Friday, October 30, 2009

Kazimir Tafilin's holo-fable: escaped Auschwitz by climing crematorium chimney; jumped from roof, bounced off ground, bones rattled when ran away

Kazimir Tafilin, right

Kazimir was captured by the nazis and sent to the Auschwitz Death Camp. The nazis saw that Kazimir was small, so they made Kazimir build the roof on the crematoria.

So Kazimir hid in the cracks of the roof, and then crawled up the 90 foot chimney. Kazimir waited until the nazis left, and then he jumped. He was so dehydrated that he just bounced when he hit the ground.

Then Kazimir ran away!

He could hear his bones rattling when he ran.

Article: "Bakke: Friends each thought other died in WWII"


  1. Oh I see - he climbed up the inside of the 90 foot chimney, not the outside.

    But we've been told that the crematoriums were operating 24 hours a day non-stop, so how did he manage this feat. No wonder he was de-hydrated when he eventually jumped after many weeks sitting up there.

    These holohoax stories are dreadful aren't they ? Do you think there's a central committee of rabbis and Zionist nutters who sit inside a synagogue somewhere between Stamford Hill and Golders Green who compose all this rubbish. They probably hand out the completed scripts to elderly Jews and the feeble-minded so they can then tell their fabricated stories to the gullible media.

    1. Yeah I actually think that's about right.