shocking gesture was to desecrate Auschwitz-Birkenau. And if she had any decency and humanity left in her body, she should return there immediately and apologise on camera, and then publish the apology on TV and on You Tube. Hart-Moxon is a very selfish and nasty woman - who only cares about herself and her own experiences, and gives not one jot of concern or understanding for others.

    ( If anyone wants to view her despicable behaviour, then type in "You Tube Kitty Hart-Moxon" and then search for "Witness - Another Journey By Train, Holocaust Documentary. Part 2".
    The offending gesture appears after 10 minutes into the documentary ).

    1. One of the young German guys in the TV programme finally had had enough of Kitty's verbal outpourings, and pleaded - "Look, I'm not going to listen to any more of this, I've heard it all thirty times before".

      I thought to myself - "Well, you're very lucky, sir - because I have heard all this sort of rubbish a hundred and thirty times before!

      You are very fortunate to be a young man whose found out about the holohoax bullshit so early in life. But please spare a thought for us poor souls who are now middle-aged, and who have spent most of our lives torturing ourselves with the 6 million/gas chamber lie - because we genuinely thought that the "survivors" were honourable witnesses telling us the truth!

    2. Inmates? What inmates? I thought it was a hoax?!

    3. Poor old "Read deeply" - I can see that you are all flustered and blustered because your heroine Kitty Hart-Moxon, in her arrogance and conceit, made such a dreadful error by doing the Nazi salute right in the middle of the Birkenau camp.

      But I'm afraid there is no way back to respectability for her, unless she returns to Auschwitz and apologises on camera.

  12. Kitty Hart-Moxon - the notorious Auschwitz Desecrator - can't even get her story right as to how she arrived at Birkenau in the first place.

    In her Shoah Foundation memoir - dating from the late 1990's, she claims that her train arrived in sidings at the Auschwitz railway station at 3 o'clock in the morning and that they were all "thrown" of the train and separated into those selected for the Auschwitz Main Camp, and those destined for Birkenau . ( She uses this term "thrown" a lot in her story by-the-way, in order to embellish the alleged brutality and horror ).

    According to her, the entire column then marched off to the Auschwitz 1 Main Camp, where those selected to be incarcerated there disappeared through the gate. This, apparently, was where she first saw the words "Arbeit Mach Frei" - which roughly translates as "work alleviates constipation". The rest of the column then walked on for 2 kilometres into Birkenau.

    But the trouble with this explanation is that doesn't make any sense, because the two camps are in completely different directions from the Auschwitz railway station. Why would the SS guards need to take all the prisoners in the dark to Auschwitz main camp, after they have already been divided into who goes where. It would be a totally unnecessary journey, because the Birkenau contingent would have to come all the back, almost to the railway station again, before going on and entering the latter camp !

    But her story gets even more weird, because back in 1979, when she toured Auschwitz with her son on TV, she walked through the main gate of the Birkenau camp and said "I don't recognise this at all, we must have come through a side entrance somewhere else".

    There weren't any side entrances to Birkenau, but there does seem to have been some kind of access into the back of the camp. But to get there from the Auschwitz main camp would have entailed an absurdly round-about journey along country tracks and across muddy fields. Why would the SS guards take the prisoners this way - people would stumble about in the darkness, and probably lose their way altogether!

    I'm not convinced that Kitty arrived in Auschwitz by train at all. She was probably parachuted in, after being dropped from Herman Goering's personal airplane - a Junkers Ju 88, or a Focke-Wolf Fw190. What the Nazis were actually doing was dropping Junk from a Junkers, or a Fokker from a Focke-Wolf.

    1. Kitty Hart Moxon would have enjoyed the 1987 TV comedy movie, entitled;- "Throw Momma From The Train", starring Danny De Vito. It would have brought back vivid memories of herself and her own mother being "thrown off the train" at Auschwitz all those many decades ago !

    2. again, you display your ignorance on this subject. The Nazis did all kinds of things that were "inconvenient" or that flew in the face of reason. People being transported by train would be held, 80 to a boxcar, for days in one spot. Or the unfortunate "cargo" would ride for days on end, only to find their destination incongruously closer to their departure site than seemed rational.

    3. Nobody is questioning that large numbers of people were loaded on to trains and taken to labour camps inside Germany and the occupied territories during WW2. And that is precisely the point - there was a major war going on at the time ( something the holohoaxers often conveniently forget in their heavily embellished stories). Workers were desperately needed for war production in the factories, mills and quarries, and to get them there, trains were deployed for transportation.

      Being wartime, however, normal passenger coaches were in short supply, and thus box cars were extensively used for carrying people. But this was not some diabolical method of tormenting and slowly killing the jews; because all kinds of nationalities were transported in this way - including Poles, Russians, Czech, Slovak and Baltic non-jews as well.

      I've no doubt that sometimes these trains were shunted into sidings to allow essential military supplies to pass through to the Eastern Front, and there were also delays caused by the British and American bomber aircraft, who constantly attacked the railway network.

      Yes - it must have been unpleasant being cooped up in these box-cars for several days, and extremely frustrating to find oneself at the end of the journey not too far distant from the embarkation point.

      But - such is modern warfare! This is what happens when nations allow themselves to be plunged into major conflicts that involve their entire populations. Even civilians and non-combatants become enveloped in the general lunacy of it all.

    4. Not only does Kitty's alleged arrival at Auschwitz make little sense, but her departure is equally weird as well.

      According to her, the camp commandant chose a hundred women to be sent to Gross-Rosen for forced labour in 1944. ( That in itself shows the lie that Auschwitz was purely a death camp, and the end of the line for all the jews. )

      Apparently, Kitty's mother was chosen as one of the hundred, and she went up to the Kommandant and asked that her own daughter should also be chosen to accompany her. (Once again, this story does not tally with the official narrative, that says jews were not allowed to approach an SS officer, and could not speak to him unless spoken to first. )

      Would Kitty's mother really have had the nerve to ask the top guy - the Kommandant himself - for such a favour ? Kitty herself claims that she was not with her mother at the time, and was working elsewhere in the camp. So surely that would make it even more unlikely that the Kommandant would give his permission. If all these jews were such lowly specimen - and were destined for the "gas chamber" anyway - then wouldn't he regard such a request as a gross impertinence, and refuse point-blank?

      Yet again - Kitty's fairy tales don't stand up to scrutiny.

    5. Kitty doesn't even get the name of the Auschwitz Kommandant right. She calls him 'Hessler'.

      But there were only two Kommandants during the camp's entire existence; Rudolf Hoess, and Arthur Liebehenschel. No one named Hessler ever held that top rank.

      In early November 1944, when Kitty says her mother approached the Kommandant for permission for the pair of them to be transferred to Gross Rosen, then the Kommandant at that time would have been Rudolf Hoess.

      Amazing how this woman has been allowed to get away with all her false stories. Doesn't anyone check to see if these tales are true before they go ahead and broadcast them?

    6. Although Kitty gives us the names of top SS men like Doctor Mengele and "Commandant Hessler" she never mentions anyone by name who was also incarcerated in Auschwitz during the same period as her. Apart from her own mother, no one else is named who she came into contact with. This is very odd for someone who claims that she was there for over 19 months and says that she had many friends who "perished in the gas chambers".

      But by leaving out her fellow inmates names, she craftily ensures that no one can verify her own story from other sources. Her mother, of course, passed away years ago, so we can't get any corroborating information from her, so we are just restricted to listening to Kitty's own tales.

      Somebody ought to ask Kitty to supply us with the name of her friend who - she alleges - decided to commit suicide by deliberately walking into the electrified fence while Kitty was present. This person's name and number could then be checked against the Auschwitz registers to see if this person actually existed.

  13. Well, now that we are in the New Year of 2015, our thoughts naturally turn to "Holohoax Day" on the 27th of January.

    And you will all be excited to learn that it is a special one this year - because it is the 70th anniversary of the date when the 6 million / gas chamber hoax really started to take off !

    For on that day, in 1945, the Soviet Red Army moved into Auschwitz-Birkenau, and almost immediately started to concoct - along with their Polish and Jewish collaborators - a toxic brew of falsehoods, deceptions and outright lies to present before the world.

    According to the BBC website, it is going to mark the 70th anniversary by broadcasting a raft of programmes commemorating the "liberation" of Auschwitz. The BBC Director of Television - Danny Cohen ( a good Scottish name that - or is it Welsh ! ) - has announced a series of highlights on BBC1, which includes "three extraordinary women who tell their tales."

    One of these "extraordinary women" is none other than Kitty Hart-Moxon - the Auschwitz Desecrator herself !. She is going to explain to all us viewers how difficult it was in the immediate post-war years to get her message across to the outside world.

    But we don't need to listen to old Kitty-Cat to learn that there were three main reasons for this; the first - was the fact, that the term "holocaust" hadn't been invented until 25 years after the end of the war; the second - was the absence of an organised industry promoting the scam. But thirdly - in those early post-war years, many families across Europe had suffered grievously during the terrible conflict, and the suffering of the jews merely formed one part of the overall catastrophe which had affected almost everone.

    It took 20 to 25 years for the raw, vivid, scars of WW2 to wear off from most normal people, but certain jews ( not the majority ), sensed an opportunity to retain their victimhood and keep their own plight firmly in the public domain. They were keen to display their pain and anguish for all to see, and so they came up with the "holocaust racket" into which they could wallow self-indulgently for evermore.

    And who should jump eagerly into into this new environment of "unique jewish suffering" ? Well, none other than the diminutive, fiery, and exceedingly mouthy Kitty Hart-Moxon, with her endless repertoire of exaggerated stories.

  14. According to "The Independent" newspaper, dated 22 December 2014, this Danny Cohen - Director of Television at the BBC - spoke at a conference in Israel, and there he claimed that " I've never felt so uncomfortable as a Jew in the UK as I've felt in the last 12 months. And its made me think about, you know, is it our long term home..."

