Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The "Human Skin Lampshades" and "Nazi Shrunken Heads" Psyop - "Evidence" Presented at Nuremberg

The infamous faked display table at Buchenwald with shrunken heads and "human skin lampshade"

Close up of shrunken heads

Origin of the "evidence" - Albert G. Rosenberg of the Allied "Psychological Warfare Division"

Albert G. Rosenberg, The American Lieutenant in charge of documenting Buchenwald (where the shrunken heads came from), was from the Psychological Warfare Division of the Allied Forces.

"Psychological Warfare Division." That's a strange name for a department that's going to document a concentration camp for future generations isn't it? The Lieutenant in the PWD was Albert G. Rosenberg. Even though he was only in his late 20's at the time, he had a rare special pass called a "SHAEF Pass", which gave him the power to confiscate the posh villa belonging to Baldur Von Schirach, who had been the wartime mayor of Vienna and also the leader of the Hitler Youth. Rosenberg lived in the villa with 12-15 former Buchenwald inmates and the team wrote-up a documentation of the camp. Most of the former inmates were communists, led by a non-communist Austrian Catholic named Eugen Kogon. Kogon compiled the report while Albert Rosenberg supervised the overall project. One could say that the documentation of Buchenwald is largely a story of liberated communists working in a posh villa, under the supervision of a Jewish Psychological Warfare Division Lieutenant who had emigrated to the USA from Germany just seven years earlier. Objectivity you can count on. 1

Shrunken Head and Human Skin Lampshade "Evidence" Presented at Nuremberg

From a Transcript of the Nuremberg Trial Proceedings via Yale Law School (see approx. 60% down page for excerpts below, following section numbers for 514 and 515)

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 3

Thursday, 13 December 1945

Morning Session



13 Dec. 45

The corpses were then turned over to the pathological department where the desired pieces of tattooed skin were detached from the bodies and treated. The finished products were turned over to SS Standartenfuehrer Koch's wife, who had them fashioned into lamp shades and other ornamental household articles, I myself saw such tattooed skins with various designs and legends on them, such as "Hansel and Gretel," which one prisoner had on his knee, and designs of ships from prisoners' chests. This work was done by a prisoner named Wernerbach."



13 Dec. 45

We do not wish to dwell on this pathological phase of the Nazi culture; but we do feel compelled to offer one additional exhibit, which we over as Exhibit Number USA-254. This exhibit, which is on the table, is a human head with the skull bone removed, shrunken, stuffed, and preserved. The Nazis had one of their many victims decapitated, after having had him hanged, apparently for fraternizing with a German woman, and fashioned this terrible ornament from his head.

The last paragraph of the official United States Army report from which I have just read deals with the manner in which this exhibit was acquired. It reads as follows:

"There I also saw the shrunken heads of two young Poles who had been hanged for having relations with German girls. The heads were the size of a fist, and the hair and the marks of the rope were still there."

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  1. There is bound to be some sensationalisation and exageration, but its a long jump to claim the whole thing as a hoax!

  2. bullshit that its a hoax. so you think that millions of jewish people just disappeared and that has nothing to do with all the death camps and gas chambers? cant cover that up, idiot.

    1. Bull! is not just a hoax.. Its a HolyHOAX! Like a religious cult, it requires blind adherance from its 'believers'. Over 60mil died during the war. Over 20mil Germans died, and 13mil persecuted from Eastern germany during and after the war, of which over 1mil. died. Did they just 'disappeared' too?
      You meant the bogus 'gas chamber' admittly 'reconstructed' by the Soviets after 1945 with a dettached chimney... Seems like your Holohoax priest have been trying to cover that up, idiot.

    2. @ Anonymous 7:21 PM: what about the fact that the Jews' own census shows that, at most, 200,000 died? Or the fact that an American census, made with data submitted by Jews, estimates that their population actually GREW during this period?

    3. One of the SS's internal documents claimed that they had murdered over 366 thousand Jewish civilians on the Eastern front in a 6 month period and those weren't even the death camps. Sorry but guards that worked in the death camps admit what happened to this day. There is a mountain of evidence larger than Everest proving the Holocaust happened the actual number killed is debatable but the Nazis moved through towns on the Eastern front with large Jewish populations and those people were never seen again. Just like when the Nazis said the "accidentally" bombed London but the just so happened to have "accdentally" bombed Eastern London which was the Jewish neighbourhood. If you want to be a Nazis fine be a Nazis but denying the Holocaust just makes you look racist because everyone knows what happened. The Nazis were stupid enough to film their death squads.

