Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bars of "Jewish Human Fat Soap" Buried at Holy Hoax Memorial in Cuba

source: The Jews of Cuba

Ashkenazic Cemetery Entrance
United Hebrew Congregation Maccabee Center - Built 1910

Ashkenazic Cemetery Monument to the 6 Million

Text of Plaque Reads:
"Honoring their memory
In this place are buried pieces of soap made from Jewish human fat, part of the 6 million victims of the Nazi barbarism of the 20th Century.
Peace to their remains."

Using translation software, I got:

"Honoring Their Memory
Here are buried several bars of soap made from Hebrew human fat, part of the six million victims of Nazi barbarism occurred in the twentieth century
Peace to their remains"


  1. More proof the Holohoax is largely a Communist propaganda invention.

  2. As a 12 year old child I have been in several refugee camps in Austria and Germany. The occupying authorities (army) have issued small pieces of soap with the letters: RIF, some stated that that it means: Reine Israelische Fett. How stupid, if that would have been the case, would the occupying authorities have permitted such a practice?? One of the many, many lies perpertrated by the holocost manufacturers, same as the 6000000 jewish victim. The truth will out!! ( I hope soon!)

  3. Yes, if they are burying bars of soap because they think they were made from Jewish fat or bones, then pray tell me why all that Jewish hair is still on display in the main camp at Auschwitz. Surely the guardians of the so-called "holocaust" would demand that all human hair should be buried according to Jewish religious rite.

    Could it be that by keeping all this hair on display, it is a handy method of ensuring that the holocaust myth is perpetuated ?

  4. Serious question: for those of you that believe the holocaust did not take place as is commonly asserted, what did happen? Did anyone die? Surely there is some basis in fact to what we have all seen and been told since the Nazis gained control of Germany. And, if some did die, why? Was there a concerted effort for any killing of certain classes of people? Again why did even a few hundred, if not millions or thousands, possibly die? Was there any official policy concerning the treatment of Jews or any other group? Please document and footnote your sources, anecdotal sources are good reading but don't count unless backed by other evidence. Also, prove with evidence why the conspiracy by individuals, organizations and governments promulgate the accepted version of the Holocaust. What is there to gain? Again, I don't really care about your personal "feelings" and opinions. If the side professing the holocaust use lies and exaggeration, doing the same to refute it doesn't work. Looking forward to your responses.

    1. There is no need for us to "document and footnote" any sources. The work has all been done by the following researchers, whose work can easily be found on the Internet. They include:-

      Carlo Mattogno
      Jurgen Graf
      Thomas Kues
      Ernst Zundell
      David Cole
      Robert Faurisson
      Paul Rassinier
      Arthur Butz
      David Irving
      Germar Rudolf
      David McCalden
      Frederick Toben
      Ingrid Rimland

      There is also the vast library of work compiled by Bradley Smith of CODOH, and Mark Weber of the Institute of Historical Review (IHR).

      In contrast with this body of work, all the proponents could produce at the Zundell trial in Canada, back in 1985, was the hapless Raul Hilberg and Rudolf Vrba. This latter gentleman claimed that he had escaped from Auschwitz in 1944. But his testimony was so weird and unconvincing, that I don't think he was ever there at all - the only place he ever escaped from was a lunatic asylum!

  5. Dear Anonymous (July 19, 2013)

    The very fact that you are asking "what did happen" regarding the holocaust, proves to me that there are still serious questions about the authenticity of this event. If the holocaust happened as is commonly asserted, then all the major questions would have been satisfactorily answered by now, and thus there would be no dispute between proponents and revisionists.

    But it is not incumbent upon us who question the official story to provide documented evidence - it is for the proponents themselves to prove beyond doubt that the holocaust is in fact true.

    I would suggest that an international, independent, investigation be set up to examine all facets of the second world war - with special emphasis on the events which took place in Eastern Europe between 1939 and 1947 (yes, two years after the conclusion of the war, because so many civilians, prisoners, displaced people and refugees were still being held in temporary camps, and the post-war political boundaries had not been finalised.)

    We shall have to wait, however, for the WW2 archives held in Moscow to be fully analysed, authenticated and published before such an undertaking can commence. Only then can a verifiably, solid account of this period in history be presented and accepted by the world.

    Unfortunately, at the present time, all we have is a concoction of WW2 propaganda mixed in together with the flawed Nuremburg Trials process, so-called "eye-witness" testimony, and the very dubious Wannsee Conference protocol - I'm afraid that's just not good enough.

  6. I met David Irving, he said 450,000 died in camps. Not gassed, worked to death or disease.

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