    Mr Cohen's decision to give the 70th Anniversary of the "holocaust" high prominence on BBC TV has been described as "a growing concern about a rise in anti-Semitism across Europe".

    Well, Danny Boy - Why do you think that what YOU call "anti-Semitism" is on the rise ? Could it be that people across Europe are getting fed-up with the behaviour of Israel towards the Palestinians ? Could it be that people are getting fed-up with the deceptive and murderous activities of the Mossad throughout the world ? Could it be that people are getting fed-up with jewish banksters and gangsters conspiring together to extort, steal, and embezzle money from nations, institutions and individuals ? Could it be that people are getting fed-up with the zionist propaganda constantly being bombarded at them by the jewish-run mainstream media ?

    And how about people's genuine concern that a British jew should have risen to the top position in BBC Television at the surprisingly young age of just 40 ?

    But anyway, Danny, if you have doubts about Britain being your "long-term home" - then you can always pack your bags, saddle-up your donkey, climb up on top of its back, and trundle off to Jerusalem where you don't belong; or back to Khazaria where you once belonged; or to Madagascar where you probably DO belong !

  15. According to the "Daily Mail Online", when Kitty Hart-Moxon first arrived in England after the war, she went to live with an uncle of hers in Birmingham who had come over from Poland before the outbreak of WW2.

    But his first words on greeting Kitty upon her arrival, was;- "In my house I don't want you to speak about anything that happened to you".

    Now isn't that very interesting - he issued this strict rule to her right from the get-go!. Being Jewish himself, he probably realised that Kitty would have lots of exaggerated and heavily embellished fairy tales to impart to those - such as himself - who unfortunately had to share the same living environment with her.

    But doesn't that speak volumes for all of us today - if her own uncle didn't want to listen to Kitty's made-up old crap back in the late-1940's, then why should we be subjected to it on the BBC nearly seventy years later ?.

    I expect Kitty soon realised that she wasn't going to get anywhere in her own jewish community with her collection of ludicrous reminiscences, and thus waited until the gullible goyim became more receptive to all this stuff from the 1970's onwards.

    Kitty states that when she first arrived in Birmingham, she couldn't remember how to use a knife and fork, "I was slopping my food out of a bowel, and used to take the stale bread that my neighbours had thrown in their dustbins." (note, the word "thrown" again! )

    But this unbelievable sentence is typical of what happens to people who store a mountain-load of "plausible rubbish" inside their heads. The vast amount of false stories held in their memory occasionally lets them down, and thus they are prone to come out with totally "implausible rubbish" instead.

    1. In an interview with an ABC TV correspondent back in 2001, Kitty said;- "After the war, I was actually silenced - forced into silence".

      Well, all I can say to that is;- "Hip, Hip, Hooray!. And if Kitty's uncle was still around today, I would go up to him and shake his hand, and say "Thank You, Sir - you managed to shut your niece's cake-hole up for more than twenty years."

      Back then, he certainly didn't want to listen to kitty's old rubbish. During those early post-war years most people were trying to forget the terrible war with all its death and destruction. Everyone was busy building a new world and making a fresh start in life. They weren't interested in all these exaggerated horror stories - because they themselves had suffered wartime losses and deprivations too.

      Her Uncle had spent the war in England, and had experienced the conflict for himself. He remembered the air raids with all the civilian deaths, the black-outs, the food shortages and rationing, the conscription of men and women into the armed forces - many of whom lost their lives. He was also aware that children much younger than Kitty had been evacuated from the cities into the countryside, and quite few of them had been exploited or treated badly there. In addition, he was aware of the vast numbers of young men and women who were about Kitty's age who found themselves conscripted into industry, farming and the coal mines. These youngsters had no say in the matter, and often had to move away from their homes, to live in shabby bed-sit accommodation or makeshift wooden barracks.

      So from his point of view, Kitty's experiences were not very exceptional at all. She was just sent to a German labour camp where she lived in barracks and had to work - that's all, no big deal! And what's more, she survived the war - along with her mother - whereas hundreds of thousands of other civilians didn't. She was even allowed to come and live in Britain as a refugee. So he, quite rightly, thought that she should be grateful, and be much more humble and thoughtful towards other people who had also suffered during WW2.

  16. It is good to know that one day God will reveal to all what really happened and those that lack empathy and a meek and humble spirit will be destroyed once and for all.

    1. Yes, I hope you are right, sir - that "God will reveal to all what really happened". Because, at the present time, we can't rely on the fabricated testimonies or highly exaggerated stories of the jewish survivors themselves.

      It is also interesting that you single out "those that lack empathy and a meek and humble spirit" for God's destruction. I wonder if that also includes the State of Israel, which has shown a complete lack of empathy towards its Palestinian neighbours over the decades, and is internationally renowned for the total absence within its leaders of any meek or humble spirit.

    2. Wow! - if those people who lack empathy and a meek and humble spirit are going to be destroyed once and for all, then what hope is there for Kitty Hart-Moxon?

      I hesitate to say this, but I've never come across anyone quite like her before, who is completely devoid of empathy; shows not one scintilla of meekness; and whose public appearances display the total absence of any humble spirit.

  17. The bulk of these comments were written by an idiot, who is probably a MUSLIM, and obviously an Anti-Semite. Anyone that doesn't believe that the Holocaust actually happened is a fool. As a Scholar of the Holocaust and the Third Reich, I can assure you the Nazi killing machine existed.....they planned and carried out the methodical deportation, incarceration in death camps, brutal treatment and killing as many Jews as possible in order to eliminate the race. The Jews are God's chosen people and He proclaimed Israel as their land. As for the Palestinians...there is no such thing as a Palestinian...they are all Arabs. You, Sir or Madam, need to educate yourself on what you "perceive" as the truth.

  18. You accuse me of being an idiot ? Well, it take's one to know one, as they say.

    I presume you included the word Muslim in capital letters because you thought it would be a good, handy slur to throw at me. But in actual fact, I respect Muslims, as well as Christians and Jews. The term "Anti-Semite" doesn't mean anything at all - its just an empty slogan that was dreamed up by the 19th century Zionist, Theodore Hertzl, who found it a useful political tool in his machinations to achieve a Jewish State.

    Until you produce some kind of evidence that you are indeed "a Scholar of the Holocaust and the Third Reich" then we must withhold judgement about your bold claim. Thus, before anyone can accept your assurance that a Nazi killing machine existed, then you would have to publicly declare your credentials as a Scholar, and produce your evidence before your peers in the academic world.

    Your claim that the Nazis tried to eliminate the entire Jewish race is just plain silly. As a scholar, you would have to explain how millions of Jews came to survive such a diabolical programme of extermination. ( Remember;- over a million Jews were still registered as "survivors" at the beginning of the 21st Century - over 50 years later. How do you account for that ?)

    "The Jews are God's Chosen People" - Oh my goodness!, where on earth did you get that crazy idea from ?. And "He proclaimed Israel as their land". Well that's strange, because all the Jews I know live in Finsbury Park and Muswell Hill up in North London.

    And to say that "there is no such thing as a Palestinian" proves to us all - beyond doubt, that you are a poor soul who is completely out of time. You seem to be lost in the era of Golda Meir, the Israeli leader from way back. I'm afraid you will find that the world has moved on from those heady, supremacist days, as more and more countries across the world recognise a Palestinian State - and even Israel itself today recognises a "Palestinian Authority".

    So, with due respect, Sir or Madam, you really need to educate yourself on what you "perceive" as the truth.

  19. I had a really good laugh on holohoax day this year, when the BBC broadcast a documentary about Auschwitz. They started off the programme by showing a scene from a Mediterranean Beach, where loads of holidaymakers and bathers were enjoying the sun and the sea.

    And what were the first words that the documentary commentator proclaimed?:-

    "This is Israel - Adolf Hitler wanted all these people dead!"

    Talk about gob-smacking bullshit ! - Israel didn't exist when Hitler was around. And very few, if any, of the people on the beach were even alive back then. In fact, my reading of history is that the Nazis wanted to expel the jews of Germany to places like Palestine so that they could build new lives for themselves there. This is proved by the many visits that Himmler's emissary - Adolf Eichmann - made to Palestine so as to meet Jewish representatives in order to try and expedite their transfer there.

    But the second world war put an end to this idea, and so Hitler planned a "final solution" which would be put into effect once the war was over ( which, of course, he thought would bring about a German victory). This "final solution" was NOT a policy of extermination, however - but a rounding up of jews into ghettos and labour camps, from where they could be transported eastwards to areas inside Russia which had been captured by the German army. Where the jews went from there to other places in the world, was not his concern. If some of them eventually made it to Palestine - then all well and good. But as long as they didn't return to Europe.

    This was not a very pleasant solution, admittedly, and not one that I would support. But as we have seen with the series of modern conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria; war is an ugly business, where entire populations can be displaced by the violence, or by the political and strategic needs of the nations involved.

    So, it is more than likely, that if Hitler was around today, and watching the BBC's 70th Anniversary holohoax party, he would quietly nod his head in approval at the Israeli beach scene, saying to himself that his policy towards the jews had worked out quite well in the end.

  20. Any fucker who found that programme funny must be one sick individual.

    1. I don't think so, matey - its the people who attended the weird circus at "The Gate Of Death" in Birkenau who are the really sick - or at least deluded - individuals.

    2. The fun and laughter on the 70th Anniversary of Holohoax Day was not just restricted to the BBC, because Independent TV Company "Channel 4" joined in the comedy romp as well.

      They interviewed a couple of so-called "survivors", who had arrived from old people's homes in God-knows-where to tell their fabricated stories for the umpteenth time.

      One old bird claimed that the Nazis ran short of gas, and were rationing out the Zyklon-B pellets. This meant that not enough poisonous gas was being generated to kill all the jews inside the chamber. Thus, over half the bodies were dragged away still alive and were thrown into the cremation ovens kicking and screaming!