    4. I've read one of these so-called internal documents that records jews allegedly killed on the Eastern Front by the SS Einsatzgruppen forces, and to be honest it reads like a forgery.

      It is called the "Karl Jager Report", and it describes the work of Einsatzgruppen A, led by SS leader Karl Jager in Lithuania.

      Just one example of the fantastic nature of this report, are the entries from the 23rd of August 1941, until the 29th of the same month. What we are being told is that a squad of 10 SS men, along with a bunch of Lithuanian partisans went to 13 different towns over a period of one week and murdered a total of 23,823 civilians and POWs.

      This I cannot believe!. It is just not physically and logistically possible for a small group of armed men to go from town to town, assemble such a huge number of people - including women and children - in various locations, march them a distance of 4 or 5 kilometres into the countryside, dig graves for them and then proceed to shoot them and bury them.

      The testimony of SS guards who worked in the so-called "death camps" can be written off as well. If you are told by your interrogators that you will receive a lenient sentence of say 3 years imprisonment in a relaxed jail if you go along with the prosecution case, or 25 years hard labour in Siberia if you don't, then it is quite easy to understand why these guards are more than willing to go along with the official story.

      You claim that there is a "mountain of evidence larger than Everest proving the holocaust happened", but yet you say that the number killed is debatable - which to me suggests that this mountain of evidence is not actually there!

      The Nazis moved through towns on the Eastern Front with large Jewish populations and these people were never seen again. Well, I would suggest that most of these people finished up dispersed far-and-wide either inside the Soviet Union, or elsewhere in the world. Many of the Hungarian jews actually finished up giving their boring 2 hour-long testimonies to Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation.

      The reason that the Germans bombed East London had nothing to do with Jews living there. It was because there was a major war going on at the time, and that area of London contained the docks as well as major industrial plants - and thus it was a prime target of the Luftwaffe.

      Why should anyone who challenges "the holocaust" automatically be labelled a Nazi or a racist. Maybe they are genuine people who are interested in the truth.

      You say "The Nazis were stupid enough to film their death squads". Yes - but unlike the Bolshevik jews under Stalin who kept their murderous activities under wraps.

    5. The Jager report is real. There are many witnesses to the killings even men who were part oft he death squads admit what happen to this day. Denying it is like saying the earth is flat, no one believes you. Stalin was a mass murderer to yes, but that doesn't excuse the actions of the Einsatzgruppen . The missing people from those towns were dead the Germans murdered them, there are mass graves and witnesses to prove it.

    6. So you reckon that the Jager Report is real do you ? - (Anonymous Sept.2 ).

      I've no doubt the original report is authentic, but it is patently obvious that some Soviet military officer, or bureaucrat, has added massive amounts of fraudulent data to it after the war was over.

      Just by reading the entries day-by-day through 1941 and early 1942, it soon becomes clear that most of the report is a fabrication. The number of Jews claimed to be killed by shooting is absolutely preposterous. You have 850 males, 755 females, and 412 Jewish children shot and buried in one town on one single day, and then the next day this same team of soldiers are somewhere else entirely, murdering 1,250 males, 870 females and 762 children. But that's not all, because the following day, and then the next three days after that, they have driven to other towns far and wide in order to kill and bury similar amounts of people.

      This is simply beyond the realm of physical and logistic possibility and common sense.

      And then you have to ask why the report meticulously distinguishes between males, females and children. What would this matter, if the whole purpose of the exercise was just to get rid of the Jews as quickly as possible. Why not just give an approximate overall total for the numbers killed and thus save a lot of time and effort in counting them individually.

      You say there are many witnesses to these killings, including some of the perpetrators themselves ? Oh yeah! - and what did these "witnesses" actually see in reality. I would suggest not a lot! - they were simply leaned on by the Soviet investigators who had a vested interest in magnifying any German war crimes. These Individual witnesses would have felt the Soviet pressure breathing down their necks, and, accordingly, would have complied with their interrogators requirements. After all - who would want a 15 year sentence in Siberia for non-cooperation and anti-Soviet activities!

      And you also claim there are mass graves to prove that these killings took place. But where precisely ? Have their geographical locations been established beyond all doubt - or is it mere speculation. If the Jager Report is true, then there must be dozens, even hundreds of these mass graves dotted around the Baltic States.

