Friday, October 30, 2009

Franz Suchomel's Holohoax tale: Engine Gas, not Zyklon B, used at Treblinka

Upon arriving at Treblinka, the jews were given a tour of the camp, including the gas chambers, where they saw dead jews "fall out like potatoes." Bodies were buried 20 feet underground in pits, but the gas from the decaying bodies still escaped and it smelled bad for miles around the camp.

Article: "Franz Suchomel recalls how life was in Treblinka"


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    1. Open-Minded PersonJune 21, 2013 at 10:57 PM

      I pity you. The Holocaust has so many holes it in that it's terrifying to think that more people don't question it. Do you see people questioning other genocides on such a massive scale?

  2. No holes. Plenty of convergent evidence. However, if you first approach the subject with the idea that it's a hoax there are plenty of sites on the internet containing cherry-picked quotes, half-truths and many lies to confirm your ideas. The problem is that too many deniers focus on anomalies in witness accounts but ignore the fact that the stories are generally consistent. It's also well-known that several differing accounts of the same event can come from a group of people who observe a situation, never mind recalling events many years later. Rather than considering the slight deviations in witness stories you might like to consider how possible it is to invent a story spanning several nations and involving millions of people and yet where are the documents and testimonies to prove it was all made up. Surely by now someone would have broken ranks to admit they were asked to be part of huge hoax. When you consider it from this angle you realise how preposterous the idea of such a conspiracy is.

    1. Exactly. There is so much proof. Let alone the millions of people who simply stopped existing. I can only assume that people who believe the Holocaust is fiction are so desperate to be proven right that they can't look at the evidence dispassionately. Demanding ridiculous and ever changing standards of proof on one side and accepting the ramblings of unqualified anti-Semitics as gospel. Add to that the fact that "conspiricies" (tgalidomide, various govt interventions during the cold war, medical testing) contemporary to the time have proven that large scale deceptions are near to impossible to keep secret. I wonder how these people benefit from persisting with the idea. I can perhaps understand if in no way agree with Palestinians who perpetuate this for political reasons. Otherwise not even the Nazis denied the holocaust

  3. I think there is a mistake...he doesn't say the jews were given a tour of the camp, he said that he and others were (presumably Germans)

  4. plenty of jews HAVE broken ranks and admitted it was a hoax. Benjamin Freedman, is probably the most famous. HARDLY the only one. THe holohoax industry started in ROMAN times. I actually learned about that in GRADE school. the jews claim 4 BILLION with a B, BILLION jews were killed. In the 20th century, the first holohoax was in 1902