      The Channel 4 interviewer never bothered to ask her how she new this, because she certainly wasn't a witness at the crematoria. No - she was just regurgitating a lot of tittle-tattle, and hearsay, that she had picked-up from some other old liar's fairy stories.

      The second "survivor" was a genuine old fraud who had enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame when he first appeared in the Claude Lanzmann documentary film "Shoah" back in the 1980's. His name was Dario Gabbi, and he claimed that for an entire year at Auschwitz, his task was to drag the dead bodies out of the gas chamber and take them to the furnace ovens!

      Most stories coming out of the holy-hoax, say that the kapos who carried out this task were all killed themselves after about three months and replaced by a new team of slave-workers. But dear old Dario must have shown extra dedication in his work performance, because the Nazis allowed him to continue his career for a full 12 months - and then let him leave Auschwitz alive afterwards!

      Dario must have been so proud of himself - not only did he survive the "death camp", but had kindly helped the Nazis in their endeavours, and had gone far beyond the call-of-duty in making sure that his fellow jews were disposed of in a prompt and efficient manner.

      On one occasion some friends of his arrived to be gassed. Now, you or I, would think that this would be a good opportunity to warn them about what was to happen, and lead them in revolt against their masters diabolical activities - seeing as they were all going to perish anyway. But no - Dario's idea of humanity was to tell his friends where to stand inside the gas chamber, in order for them to die quickly without too much anguish. Meanwhile, he continued with his ghastly work, hoping desperately to spare his own miserable life by impressing his Nazi supervisors with his diligence and commitment to their murderous enterprise.

      Now, I ask you guys and girls - how could anyone not find these TV shows funny ?

    3. If we were to believe old Dario's story, then there must have been certain positions inside the gas chamber for the privileged jews - such as the friends and families of the kapos who were carrying out the mass killing operation. Dario obviously knew - how, I don't know - that there were places within the chamber in which one could die quickly without too much anguish, and other locations where the death agony would be prolonged.

      But he can't claim that he glanced through the peephole to glean the necessary information, because the glass on the inside would have completely steamed-up from the build-up of condensation.

      I think Dario has been telling us porky-pies; but not to worry - he's a great comedian, and I luv him!

  21. I'm sorry guys and girls, but I haven't had a chance to view dear old Kitty Hart-Moxon's TV appearance on Holohoax Day this year. But to be honest, I'm not sure that I really want to be subjected to any more of her outpourings of self-indulgent nonsense - I'll leave that for others to watch open-mouthed in disbelief !

    From an earlier TV programme, Kitty stated that the "ashes from the cremated bodies" were dumped from wheelbarrows into a pond at the back of Krema 4. Well, I zoomed in on Google Earth, and - blow me - she's right, there is a pond there.

    But wait a minute - there shouldn't be a pond there today, because not only it would have been completely filled-up with ash, but a sizeable mound of granulated human remains would exist above where it once stood !.

    You see, the Auschwitz "holocaust" narrative states that up to 1.5 million people were gassed and cremated in the two camps. Well, this means that Krema 4 would have generated the ashes from around 250,000 corpses. A cremated human body produces on average about 1 litre of ash - and thus the pond would have been completed overwhelmed by a quarter of a million litres of human remains !!

    Now listen here, Kitty - me old darlin' - isn't it about time you retired from the holy-hoax industry, and slipped quietly into well-deserved obscurity ?

  22. How amusing you all are, slinging shit from your comfy couches in your
    safe houses. Keyboard worriers of a bone that you are too weak to crack
    with your receding jaws and palsied paws.

    You all would have pissed yourselves and died from sheer fright on the
    railway platforms. None of you would have made it through the Gate.

    1. You are absolutely right - if I'd been "thrown" from a train on to a railway platform at Auschwitz like Kitty, I would probably have wet myself with sheer fright.

      I certainly wouldn't have been able to make it through the Gate unaided, because my legs would be broken - or at least badly twisted from the fall. A couple of Kapo's with a stretcher would then have to be summoned to carry me straight away to Doctor Mengele's weird-and-wacky freak-show hospital for immediate surgery.

  23. I once had a great aunt who was "thrown" off the train like Kitty Hart-Moxon at Auschwitz. Her name was Katie Fart-Hoax'em, and she was picked-up by a large, brutish SS man with a cruel evil face and a twisted scar across his left cheek. He snarled at her as his bear-like claws dug into her tender arms, and then bellowed "that she had better obey all the commands of her new masters or she would be sent straight to the gas chamber". Katie was then hurled out through the door of the cattle waggon, and her dear old mum came tumbling out immediately afterwards.

    As they lay badly bruised on the platform, the Ukrainian guards lashed out at them with their whips, and the ferocious guard dogs started tearing chunks of flesh from out of their buttocks.
    But the courageous pair were determined not to wet themselves, or die with fright, and rose to their feet and strode defiantly through the gate - right underneath the notorious sign which said "Work Makes You Tell Tall Stories"

    Great Aunt Katie said she had a poop-bowl in Auschwitz that she also used for eating her meagre rations, but unlike Kitty, she didn't carry it round her waist, but put it on her head as a safety helmet just in case the Allied aircraft should start bombing the camp.

    1. Thanks for your tale. But your aunt can drop the part of the tale about the safety helmet. The camps were about the only areas the Allies didn't bomb. So, the holyhoax campers were in one of the safest places to be in all German-occupied territory, while over one million German civilians were massacred as basically every decent sized German city was bombed to the stone ages.

  24. Kitty Hart-Moxon claims that she helped build the railway line into Birkenau during the autumn of 1943. She says that her job was to carry the cement.

    Oh dear! - according to the official story, the railway spur leading into the camp wasn't built until the Spring of 1944, and cement was not required in the construction. In those days, railway tracks consisted of iron rails bolted into wooden sleepers, that were then embedded into loose ballast. And all the photo images from the Auschwitz Album show that cement was never used for the ramp or railway platform either.

    So I've no idea what construction project she was involved in - several months before any decision had even been made to build a railway line into Birkenau!

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kitty will be telling us next that she worked as a locomotive engineer who drove the trains full of Jews into the camp.

    1. No mate, it wasn't old Kitty who drove the trains into Auschwitz. It was my Aunt Grizelda - and she came from a family with a long railway tradition. Her Grandad had taught her how to control a steam locomotive - especially how to shunt a tank engine for short haul work. And this was what was needed at Auschwitz, in order to pull the cattle waggons full of jews from the main railway station into the Birkenau camp.

      Aunt Grizelda used to tell us, that out of devilment, she would intentionally drive her locomotive engine at speed into the stationary waggons, which would jerk them backwards, causing all those on board to be "thrown" on top of one another. She would then howl with laughter, and do it again just as the poor jews were picking themselves up - hoping they were all very badly bruised and battered.

      Her favourite job, though, was to choose the corpses of big fat jewish women from the gas chamber, and order the kapos to feed them into the fire box of the engine to provide fuel for the boiler. She would then exult with glee, because at long last these obese jewish females were doing something useful with their balloon-sized bodies. The heat generated from these excessively fat corpses, not only raised enough steam to keep the engine running all day and all night, but gave a much more powerful blast to the engine whistle. And every time she drove her train load of doomed victims through "The Gate Of Death" she would toot the whistle joyously and triumphantly.

      But Aunt Grizelda just didn't haul train-loads of jews into the camp, she carried all the cargo out again. And this included sacks full of female hair, shrunken heads, pelvic ashtrays, lampshades, and handbags made of human skin - plus of course the bars of soap processed from jewish fat.

  25. Talking about railways and trains carrying Jews to the so-called "death camps" - isn't it odd that no German or European railway worker was ever brought before a court or tribunal charged with assisting the "final solution?

    I mean, let's face it, with all these trains full of human cargo being transferred across Europe to just half a dozen locations, then it must have become obvious to the railway drivers, signalmen, station officials, railway planners and schedulers that these people were being taken against their will to a sinister, unknown destination.

    I find it difficult to believe, that lowly German and Ukrainian guards - who did nothing, except patrol the perimeter of the camps, should find themselves awarded long prison sentences - which included death, while all the railway personnel - who ensured that the alleged holohoax took place, just toddled home for tea afterwards, without facing any charges at all.

    The entire holohoax story is bonkers, isn't it?

  26. Kitty is a paperback writer, you will all be interested to learn. Her book, entitled - "Return to Auschwitz" - was first published in 1981. But obviously it was such a best-seller that it had to be republished in 1983. I've no doubt it was eagerly bought by millions of people around the world - 6 million jews in Israel, 66 million gullible gentiles in Europe, and 666 million avid readers of fairy tales scattered across the rest of the world!

    In her book, she writes;- "Working around the clock, the four crematoria units together could dispose of about 18,000 bodies every 24 hours..."

    Oh my gawd! - this figure is ludicrous. And where did Kitty get this number from anyway? Because, as a prisoner, she had no access to the Auschwitz camp administration offices, and thus would be unable to study the appropriate files and documents. She claims that she was merely the shite-mistress who cleaned out the latrines; then she became a labourer on a railway construction project. Once this task was finished, then she sorted out the clothes and-what-have-you in the Canada section of the camp. So, therefore, she wouldn't have the remotest idea of the daily capacity of these four crematoria.

    These four body disposal units stood inside the Birkenau camp, and they allegedly had a total of 46 individual furnace retorts between them. But if her claim of 18,000 bodies consumed in 24 hours was true, then each body would only take 3 minutes and 45 seconds to be turned into ashes!

    No, Kitty dear, this is not possible. Could you instruct your publishers to alter the figure of 18,000 if they ever decide to bring out a third edition of your delightful paperback memoirs?

  27. I've got a sort of hunch that Kitty Hart-Moxon was never in Auschwitz at all!

    Her account of her time there doesn't make a lot of sense. What she says is either factually incorrect, weirdly idiosyncratic, or has been purloined from other people's fantastic stories.