      And lastly, dear Annoymous, you're just gonna have to change your pithy little slogan;- "Denying the holocaust is like saying the earth is flat". We've heard it so many times before, that its like an old gramophone record from the 1950's where the needle has got stuck in its groove.

  3. My brother returned from Germany. A friend of his brought back to Ohio a lampshade made out of the skin from the concentration camp. I saw it in the friend's house. It was on an end table and was very dark yellowish. I commented on how dim it was in the room and the friend told me what it was. I was very upset. I was 20 years old. 1948. I just now returned from Nuremberg and was disappointed not to be able to visit the museum as there was a rock concert in town at the time. I wanted to see the evidence.

    1. Oh Dear, Sir, you really have to wake up to the truth about these lampshade fairy stories. Your brother and his friend were having you on. They wanted to kid you into believing this nonsense so that you would tell all your friends about it, and they would be suitably impressed as well.

      But don't worry, I myself fell for a similar lie when I was young. There were two polished tortoise shells sitting on the mantelpiece at my grandparents house, and my grandfather told me that he brought them home from Egypt after he served there in the first world war. Only much later did I learn that they were, in fact, purchased for a penny each in a jumble sale at the local church hall.

    2. ONly because i don't want to take the time to register for account, i'm going anon....My father actually owns one of these shrunken heads, not the ones in pics, but one taken by my grandfather from dachau, so when i hear that they don't exist, i'm reminded about what idiots there are in the world. Like saying trees don't exist. haha

    3. I've heard plenty of old rubbish in my life (Anonymous, Aug. 1) but the idea that your grandfather came home from Dachau in WW2 carrying a shrunken head in his kit-bag is way over the top.

      If we were to accept what you are telling us here, then it would appear that your grandfather is nothing more than a thief, who was quite prepared to steal and transport human remains as a personal memento - how extraordinary!

      And you admit that your own father is an accomplice to this atrocious deed by holding onto the head, and not handing it in to the police in order for them to contact the authorities to have this human article buried in an appropriate manner.

      My goodness, what kind of insane family do you come from? If your story is true, then such behaviour is totally inhuman - no wonder you wanted to remain anonymous!

    4. Don't take any notice of that sanctimonious old fart whose criticising you for retaining your family's shrunken head and not handing it in to the police. You hold on to it mate - it will only increase in value, and then you can sell it on e-bay for a good price.

      In fact, my own grandfather was an American G.I. and he came home from Germany after WW2 with a pair of shrunken heads. He'd bought them from an enterprising old Jew who had set up a stall outside the main gate at Dachau, and was selling objects that had been made in the camp workshops.

      Not only did he have shrunken heads on display, but normal-sized human skulls that had been turned into chamber pots. He also had ashtrays that had been crafted from human pelvic bones; bars of soap boiled down from Jewish fat; handbags, lampshades and all sorts of objects made from human skin. He even stocked jam-jars full of Jewish sperm that he was advertising as heavy-duty glue.

      Anyway, my grandfather was going to purchase a particularly attractive shrunken head for five bucks, but the old Jew said that it was one of a pair and he couldn't sell it separately. They were originally twins named Solomon and Moses who had been experimented on by Doctor Mengele in Auschwitz, and thus he was obliged to sell them together for just nine dollars.

      My grandfather thought this was a good bargain, and he immediately nicknamed them "Solly" and "Mo", and then brought them back to America, where he has used them ever since as book-ends at home for his shelf full of books.

  4. My brother's friend brought home a lampshade from Germany made from skin from the Jews in the concentration camp. I saw it in his home in Cleveland Ohio. 1946. I was 20 at the time. It made me ill to think of it. It made the room very dim. I could see the veins through it.

    1. veins IN the skin, sure man.

  5. The SS Judge Konrad Morgen who was investigator in the internal affairs dept. of the SS and whose results lead to the execution of two concentration camp commanders by the SS, prison sentences for 5 others and had put on trial the rest of them as well as 800 rnning investigations against memebers of the personal, who also had put on trial Dr. Rascher (Dachau) for conducting human "experiments" (executed) and Amon Goeth (Camp Commander known from "Schindler's List" movie) had investigated the "Human lampshade" rumor in 1944 and found it to be a hoax. Nevertheless he was tortured by the allies to give a false testimony in the Ilse Koch trial in confirming to it having been a fact. He resisted and didn't. Morgen never was accuseed of anything, he always was witness, although having been judge of the SS.That throws a dubious light on the other "confessions".

