Saturday, October 24, 2009

Absurd Ho£ocau$t™ stories of Nazi medical experiments - Nazi "electric machine to collect the sperm of jews", Attack dogs with poison on their teeth

Kosher source: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany


  1. Both Rosenbaum and Knoblauch are Jewish names.

    A variation of the name Knoblauch is "Knobloch", and the most famous Knoblochs in Germany at the moment are Charlotte Knobloch, leader of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland (Central concil of the Jews in Germany), and her son, Bern Knobloch, of the Hypo-Real-Estate bank, who who probably belongs in prison for his finanicial crimes.

    Also, a simple Google search will find lots of other examples for Jews with these names (e.g. "Oskar Knoblauch, was born in Germany to Polish Jews who had emigrated to Germany").

    These stories would be much more credible if they featured German names like Müller or Schulz. Even today, with all the Turkish immigrants, if you throw a stone into a crowd in Berlin, you will hit five Müllers. To hit the same number of Rosenbaums or Knoblauchs, you'd have to throw an asteriod.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that Dr Mengele was a superhuman.
    Every day he had to stand for hours waiting for trainloads of Jews to arrive and then separate them into those fit to work and those who were to die immediately, and also spend hours performing all these operations and experiments.
    When did he eat and sleep? I think we should be told.

  3. I wondered how long it would be before someone came up with the daft idea of the Nazis collecting semen from dead Jewish males.

    I was expecting the storyline to be suitably barbaric and primitive -i.e.;- that an SS "brute" would go around the mass of corpses with a sharp surgical knife and slice all the testicles. Following him would be a couple of Jewish slave workers who would squeeze out the semen into jam jars.

    These jars would then be sent back to Germany, and the semen used as a compound in the manufacture of industrial glues.

    However, the semen was apparently collected by an "electric machine" - clever old Germans !