    Her claim that she and her mother spent 19 months in Auschwitz-Birkenau, before being sent on to a concentration camp called Gross-Rosen in the Autumn of 1944 doesn't sound very plausible at all.

    Methinks, that she and her mother were both held at Gross-Rosen for the entire duration of the war. And Kitty has totally fabricated the Auschwitz part of her fairy tale.

    Now, Gross Rosen was a concentration camp - just like Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen. It stood near the German city of Breslau, which today is called Wroclaw, and sits in modern-day Poland.

    In the years after WW2, Auschwitz became the flag-ship of the holocaust - and it projected a vivid world-wide image of nightmare, horror and human suffering. Poor old Kitty was upset, however, that she wasn't there - but instead, was incarcerated in Gross-Rosen for the duration. One can imagine her frustration, that everyone was talking about Auschwitz and its poor victims, while Gross-Rosen was a name that no one had ever heard of!

    So what could Kitty Cat do? Well, she decided that because Gross-Rosen was also a camp in Southern Poland - just like Auschwitz, she would magically transport herself and her mother the 225 kilometres to there, in order that she could become famous as an "Auschwitz Survivor". Then she would be able to bask in the limelight of Holocaustianity for evermore.

    1. Even the title of Kitty's fascinating novel ( sorry - truthful account! ) is a lie. Its called "Return to Auschwitz" - which is strange, for someone who was never there in the first place!

      She just couldn't resist adding a story about hiding in the forest from the wicked Nazis, with an obligatory encounter with wolves. (no modern day holohoax story would be complete without reference to wolves, or bears in the woods. Back in the early days - during the war crimes trials - all kinds of people were coming forward to claim that they climbed naked out of pits full of bodies who had just been machine-gunned. But these stories are not very fashionable today - I dunno why - maybe they're just too far-fetched for the gullible goyem?)

      At least Kitty didn't say that she fought off the pack of wolves - no one would believe her. She's only about 4 foot 10" tall today, so God knows what miniscule size she was back then. Certainly she wouldn't have had the strength to tackle any wolves. In fact, she would have been so tiny, that she might have fallen down a fox-hole and disappeared for ever.

      And wouldn't that have been tragic ?

      Kitty - you will all be pleased to know - has met the Queen of England, and has been awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire). More recently, she was presented with an honorary degree at Birmingham University. Well, she ought to come down to my local club, where, hanging on a hook behind the bar, is a tin medal attached to a purple ribbon. Upon this, is inscribed the words "Medal For Lying".

      I'm quite certain that all the red-nosed drinkers there, would raise their glasses to toast Kitty, as she was being presented with this medal as a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    2. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Kitty Hart Moxon was never in Auschwitz at all. I reckon she and her mother were living in one of the sub-camps of Gross-Rosen during WW2, where they worked in a nearby factory.

      Gross-Rosen back then stood in the German province of Silesia, near the city of Breslau. But this was not a region of heavy industry like the Kattowice-Auschwitz area further east. Gross-Rosen supported a vast network of small, scattered, interconnected factories and workshops that produced light mechanical and electrical goods, as well as a wide range of finished products for the war effort and the home front.

      By paging up 'Gross-Rosen' on Google, one can get a general idea of what was taking place. There were no less than 97 of these sub-camps attached to the main concentration camp, and these supplied workers to the local factories. It also says that female workers formed a large proportion of the labour force - ( which would be quite logical for the type of light industrial work being undertaken in these factories ). It then goes on to say that most of these female workers were either Polish Christian or Polish Jewish women.

      Ah! - now Kitty and her mother were both Polish Jews, but she claims that they were living in Germany under false Polish Christian identities that her father had somehow managed to procure for them. They were then rounded up by the Germans in Lublin (I think) and transported to Germany for war work. Thus, it seems more likely that the pair finished up in the Gross Rosen labour camp system where Polish women were required for light industrial work, rather that Auschwitz where the stronger menfolk formed the bulk of the labour force for the heavy industry.

      Kitty herself claims that she "volunteered" to work a night shift - but says that she was employed in the Canada section of Birkenau. But methinks this is not true. She probably did volunteer for night shift work at Gross Rosen - where she likely got a bit more pay, or even some extra rations, than what the day shift workers were receiving.

      So when you start reading between the lines, and analysing what these so-called "survivors" are telling us, then the suppressed truth does gradually start to emerge!

  28. Can you imagine, everyone, that you are a poor, suffering jew who is being deported to Auschwitz on board a railway cattle waggon, and finding yourself for three whole days standing next to the voluble, and incessantly talkative Kitty Hart-Moxon?

    Would you not be overjoyed to be "thrown" off the train at the end of the journey - and then, once you had climbed back on your feet on the ramp, looked up to see the words 'ARBEIT MACH FREI' inscribe above the main gate.

    Surely you would immediately sigh with relief, and give thanks to the gods, that you are going to be free - free at last from having to listen to anymore of Kitty Hart-Moxon's dreadful verbal diarrhoea.

  29. All Holocaust stories are complete BS! What to see where they stayed? here!

    There is the truth about so called Death Camps! That never happened! In fact Jewish Holocaust never happened.

  30. except for maybe one or two people on here all the rest of you can rot in hell for all i care the holocaust happened your petty comments can't change that to all holocaust deniers you can rot in hell with all the rest of your slimy friends

    1. As an ardent "holocaust denier", I don't mind rotting in hell with all my slimy friends. But as long as they don't turn me into a shrunken head or a bar of soap. However, I'm quite relaxed about my skin being used as translucent material for an elegant lampshade...

    2. as is your wont you won't feel that way when you ARE in Hell and i wish you were in those gas chambers too the world doesn't need you

    3. It is very kind of you to write in with some interesting places for me to visit. Both "gas chambers" and "hell" are certainly unusual destinations on the standard tourist circuit, but I suppose a change of venue is not to be completely rejected out-of-hand. But I think it is rather presumptuous of you to yell out;- "the world doesn't need you". Have you asked "the world"? Did you send a questionnaire out through the United Nations to all the countries around the globe?

      But we don't want to be side-tracked here from our central task of exposing the fraudulent, notorious Auschwitz Desecrator - Kitty Hart-Moxon.

      Now this is a real bombshell for all you holohoax believers out there: but Kitty does not have a tattoo on her arm like all genuine Auschwitz inmates should have! No, her tattoo - along with her mother's - is mounted inside a glass case!. And this stands on a table inside her own home. (The info. comes from the Daily Mail online, dated 27th January 2015, where a photo image reveals this curious object).

      Is Kitty suggesting that both she and her mother had large pieces of their skin, with the tattoos engraved upon them, cut out from their arms, and taken to some craftsmen who mounted them inside this glass case ? Wow! - I find that very difficult to believe.

    4. what do they teach you in school these days two rs and a g reading writing and girl inseminating pick up a history book you dip

    5. With due respect, Madam, but on this webpage we are trying to reveal what parts of Kitty Hart Moxon's wartime experiences are true, and what is demonstrably false.

      But you seem to be talking about reading and writing in schools, history books, and sex with women. Are you absolutely sure that you are on the right website?

      Have you got anything useful to say regarding Kitty Hart-Moxon?

  31. actually anonymous there are a few things that come to mind about her she's a hero a warrior and a survivor and you well you're nothing

    1. At least we got some sort of response out of you regarding Kitty Hart Moxon. And there was I thinking that you were just the normal type of abusive contributor.

      I notice you didn't include the word liar in your list of Kitty Hart Moxon's attributes. She's certainly no hero to me, and as for being a warrior - well, I'll grant you that. She has definitely been a tenacious fighter in pushing her absurd stories on to the general public over the years. But of course, Kitty has been greatly helped in her cause by what I call the vast "holohoax industry", plus a very favourable, loyal, and pliable mainstream media. Without the backing of these two powerful organisations, then dear old Kitty-Cat would not even have seen the light of day, let alone appear in the national and international media.

      You also describe her as a "survivor". Well, in the sense that millions of people who were caught up the events of WW2 suffered and survived - then I agree with you. But, to me, there is nothing particularly unique about her survival - simply because I don't believe very much of what she's telling us.

    2. you are a worthless sorry excuse for a life form i curse the day your mommy laid down with your daddy you are nothing compared to a holocaust survivor

    3. If Kitty displays her Auschwitz tattoo inside a glass case, I wonder if His Excellency, the Holo-Pope - Elie The Wiesel - keeps his tattoo inside a golden casket which is carried by high priests from its secure tabernacle in the USA to the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz.

      On its pilgrimage, the holohoax believers will line the route, wailing and beating their breasts, and bowing down before the sacred relic. Then, upon its arrival outside the "Gate of Death" at Birkenau, the procession will be met by the loyal acolyte - Ronald S. Lauder, who will unctuously sprinkle holy Estee Lauder perfumes, and solemnly open the casket to reveal the tattoo, to great rejoicing from the assembled multitude.

      Saint Ronald will then chant out the ancient texts from the stone tablets, in which the souls of the 6 million innocent Jews will be recalled, and plastic buckets will be circulated amongst the vast throng, in order for the believers to deliver their generous monetary offerings.

      Afterwards, the casket will be sealed again for another year and the procession will move on through the Gate of Death - out of sight of ordinary mortals, and into the realm of sanctity, where only the initiated will be permitted to gather in order to divide out the accumulated loot amongst themselves.

    4. Oh dear - I'm not sure if Kathleen Stiver (June 27) is off her medication at the present time, or whether she really is a wicked old witch who casts curses on people she regards as her enemies. But if it is the latter, then I would helpfully advise her to grab her black cat, climb astride her broomstick, and fly off her to her local synagogue, where she can immerse herself in Talmudic mumbo-jumbo to her heart's content. .

  32. what medication are you on? you must be on something to deny the holocaust hey maybe you're on crack or meth or heroin am i getting warmer?