  6. History is writ by the winners in broader strokes than you care to accept. For the losers it is all lost in the minutia of their failings. You have chosen to defend the losing side and, against all of history's precedent, expect the facts of war to be consistent and infallible.

    So who cares for your input as no amount of unraveling of the embroidery will make WWII and the extermination of Jews stop being the larger cloth. All you do is make yourself seem like a Nazi, just one who doesn't believe what happened during the war is true.

    1. Yes, you are probably right about history being written by the victors of war. But that does not stop those of us who have woken up to the truth being able to discard all the "6 million / gas chamber" garbage from around our necks.

      We can now walk free from all this nonsense, and spend our time educating and enlightening others - especially young people, who might fall into the same trap that our generation fell into.

  7. Someone once expressed that a liberal mind is one that is open to always learning, and the mind of a bigot is set in it's ways. I played a psychology game that was quite interesting. It shows a statement, and two photos. Judging by the photo you guess which made the statement. I found, what I thought to be, an uncommonly large amount of individuals that believed the holocaust never happened. Being an educated individual I 'knew' that it had, but questioned why anyone would ever think otherwise. Upon delving deeping into this I found that the 'holohoax' believers don't necessarily contest that millions died, so much as the method that they died, arguing that the majority were deaths caused by the conditions and epidemics within the concentration camps. A small fraction being gassed. The math they showed was quite convincing. I think we can all agree that ww2 did in fact happen and millions of souls were lost. As to accountability and reasoning behind it, as a poster stated, history is written by the winners, and as such, the exact truth of it all may never be known. But to refute an idea without even attempting to understand it is indeed the mind of a bigot. Why not read some literature (perhaps Mein Kompf or something..just as an example) on both sides (albeit lesser writtings on the losing side) before you attempt to make any convictions. Along the lines of consipracies I believe someone tried to tie in the JFK assassination into the holocaust as well (haven't read into that enough as of yet).
    Don't believe everything you read, understand that even great lies exist in partial truth. Read between the lines and attempt to judge for yourself where the truth lies..
    -JKC (spout)

  8. Wake up to real world. The Nazis kept detail records of what they did. They truly believed they would win the war and they were a superior fz d. I think you need to look at the facts before you claim something is a hoax.

    There is no point making up that they made lampshades out of people, hell the fact that they gas six million Jews, murdered gypsies, gays and disabled people, destroyed whole towns and cities, murdered entire populations of villages and experimented and children, believed that women should stay at home and have as many children as possible and kept records of all of this is enough, why would the allies bother to make up extra stuff, what they themselves recorded is evil enough. You just have to wake up to the fact, that these were evil bastards and as your not German or of German descent they would looked at you as nothing sub human to them, dog like.

  9. As to the statements that history is written by the winner, that fact ended with the Crimean war when free press was allowed to record events. The WW2 was recorded heavily by press and government media officials on both sides you just have to except what these people did - The Germans have.

  10. I wish I had some of my Dad's pictures from the Philippines of what some of the guys from the death march were collecting from dead Japanese soldiers. His Lithuanian cousin definitely collected "spoils of war" from Russian soldiers. I think most of these were either taken by authorities, or wives mad these things disappear. I suspect that is what happened to Dad's pictures. War is brutal, not civilized and no one can blame the soldiers in the middle of hell. It happened, lack of evidence does not mean it did not. At some point some one says, it is over, we can act civilized.

  11. Of course the Axis killed people. Of course the winners exaggerated the numbers in order to completely justify that they were good, and the enemy was evil. However, IMO, Hiroshima was the moral equivalent of Dachau.

  12. A Lie repeated often does not become the truth.
    Truth is not a lie, because in the end the truth always wins.
    So said history.
    Not you!!!

    "You can not control the Past, the Present and the Future." "2011" by Anonymous

  13. Why the need for ridiculous lies like these if there is so much evidence for German atrocities as the believers imagine there to be??

  14. The Nazi's were very careful to document their horrific cruelty. Hitler himself was a short, dark eyed, dark hair, slight, little man; not the blue-eyed, blond hair and physically superior "Master Race" he claimed to defend. Any individual who actually believes this event did not happen is shockingly ignorant, gullible and insensitive. Moreover, I think it is telling of the person's upbringing; they were likely raised by ignorant, hateful people. So let them deny what sane people have accepted as organ of public record for all of human history. Let them suck on their hate; like a rotten tomato, for the rest of their days:)

    1. Hitler had blue eyes. You're wrong about everything else you've written, also. Do some research before you blather on and on about something you know nothing about.