    1. Nah - you're very cold there! No one needs drugs to see that the "holocaust" is a complete sham. In fact it is being dismantled by sensible people even as we speak. If I was you, I would want to get on the right side of history before it completely collapses - and the remaining proponents of the hoax become an international laughing-stock.

    2. this just might shut you up for good i wonder if we're allowed to post videos on here oh well take this and this now let's see you disprove this

    3. I'm afraid you will be disappointed, because I haven't seen or heard anything to prove that a "holocaust" involving the mass killing of 6 million jews - or anyone else for that matter - took place during WW2. The second video that you recommended didn't page up - I wonder if the address is correct.

      The first video was interesting in the sense that it showed scenes from that period, including a mixture of happy, or at least healthy, prisoners, as well as dead and emaciated bodies. There were references to individuals such as Raoul Wallenberg who rescued or hid jewish people, and there was the famous photo image of inside the "gas chamber" at Krema 1 at Auschwitz. (But we all know that this is fake - it was a post-war reconstruction, and even the Auschwitz authorities are embarrassed by it today and wish it was not there!)

      The narrator in the video tried to convince the viewer that a holocaust had taken place. But it was only a verbal assertion - just like all the others that we've heard a hundred times before. There was no actual proof, and there was no attempt to provide evidence that 6 million jews even existed, let alone that they were all exterminated in death camps.

      Nope! - I'm afraid there is nothing convincing here, so therefore I would suggest that you abandon the "holocaust" and join us Revisionists as we explore what really DID happen during those terrible years.

    4. I will never abandon what i believe in. People like you only make me fight harder. You are scum in fact worse than scum does your country allow holocaust denial because if it doesn't then what you're doing is a crime you know

    5. It just shows how bankrupt the "holocaust" really is, if research into historical events is regarded as a crime. Surely in a world of truth, justice and moral integrity, then it is absolutely imperative that free and open inquiry is not only permitted, but actively encouraged. Otherwise, we are all going to be living in the realm of lies, make-believe, and fairy tales.

    6. There is a wide river estuary near where I live, and this leads to a large sea-going port. Lying in this estuary, is a sunken "US Liberty Ship" that dates from WW2. Only at low tide does the wreck appear above the surface - but no one can go near it, because it is full of unexploded ordnance and toxic chemicals. So there it lies - a huge rotting hulk from 70 years ago that no one can do anything about. All the authorities can do is place warning beacons and signs at a safe distance around the wreck telling the public not to come near.

      And this is exactly what I feel about Auschwitz. It is a colossal shipwreck from 70 years ago, rotting and mouldering away under the Polish climate. It serves no purpose in the modern world, but is a gaunt reminder of a time that has long passed away. But no one can do anything about it, despite it being toxic and a hazard to anyone who approaches - because they might become contaminated by its poisonous contents, or even trigger an explosion which could result in personal disaster to those who delve too closely into its secrets..

      But for some reason, the authorities do not fence this hideous wreck off from the general public and put up warning signs not to approach. Amazingly, they actively encourage visits, and even construct fake edifices, weird displays and untruthful information to bamboozle the masses.

      But I think it is about time that Auschwitz was closed altogether, and either left to rot away, or be dismantled and turned into a country park where a handful of signs can display the necessary information to walkers, joggers, picnickers and passers-by what actually happened there over 70 years ago.

  33. In 2013, Kitty returned once more to Auschwitz with a TV team. But this time, her companion and presenter was a big fat Irishman, named Stephen Nolan.

    I just wonder if he was deliberately chosen in order to stand in contrast to the tiny, pint-sized, Kitty Hart Moxon. They certainly appeared as a weird, incongruous - almost humorous - double-act, as they wandered together through the two camps. He was asking her the usual syrupy questions, and she of course replied from her extensive repertoire of lies and fabrications.

    Now the people who work in the mainstream media these days are not idiots - even though they have to tow the line regarding the "holocaust". Most of them are well aware that Auschwitz is largely fake, and that less than 25% of Hart-Moxon's story is true. But they have to obey their TV overlords and make these sort of programmes for the general public. I suggest that their own professional pride kicked in as they planned this TV show, and deliberately created this odd spectacle of a pair of clowns together - in order to give those who don't believe in the holohoax a bit of light relief.

    I've no doubt they really wanted to call the TV show;- "Fatty and Shorty Visit Wonderland", but this would have been too blatant, so they gave it the title;- "Story of a Lifetime - Kitty Hart-Moxon". But one can catch the irony here - they are telling us that this is just a "story", and its one of the best fairy tales that you will likely to hear in your lifetime!

    1. the only thing that's rotting away here is your brain dumbo!

    2. As they toured around the Birkenau camp together, the irrepressible pair of unfunny comedians - Fatty and Shorty - entered a barracks called "Block 25". It was in there, Kitty-Cat claimed, that all those women who were sentenced to death in the gas chamber were kept imprisoned without food and water, completely naked, for up to three days. This was done, apparently, because the Nazis did not want to waste their Zyklon-B pellets on small numbers of jews, and so they had to wait until trainloads of other doomed victims arrived directly from the railway ramp.

      Fatty himself was most impressed with this story, but I found it rather difficult to believe. Surely it would have been far better to gas the jews in small batches anyway, because it would then allow the sondercommado teams to be able to cope with a reduced work-load and get a more regulated through-put of bodies into the crematoria. The kapos would be rushed off their feet - and bottlenecks in the process would result - if the gas chambers were kept idle for several days but were then crammed full to overflowing only when the trains arrived.

      So I wondered where Kitty had dreamt up this horrendous story - and then it became crystal clear!

      Keeping prisoners naked and without food and water in dungeons for several days before taking them out and executing them, is what the Bolshevik jews in the Soviet NKVD used to do to their victims. And being jewish herself, dear old Shorty readily identified with this kind of savage, inhuman, behaviour, and that is why she readily parroted out this disgusting lie about "Block 25" to the gullible Fatty.

    3. Indeed. I suspect much of the inspiration for the HolyHoax tales comes from the VERY REAL crimes the jewish communists perpetrated against the Russians and other eastern European peoples. As well as the concentration camps that jews ran after WW2 in Poland and Germany where jews tortured and murdered Germans. Also, there is just the general jewish Satanic mindset and fascination with thinking of ways to torture and murder the hated "goyim".

    4. Fatty and Shorty finally finished up in the Auschwitz block where they display all the shorn hair and the large mounds of objects such as spectacles, suitcases, shoes, eating utensils and even artificial limbs. Fatty said on camera that he was dreading arriving in that block, because he might break down in tears. But once he was there, he told us that he didn't feel like crying at all, but instead was very angry.

      However, he didn't actually tell us what he was angry about. And so we, the viewers, were left to speculate whether he was indignant about the Nazis confiscating the articles, and shaving the hair of the inmates; or whether he was angry about the Auschwitz Museum putting on such a tacky and disgusting display in which to titillate the morbid curiosity of the visitors; or, whether he was outraged at being forced to share the company of the horrible Kitty Hart Moxon for several days-on-end and having to listen to all the bullshit that she was telling him.

      Shorty was now out of camera shot at this stage - probably off somewhere else in the camp, boring the pants off some unlucky visitors with her endless stream of fairy tales. But Fatty remained to interview a young jewish women who was touring Auschwitz. And she was in floods of tears - booing her eyes out, because she had just witnessed all these mounds of crap, and was overcome with grief. But she was obviously an actor who had been placed there precisely to perform this stunt.

      But no one really knows where all this hair and all the articles really come from. If the Soviet and Polish Communists were capable of building a fake gas chamber, erecting a tall chimney unconnected to anything, and installing crematoria furnaces, and then pretending this is an "extermination facility"; then is it beyond the realms of possibility that all this hair comes from German prisoners held in Soviet camps after the war?

      And the other articles? Could they be innocent objects brought in from the workshops at the numerous sub-camps, and then put on display in the museum as monuments of Nazi horror. Its more than likely that some of these workshops were repairing second-hand shoes, spectacles, utensils - even recycling artificial limbs.

      In other words, these wretched, fake displays are just a Bolshevik stage show set up to bamboozle us all.

  34. Kitty changes her story without even batting an eyelid! She used to say that she witnessed the SS forcing people alive into burning pits in the woods at the back of Birkenau; but now she says they were shooting these prisoners first, and then dumping the bodies into the pits to be cremated.

    Nobody picks her up on this discrepancy of course - because it doesn't matter. As long as the gullible public keep believing in Kitty's fairy tales, and the TV companies find her deliciously horrific stories suitable for broadcasting - then so what!

    In fact, the more horrific and outlandish these stories the better, because it increases viewing figures for the TV networks, and keeps the nice little holohoax gravy train chugging along merrily.

    But unfortunately for Kitty herself, mortality is finally catching up with her. Recent photos and images of Kitty Hart Moxon reveal a very lined and wrinkled ugly face. In fact, this disfigurement is now so pronounced, that it could even be described as a frightening apparition, which evokes the famous novel by Oscar Wilde, entitled;- "The Picture of Dorien Gray". - whereby all the lies, the cheating, and the falsehoods over the years finally become etched into the face of the perpetrator.

  35. Another one of Kitty's stories is very interesting. Apparently, on her first night in Birkenau, she and her mother had to share a bunk with a German gypsy woman who "read" Kitty's palms and told her that she would survive Auschwitz.

    Alas, during the night this gypsy woman died, and next morning Kitty and her mother decided to take her possessions, blankets, and even the bread that she was hiding.

    Now I'm not one who goes around accusing people of foul-play, but if had been a police detective, then I would have said to myself - " 'ello,'ello,'ello, there does seems to be something deeply suspicious here! On the first night of their arrival, the person they share a bunk with dies mysteriously, and these two individuals promptly take her personal items for their own use. Should we not interview these two suspects closely to see if they had anything to with the death ?

  36. I guess next you sick tickets will say they were served tea and crumpets on fine china. You know damn well it happened and to deny it shows you have the mind and heart of Nazis yourselves.

    1. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I haven't got the mind or the heart of a Nazi. What I am interested in doing, is finding out the truth and exposing the fraudulent liars who have managed to hood-wink the general public for so long.

  37. my GOD. you people are really screwed in the head. i could really care less if there are flaws in her story. i am disgusted by the individuals think these camps were not bad at all. it did happen the casualties are staggering. this will happen again. people like you pretty much guarantee that. i could never in my life write some of the stuff that some of you have written. fucking hoax. i hope you all burn in hell.

    1. You see - that's the trouble with you holohoaxers. You couldn't care less if there are flaws in these "survivors" stories. It doesn't matter to you whether they are lying through their teeth, or if they are heavily embellishing their actual experiences of WW2.

      But this might come as a surprise to you, but many of us are not satisfied with this situation at all. Why should we be subjected constantly in the mainstream media - and in our schools and colleges - to these unverified accounts from elderly people who produce very little, or no evidence at all, as to what they are alleging is true.

      And this Kitty Hart-Moxon character is not just an "ordinary survivor" - far from it. She has been heavily promoted over the years by the holohoax industry, and has produced books, newspaper articles, TV and radio interviews, Youtube appearances, national honours, public speaking tours etc, etc, in order to tell the world about her experiences.

      But if her account is untrue, or only partly true, then she should be ruthlessly exposed as a despicable liar, because she is deliberately setting out to deceive people - especially youngsters; but also trampling on the memory of those who genuinely did suffer trauma during WW2.

      There are enough inconsistences in her account to suggest that she has been fabricating most of her stories. I myself, for instance, don't believe that Hart-Moxon was ever in Auschwitz at all. And until I receive definitive proof otherwise, I shall continue with my belief.

      No one is claiming that Birkenau was a bed-of-roses - far from it. It was a very large and often overcrowded concentration camp, which acted primarily as a transit hub for forced labour who were desperately needed in the vast network of industry connected to the German war effort. Its secondary role was as a holding centre for those who were unable to carry out productive work, and also those who needed hospital treatment and convalescence. It was not a death camp - and nor was it a place in which the Nazis slowly tortured the jews and other people to death.

      But returning to Kitty Hart-Moxon. Please spare no sympathy for her. She deserves everything that has been written here about her.

  38. I see the British Royal family have been caught doing the Nazi salute - so dear old Kitty-Cat should not feel so disconsolate now, because she is in illustrious company. But at least the Royals were showing their commitment to the Nazi cause long before WW2, and had the grace and caution to do it in the privacy of their own palace gardens. They certainly didn't go to Auschwitz long after the war was over with a TV camera team, like Kitty, and ostentatiously display her belligerent stormtrooper antics in front of people she had never met before!

  39. I was confused at first and then laughted to see her testimony, I kept on hearing different stories from at different showes----she was sent to the concentration camp at age of 15 at one show, and at age of 17 at another, she said she worked as in the sorting department for 8 month, and then she said she worked with the toilet thing for eight months, she saw the whole process of the gassing and cremation, and then she said any prisoner came closer to the gas chamer to watch will be excuted....dear lady!

  40. I hate to intrude and have actually become bored of reading some of the profanities on here for all that are for and against the argument of the holocaust ever happening. The only thing i can and will say is that upon liberation it is undeniable that there were a hell of a lot of people, across many camps that were sick, to just even look at them, is this something that the Russians, English and Americans made up? a lot of people died, although a majority are Jews.
    Unfortunately not all stories will tally up...this, like i have read several times, was a war. After visiting Auschwitz and seeing how big the camp actually was, i'm not sure that anyone would have really known the life span of anyone, people were bound to move around weekly, even daily. I can only imagine how days for 'prisoners of war' must all just merge together and years on only remember things of real significance. From videos and paper evidence, Hitler had a problem with Jew's, that is very apparent, or Holohoax believers also saying this is made up propaganda?
    To call her an out an out liar is a tad strong. I have not researched enough to see how much information she has given is actually conflicting, all the same, it is very factual that she was in Auschwitz.

    1. Good for you (Anonymous Sept.24) - you seem to have visited Auschwitz with an open mind. When I went there in 2012, I was already aware that the so-called "gas chamber/crematoria" in the main camp was fake, but still believed that a million-or-so human beings had been murdered in the nearby Birkenau camp.

      But while looking around the facilities labelled "Krema 2" and "Krema 3" inside Birkenau, there were aspects there that led me to question the official story. My companion said that there was no way that up to two thousand people could be gassed and cremated in these very compact (now ruined) structures. I suggested that maybe up to 500 people - but he said not at all, and of course he was correct, these facilities are so small that it would be difficult to even accommodate 150 victims at a time!

      The second problem at Birkenau, was the ground immediately surrounding these two "Kremas". The area has been left overgrown and unkempt, with an uneven surface, and a sad little pond. The sign says that hundreds of thousands of human ashes were dumped in this area, but all there is today are four little headstones that provide a marker for this alleged massive grave.

      No - this is not credible at all! If there were ashes from hundreds of thousands of human beings buried there, then the Auschwitz authorities, the Polish Government and Jewish organisations would ensure that this area of ground was maintained in an immaculate condition with lawns, borders, pathways and suitable memorials dedicated to the victims.

      But the third aspect of Birkenau, which for me, completely toppled the "holocaust myth", was when a large group of Jewish youngsters passed by "Krema 2". I was expecting them to briefly halt there and pay their respects - seeing as this facility is claimed to have been the principal extermination plant for the entire "holocaust". But not at all, these youngsters didn't even give the structure a second glance, but carried on chatting and laughing with one another as they happily went on their merry way. One of them even looked over at me with a supercilious, cheesy smile on his face - probably having a little chuckle to himself at the poor old goyim who still believed in the holohoax fairy tale. These young Jews obviously knew that these "Kremas" were fake - otherwise they would have shown true reverence as they passed by this site.

      But turning to Kitty Hart Moxon - I note that you consider calling her an out and out liar to be rather strong. Unfortunately, I disagree with you. Neither she, nor any of her supporters, have ever produced any conclusive evidence that she was in Auschwitz during WW2. Kitty claims that there is a record of her name and number held in the museum archives at Auschwitz - but we, the general public, have not seen this documented evidence for ourselves.

      In addition, her Auschwitz tattoo - which most genuine inmates readily display on their left arm, is simply not there. Strangely, it resides on a piece of "skin?" which is mounted inside a small glass, or translucent plastic, case which she carries around with her.

      So I'm afraid that I cannot give her the benefit of the doubt that she was truly in Auschwitz. Her numerous stories about the place just don't add up, and time and time again her horrific accounts prove to be contradictory or just plain wrong.

    2. Ah ok, So now you're calling it a complete lie, the whole WW2 and these camps did not exist? I'm confused slightly, what is your actual theory or take on these events? Are you insinuating the camps were like Butlins? and everyone was having a great time? cyclone B did not exist and didn't kill innocent humans?

      I'm not linked directly to any of such events, my grandfather fought in WW2 but I have no direct link to the torture. I find it hard to believe that people, the masses of people and not just Jewish would all wake up one morning after the war and decide to make all this up.

      If you are an historian, i suppose numbers should matter to you, so good on you for finding out only 150 people could be killed at any one time rather than 500. but to deny millions were killed in an inhuman way is arrogance.

      As for Kitty, the stories are too in depth, is her son and whole family in on it too? Also, what are you gaining from all this, makes me wonder what you're getting out of making a mockery of, not only Kitty, but the holocaust in general.

  41. Oh dear (Anonymous Sept.25) - you've jumped completely to the wrong conclusion. I have never denied that WW2 or the camps existed. How could I possibly do that when my own father was an Allied soldier in that war, and was held as a prisoner-of-war inside Germany for over two years. And why would I deny that the camps existed, when I have visited the Nazi prisons at Fort Breendonk in Belgium, Camp Vught in the Netherlands, Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Plaszow camp near Krakow, Treblinka 1 & 2, Sachsenhausen and Bergen-Belsen?

    But I certainly don't believe a "holocaust" took place in Europe. There were no death camps or extermination facilities anywhere. There wasn't any Nazi programme to exterminate the Jews - or anyone else for that matter. I seriously doubt that 6 million Jews even existed in Europe at that time, let alone that this number perished by mass killing operations. But lastly, there were no homicidal gas chambers in any of these camps. They were either transit camps or labour camps, where the Germans wanted to use these people as workers for their war effort.

    I can say with complete certainty that Zyklon B was never used for killing human beings. This chemical compound is purely for fumigation and de-infestation purposes. It could not possibly have been introduced into chambers full of people in the manner described by the official story-tellers. ( Please read the excellent book by Doctor Nicholas Kollerstrom, entitled "Breaking The Spell - The Holocaust : Myth and Reality", published by Castle Hill Publishers, and available from Amazon. He explains why Zyklon B could not have been employed as a mass murder weapon in these camps).

    I agree with you that all these "survivors" did not "all wake up one morning" and decide to make it all up. No, of course not, but there was an orchestrated campaign by the British, Americans and Soviets to construct a false story of barbaric genocide against the German nation, and organised Jewry decided to leap on board this false narrative, mainly for economic and political gain. Individual Jews were - if you like - "shepherded" into incorporating their actual accounts of what they experienced into this grand false narrative, and thereafter, the series of Nuremburg trials rubber-stamped it all with an official seal of legitimacy and truth.

    I agree with you that Kitty's stories are "in depth", but when you start to plumb these depths then you will soon find that they are contradictory and often false. I have no idea at all whether her son or her family "are in on it too", but if Kitty was my parent, then I would say to her - "Now come along Mother dear, you are well past the age of retirement - is it not time to give the world a well-deserved rest from all your exaggerated stories. Would it not be better to join the old folk down at the local Day Centre where you can swap all your fascinating fairy tales with one another over a delicious cup of tea?

    1. Very well said.

      And I state the following not to you (as I'm sure you are aware of the information), but rather to those who still buy the official HolyHoax narrative....

      The camps existed, but there was absolutely no plan to mass murder anyone. During WW2, the U.S. government interned Americans of Japanese and German ancestry in camps on U.S. soil. There was no sinister agenda to the German-run camps. They were places for the Germans to intern those who were considered potential threats in a war-time environment (such as communists). The jews were a potential threat given the fact that worldwide Jewry had openly declared war on Germany back in 1933, expressing their desire to "totally annihilate" the German people and nation.

      There were deaths at the camps, sure (around 280,000 per Red Cross records). . But they were overwhelmingly from typhus epidemics and other disease that broke out at the camps, especially near the end of the war as the conditions at the camps broke down. This is the reason for emaciated corpses present upon the "liberation" of the camps by the Allies -- such as the well-publicized photographs at camps such as Dachau or Bergen-Belsen. These were people who were dying of malnutrition and disease, and lost weight.

      The Allies deliberately lied about "homicidal gas chambers" being used at the camps. For instance, initially the U.S. Army produced a "documentary" video alleging "mass murder using a homicidal gas chamber" at the Dachau camp. Years later, this allegation has been dropped, and those pushing the "official Holocaust narrative" do not even claim that Dachau was any "extermination camp".

    2. [continued]

      And then you have such lies as the "soap made from the fat of jews", "lampshades made of human skin", and "shrunken heads". These were all deliberate fabrications made by the Allied Psychological operations divisions of the British and American armies.

      The Nuremberg trials were a total farce. Where to begin?....the Soviets tried to convict the Germans of the Katyn Forest massacre. German defendants (such as Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolph Hoss) were TORTURED into giving false "confessions". Hoss signed a written "confession" to the "mass murder of 2.5 million jews" at Auschwitz. In total, at Nuremberg the Allies "convicted" the Germans of mass murdering "4 million" people at Auschwitz. But guess what happened around 1990? The Polish government revised down the "official" claimed number of deaths at Auschwitz to around "one million" (which is still way too high).

      So....we have some 3 million (at least) deaths that did not occur. So why does the "holy 6 million" number not change? 6 million minus 3 million still equals "6 million"??

      The "6 million" number has some kind of prophetic significance in the occult religion of Talmudic/Kabbalistic Judaism. The jews alleged threated "holocausts" of exactly "6 million" many times in the decades prior to WW2 -- including in 1906, 1919, and 1921.

      The whole thing is a gigantic fraud. It is one of the most destructive lies in all of history. Not only is the purpose of the HolyHoax lie the justification for the establishment of the Zionist state of "Israel" in Palestine and the extortion of massive levels of money from the Germans and others, but this great lie is the central ideological weapon (and "religious" orthodoxy) being used to establish the jews' plan for a "New World Order" and for the destruction of the white/European peoples (via policies of mass non-white immigration into white nations). Any time whites/Europeans organize to resist the invasion of their nations by foreigners, what's the prime argument used against them by the jewish-controlled establishment media and press?'s "you are a racist, like those evil Nazis" (who fought for racial purity, etc).

      And why do the jews want to destroy the white/European peoples? Not only are we the strongest race in the world and thus the biggest obstacle to their plans for world conquest. But we are also the TRUE biological descendants of the Israelites. The so-called "jews" are NOT racial Israelites, but imposters who are actually descended from Esau (Idumaeans/Edomites), Canaanites, and the Khazars. Further, they are literal "children of the devil" as the Messiah said in John 8:44, and a "synagogue of Satan" as stated in Revelation 2:9. As children and soldiers of Satan, they harbor eternal murderous hatred for the white/European (true Israelite) peoples.

  42. it was not a conclusion, it was a question...
    if you could also ask your dear friend souldierofYah to keep his Anti-Semitic views to himself it would also be much appreciated.

    Like i previously stated, everyone is entitled to an opinion and i'm glad you air yours loud and proud. Do have to wonder what you get from all of this though as you did not state previously. defamation of character on a mass scale, not just Kitty but essentially....everyone. The English, US, Russians, Jews and all the SS officers that testified. All very far fetched, but in your eyes very possible.

    1. Keep my "anti-Semitic" views to myself?? Oh no. Righteous "anti-semitism" is what every man, woman, and child should express openly and unashamedly, shouting it from the rooftops. That is what is necessary to begin the process of saving our civilization and people from the clutches of the Satanic jewish forces that control our world.

  43. Dear Anoymous (Oct. 1, 7.03am)

    If you mean by "anti-Semitic views" that I should cease pouring scorn and contempt upon these dreadful Holohoax fraudsters - then you're right out of luck, chum. I have no intention of being silent and allowing them a free ride. Only those people who give truthful accounts - backed-up by evidence - are worthy of our respect.

  44. I was browsing on Youtube, and a new video appeared in the icons, entitled 'One Day in Auschwitz'. I thought to myself - well this could be good, it might give us a more balanced view of what went on in the camp during a typical 24 hour period during its existence.

    But no, not at all ! - it was Kitty Hart Moxon yet again, and she has embarked upon a new journey to Auschwitz, accompanied this time by two 16-year-old girls who are the same age as Kitty claims to have been when she allegedly arrived there in 1943.

    Mercy, mercy - have we not all suffered enough from her verbal outpourings. Can't somebody shut her up now? Her own uncle managed to silence her back in the late-1940's, but of course, this saintly man passed on years ago, so unfortunately he is not around with a strong reel of sticky-tape to seal her lips up - which is what is desperately needed in this situation.

    And this time, it is a pretty low down stunt that Kitty has performed on behalf of her producers - 'The Shoah Foundation'. Dragging two young western teenagers over to southern Poland, in order to tour round a dilapidated old WW2 labour camp that should have been dismantled years ago, and at the same time filling their minds with horrendous lies and highly exaggerated stories, is not something that normal people would do!

    But there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for us, ladies and gentlemen. The narrator of the video announced that this trip to Auschwitz was going to be the last that Kitty makes. Oh!, why is this - one might ask. Is it due to Kitty's advanced age; or is it because the Auschwitz authorities have quietly told her to keep away, as her wild, and false stories are bringing their institution, as well as the memorial and museum into disrepute?

  45. Anyone who thinks I'm being "anti-Semitic", or being too harsh on Kitty Hart Moxon - then how about this from the 'The Guardian' newspaper, published on Holohoax Day back in 2010;-

    "She (Kitty) admits that last year I gave a presentation to a Jewish audience. I was about a quarter of the way through when someone stood up and announced - I don't want to hear anymore of this. I was forced to stop..."

    Now, if this Jewish gentleman was prepared to stand up at a public meeting and make this statement in front of all the other Jews gathered there - and obviously no one told him to sit down so that Kitty could continue; then would you not think that she would have got the message loud and clear that it is time for her to cease her holohoax band-wagon, with all its fabrications and heavily-embellished stories?

    This was back in 2009 - six years ago! Most normal people would have got the message, and realised that it was time to stop there and then. After all, she's had a good run for her money, and all theatrical productions have to close down sooner or later - and lets face it, Kitty's "Road Show" has gone on long beyond its shelf-life date.

    1. So, when poor old Kitty's "Road Show" came to a screeching halt at this Jewish meeting back in 2009, I expect her supporters, handlers and sponsors within the Holohoax industry were quite shocked by the reception she received. I've no doubt they had to have a deep rethink afterwards on how to keep the myth going - now that the more sensible, educated, and level-headed members of the public were becoming terribly weary of listening to these absurd fairy-tales.

      But they also knew that it was imperative to keep the "holocaust" scam alive, because it is absolutely crucial in their money-making activities, as well as providing support to the ongoing Zionist political programme to create a wonderful "Jew World Order". It was vital to keep the two major constituencies on board the "holocaust" legend. The first constituency was; the ordinary low-level Jew who still believed in the nonsense. And the second; was the broad mass of Goyim who needed to be kept in line and remain forever humbled "because of their complicity in allowing the Nazis to exterminate God's Chosen People"!

      And they recognised that they still had a remarkable asset in Kitty Hart Moxon. If she retired from the industry at that stage, then they could get no further mileage out of her stories. She's certainly a compelling character, both on stage and screen - she knows how to carry herself, and deliver her message clearly, without hesitation or doubts. At her age, she is still mentally alert, and is able to pass on a coherent message to the general public, unlike many of these other old "survivors", who tend to dribble down the side of their mouths, talk a lot of jjibberish, and go off at a tangent away from the Holohoax altogether.

      I've no doubt, therefore, that Kitty's sponsors restricted her "Road Show" mainly to TV and Youtube, where everything is recorded in advance. And any appearances before a live audience would be strictly controlled by the organisers to ensure that no embarrassing interruptions occurred again.

  46. There's not much point in going over Kitty's latest video presentation - its just a re-hash of the usual old rubbish that she spouts. But there were two things worth mentioning. The first, was the appearance of Michael Berembaum on the video, who added his commentary to Kitty's fairy tales.

    Now, for anyone who doesn't know, Michael Berembaum is the big cheese who runs the "US Holocaust Memorial Museum" in Washington DC. And he claimed;-

    "Kitty Hart was one of the first survivors to tell her story. She gives us access to that experience with the power of her words. You have to treat everything Kitty says like music. I hear what she says, and also try to listen to what she has left out, and remains unsaid."

    Well, what can we say to that, Mickey Boy - you hear Kitty's words "like music". Wow!!, your musical tastes must be very different from my own, because I personally love harmony and melody, but Kitty's utterances come across as a continuous, never-ending, whining drone. And you also try to listen to what she leaves unsaid. Oh, please don't tell us there's a whole load more of this holohoax stuff waiting to pour forth from out of her mouth.

    The second noteworthy aspect of Kitty's video came right at the end, where she led her two teenage companions along the side of a pond near the remains of Crematorium number 4. Into this pond, Kitty claimed, she witnessed prisoners tipping barrows full of human ashes, and so the pond is actually a "graveyard" This is confirmed by the Auschwitz authorities themselves, who have erected a row of four small headstones on the bank of the pond, inscribed with the words;-

    "To the Memory of the Men, Women and Children who fell victim to the Nazi Genocide. In this pond lie their ashes. May their Souls Rest In Peace."

    But the trouble is - there weren't any ashes or human remains to be seen! All we were presented with was a very unremarkable pond full of water, surrounded by unkempt, overgrown banks. Where are the quarter of a million litres of ash, I asked myself - there should be a sizeable island of human remains within this pond. Are the Auschwitz authorities seriously claiming that they lie beneath the surface of the water?.

    But that is just crazy nonsense. No one in their right mind would leave hundreds of thousands of human remains lying in a pond full of semi-stagnant water. The authorities would have drained this pond back in the late-1940's, and the human remains forensically examined. And then, immediately afterwards, the remains would either by carefully excavated and be reinterred in a proper mass grave, or they would be left where they are, inside a specially constructed Ossuary, where a pond could not re-form again.

    So, we can only conclude, that either there are no human ashes buried in this pond, or, that the Auschwitz authorities are very irresponsible guardians of the Birkenau site, and should be investigated by the Polish Government and the police for not maintaining this massive graveyard in an appropriate and legal manner.

  47. I remember old Michael Berenbaum from five, ten, years ago. And he was constantly complaining back then about the British, US and Canadian airforces not attacking the railway lines leading into the Auschwitz camps during 1944. I realise now, that he was leading a political campaign to extort money out of the three governments as some kind of compensation for this "alleged" failure.

    The reason I say this, is that he was backed by other jews who were sniffing around looking for a financial windfall as well. One particular rat-faced ferret character comes to mind. And he was introduced as a Rabbi from somewhere-or-other, who was sitting next to none other than the holocaust Madonna herself - Deborah Lipstadt - after her court case against David Irving came to an end in the British High Courts.

    One could readily see what the little ferret was up to. He was trying to make his case for compensation from the Allied governments by clinging on to the coat-tails of the "successful", internationally-famed Ms. Lipstadt.

    But all these greedy, grasping figures - including old man Berenbum himself - have gone quiet about this matter over the last few years. I wouldn't be surprised that the pressure that they themselves applied - plus that from Organised Jewry - forced the Allied Governments to secretly pay up generous amounts of tax-payers money to stop them winging and whining in public about compensation for the poor suffering jews.

  48. Michael Berembaum is an ugly old brute, and he would make an ideal candidate to have his skull turned into a shrunken head when he finally passes on from this world. The head could then be placed on a plinth in the entrance foyer of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, so that visitors could pay their respects to the founding father of this absurd institution.

    As they arrive from schools all over America, youngsters would feel a tingle of fear, horror and excitement as they gaze upon this terrifying object. Would the rest of the museum be as terrifying as this, they would ask themselves. It would certainly beat the "Amityville Horror" and "Scream", and might even be as good as "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". I've no doubt that most of these kids wouldn't have a clue who Michael Berembaum was - and would think he's Hannibal Lecter.

  49. Another holyhoax personality likely to end up as a shrunken head after they have slipped off this mortal coil, is the holocaust Madonna herself - Deborah Lipstadt. Debs was never exactly an oil-painting during her 15 minutes of fame in the David Irving libel trial back in the year 2000, and she's certainly aged badly during the subsequent years because her face is now all pudgy and bloated, and thus would be an ideal skull to be mounted on a plinth next to that of Micky Berembaum's shrunken head at the entrance to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    But poor old Debs is in a bit of a tizzy at the present time over something that she calls "Holocaust Denial" (whatever that is!). Apparently, she has identified two types of "holocaust denial" - and one of them is actually causing her a great deal of anguish. This, she calls "soft core Holocaust Denial", which in her view is much more dangerous than the "hard core" version.

    She uses the word "dangerous", but how can this possibly be if the holocaust is true. All Debs has to do is to produce all the evidence that would conclusively prove once and for all that there was a Nazi programme to exterminate Europe's Jews; that 6 million died; and that the majority perished in gas chambers. That's all - why can't she do this, and thus put an end to any danger that she perceives from either the soft or hard core deniers.

    I just wonder who Debs regards as these soft core holocaust deniers. Are they the people who refuse to place a lighted candle in their front-room windows on Holyhoax Day; or those who don't break down in genuine sobs and tears when they hear a "survivor's" story. But maybe its those historians and other writers who fail to include at least 15 pages of holo-crap in their books, which detail the sorrowful plight of the jews as they were recruited to become Adolf Hitler's diligent little workers in the labour camps.

    Debs has even identified one dangerous soft core holocaust denier by name. And that is former US President Jimmy Carter no less!. Why this inoffensive, and basically good-hearted man should warrant her ire and disapproval - I really can't say. Maybe when you rise up to be a Madonna of holocaustianity then you are free to condemn anyone for their faults and transgressions.

  50. The Irving v Lipstadt libel trial is going to me made into a Hollywood Movie entitled "Denial". And which actor is going to play the part of Debs herself? Well, it is going to be Hillary Swank, who is generally recognised as an attractive, beautiful cinema personality.

    Trust old Hollywood, though, to turn a frumpy old sour-puss like Deborah Lipstadt into a glamorous super-model. But of course, this is all part of the propaganda campaign to keep the Holohoax scam alive. Young cinema audiences will readily identify and sympathise with the Lipstadt character at the expense of the wicked "holocaust denying" Irving.

    But we'll all be fascinated to hear what Hillary Swank's dialogue in the movie will be, because Debs herself never opened her mouth during the entire trial. Her phalanx of 42 lawyers and researchers instructed her to sit silently at the back of the courtroom and say nothing. They knew full well that her knowledge of the Holohoax was next to nil, and thus they would not risk putting her in the witness box to face a well-grounded WW2 Historian like David Irving - he would make mincemeat of her!

  51. I find it hilarious how people who were NOT there can argue what happened during those time to people who where there. No matter how much research you do and reading and visiting the camp now- the camp that it no longer anything more then a memorial or a memory of the past- It dose not give you the grounds to contradict ANY statements made by the Holocaust survivors. There is no argument that the conditions there were horrid, there is no argument that many people died and there is no argument that no one could ever imagine themselves or loved one living in those conditions. No one knows the true feeling of relief like those that were liberated from those camps..I cant even imagine

    1. @ KleeG

      I don't believe Kitty-Hart Moxon was ever in Auschwitz at all - but was interred in a sub-camp of a place called Gross Rosen some 250 kilometres away. There, she was working a night-shift in a Phillips electrical factory producing component parts for military equipment. She lived in temporary barracks and was fed adequately and had access to medical facilities. She even told us that she used to sun-bathe in the afternoons before her shift began in the evenings. In fact, considering it was war time - she didn't suffer bad conditions at all. At least she didn't have to face the terrible aerial bombings night after night in the German cities, like so many other youngsters of her age.

      You inform us that we have "no grounds to contradict ANY statements made by the Holocaust survivors". But if two Jewish gentlemen (her own uncle; plus someone who attended one of her public meetings) were prepared to tell her to her face that they didn't want to listen to her war-time stories, then why on earth should the rest of us be forced to accept it all without question or contradiction?

  52. You cannot know what happened because you were not there, and to accuse these survivors of creating this tale is ludicrous. There is evidence of what happened to those poor people. How do you explain the piles of dead bodies and the gas chambers? How were those used if not to destroy the Jews?


    1. I have addressed the issues you raised in the following articles. The dead bodies were of people who died from typhus and other diseases. Not any campaign of mass murder. And there were no homicidal gas chambers at any of the German-run camps. The only gas chambers at the camps were disinfestation or delousing chambers, used to kill lice in order to prevent the spread of typhus and other diseases. That is the reason for shaving the heads of the prevent spread of lice.

      Photographs of dead bodies in mass graves are NOT proof of the "Holocaust" or any mass murder - Typhus deaths at Bergen-Belsen

      The myth of homicidal gas chambers. The only gas chambers at the camps were disinfestation chambers used to kill lice! Forensic analysis of alleged gas chambers in the camps proves there was no mass murder

  53. Instead of posting under the name "Anonymous", Why don't you post using your real name? I think you're ashamed of what you're writing and don't want us to know who you are. You Holohoax people are just as mentally ill as the flat earth society. The world would be a smarter place without you.

    1. More and more scientists in WEST and USA by now assume that gas chamber homicides in WW II are inconsistent with all the facts gathered to date, but they don't speak because it will be the end of a normal life.

      But there is no place in universe that truth never reaches ; it's up to time.
      You have my name ; so give us yours please.

      Roland Paingaud 04320 ENTREVAUX FRANCE rue des Ecuries

  54. You are disproving your own point... you shouldn't be putting your name as Buzz Lightyear... so your saying that the world would be smarter without YOU.

  55. most of you who think kitty hart moxon story is false. But how would you know as you wasnt there your selfs so you cant really make any comment. the living conditions for kitty and the rest of jews was true to her words. what the jews suffered in that camp was admitted by the german soldiers them selfs. also it was addmitted by rudolf hoss the camp commandant at his trial. so before you all start making any comments know your facts first

    1. Natives told C.Columbus that gods appeared on Earth to show them limits of the land those gods give them.
      Columbus was not there, although he assumed that those pretenses was creeds rather than facts.
      History is result of a process ; so your " ... they were there ... you were not ... " is a curse put on the process without which there is no history at all.
      Henceforth what is obnoxious, to adopt the kind of tone you use, is not the revisionism in this subject, but your refusal of idea of history, and above all the reasons, whatever they are, which make this refusal mandatory for you.

      Roland Paingaud 04320 ENTREVAUX FRANCE rue des Ecuries
      excuse approximate English