  15. The three biggest hoaxes perpetrated on mankind,1-religion/god in his many forms 2-holocaust 3-banks too big to fail.
    Contemplate that and you will see the light

  16. It is clear to see how the Nazis came to make shrunken heads.

    It all stems from their decision not to write anything down about the "holocaust". All orders and directives had to be passed on by word of mouth - often in euphemisms.

    Now, Rudolf Hoess - Kommandant at Auschwitz - was attending a large meeting in Berlin with Himmler, where the subject of overcrowding in the concentration camps was discussed. The Reichsfuhrer told Hoess that he must "shrink the number of heads in Auschwitz by 5,000."

    But of course, Hoess had to keep this order - along with all the others he was given - inside his brain, but when he got back to Auschwitz next day he couldn't quite remember what he had been told about the "shrinking heads" and came to the wrong decision that Himmler had been asking him to produce "5,000 shrunken heads in Auschwitz.

    And so this is what he proceeded to do. He built two small factories - which the later holohoxers would mistakenly label as "Krema 4" and "Krema 5". And while Krema 4 concentrated on the the manufacture of Jewish soap, handbags made of human skin, and pelvic ashtrays, Krema 5 was where the delicate task of making 5,000 shrunken heads took place.

    However, while the bars of soap, the handbags, and the ashtrays sold like hot-cakes in the old market squares down in Krakow, Lvov, and Kiev, no one seemed to want to buy a shrunken head. Even Rudolf Hoess himself said rather ruefully - "what would anyone need a shrunken head for anyway - I suppose they could be used for doorstops...."

  17. Psychological Warfare Division of the Allied Forces created hoaxes to gin up hatred against Germans and Japanese. The hatred of Germans has morphed into a hatred of any and every white person on earth. There will come a time when these hoaxes are finally put to rest. Unfortunately, people are making so much money off of these hoaxes and using them to guilt every white nation into mass immigration the backlash will not be a hoax. It will be very real and very deserved.

    Lying to go to war and clear the people's conscience is one thing. Continuing those lies to guilt, shame, bilk, and destroy your allies' nations long after they fought to save you is grounds for total war without end.

    1. The Holocaust happened period. Denying it because you hate Jews and were brought up by hateful people won't change anything.

    2. I will steadfastly admit that the Holocaust did happen. But, to question the number of deaths and to be skeptical of anything written, including the many, many myths that has arisen from that time (particularly since the "trials") is enough to get one labeled as a "denier".

  18. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  19. I always thought it was one big hoax, thank you for pointing out the Psychological Warfare Division.

  20. LOOK! Could go on but: I think, CAN'T WE LEARN AND LOVE INSTEAD OF HATE AND KILL POLLUTE AND PILLAGE, LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER, THE PLANET PLANTS ANIMALS, It is 100 years since the great war WW1, Men were killed on a massive scale, do we want to see that again, there are a lot more people now, I hate to think the amount of people we would never have the pleasure to see smile...MAKE LOVE NOT WAR <3 <3 <3

  21. No joke. Illuminati/Nazi's are running your shit. both my parents come Nazi family's that were deemed not of adequate genetics, and have been hidden away in a supposedly "free" 1st world country. It will be 1st world until they complete their natural resource extraction to foreign conglomerates and protected family's. They pack up and leave virtually over night, instantly establishing us as a second world country (or economy) due to our most lucrative and industrious sector having been depleted. We then reject their MK ultra politicians who are are manipulated into establishing a completely totalitarian monetary dependent system of infrastructure in plain sight since about the early 1900's (on large scale world wide). Then these dumb people realize that all the money has been getting borrowed from a privately owned bank and accruing interest exponentially before it is used to stimulate the huge multinational company's that are literally walking away with the only thing of real value in the country (resources). And once you kick the Illuminati's MK Ultra politicians out... It's too late, because the interest on the foreign debt to be repaid is an outrageous amount of money.. Which technically never existed in the first place. It was literally make believe, the term monopoly money springs to mind. Granted that it controls everything, but is just pretend!!!

    Maybe then people will understand the your differences in religion, race, sexual preference and social status are so insignificant in comparison to fact., that you now have no way of accessing food, water, medicine location services or even the slightest help...

    That so called infrastructure and utility establishment you loaned imaginary money for, that you couldn't pay back is what us Nazi's\Illuminati call: