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The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the "sacred" 6 million number

The following is a scholarly article that one might say is 'advanced studies' for someone interested in Holohoax revisionism. Neophytes and those of 'intermediate' knowledge are well aware of the major arguments and facts that debunk the 'official' account -- such as the human soap and lamp shade lies, the official Auschwitz Museum revising down the number killed at Auschwitz by 2.5 million, the fact that world almanacs show the worldwide Jewish population increased from 1935-1945, the Red Cross records documenting that only ~270,000 internees died in all of the German camps, the impossibility of the alleged 'homicidal gas chambers' and the cremation of 6 million, the many false accounts and hoaxes by supposed 'holocaust survivors', etc.

This essay goes deeper, exploring the much less well-known occult-religious origin and purpose of a fabricated 'holocaust' of '6,000,000' jews. Although I disagree with some of the presumptions in his argument (eg, his apparent position that the 'jews' of today are the same people as the Old Testament Israelites), I highly recommended this piece. I have quoted below some of the more enlightening excerpts.



Ben Weintraub’s 1995 book, Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism, fully explores and explains the Kabalistic gematria and occultism involved in the number. 6,000,000 is the number of perfect souls times ten, and ten is number of the Sephiroth, the divine emanations of G_d as seen in the Kabala.

Thus, it is numerologically predetermined, and through various dark conjuring rites, supernaturally imbued with power. As a result, it can never, ever be changed. This is critical, central to the hex. 6,000,000 is the number
. There are never more deaths; there are never less. 6,000,000 is the number. It must be ritually repeated and publicly acknowledged.


As you will see, vav/six symbolizes cosmic completion. Thereby, it is an integral part of the miraculous and mystical Holy Name of G_d, a key element in Semitic sorcery and ceremonial magic.


As we already see, 6,000,000 never refers to actual deaths. It is a purely symbolic, esoteric, mystical number, symbolizing the perfect result, a perfect creation, a magical Great Work in progress. Perhaps this is a part of tikkun olam, the Kabalistic-Talmudic “repairing” or “perfecting” of the world, done of course by the self-chosen ones.


The Semitic sorcerers, the tzaddiks and cohanim, of the centuries old ritual murder cult, lurking beneath the outer trappings of Judaism, recognized that in addition to copious amounts of goy blood, a little actual Jewish blood in the mix (“chosen ones” chosen for sacrifice) is particularly useful for certain magical workings....In addition to the magic H word and the mythical number, as you read the 1919 piece [ie, the article in The American Hebrew titled "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!"], look for ritual murder symbols and themes like: blood, bleeding, slaughter, sacrifice, cutting, knives, torture, deaths of babies, etc


Actually, the 6,000,000 appeared even earlier in the 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica (V.25, 482b). "While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded….". As we know, this number has ritualistic significance, so must be publicly repeated and acknowledged as much as possible.


While again we musn’t stray too far, inquiring minds into the occult origins of particular ideas might study the ancient Hebrew/Semitic genuine holocaust human sacrifice god, Moloch, in whose fiery Jerusalem temple the allegedly wise Solomon allowed little babies to burn alive in ovens. Read the Jewish Old Testament; it’s all there. Does this give rise to a modern-day psychological neurosis, a compulsive obsession with alleged WWII mass burnings in ovens? Do Moloch, Ba’al and similar Semitic idols of evil, powerful ethnic atavistic images, fuel the fires and fantasies of irrational holohoax fundamentalist exterminationists? Is this gory ancient archetype lurking in their psyche?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was completely correct when he said: “They have fabricated a legend under the name of Massacre of the Jews, and they hold it higher than God himself, religion itself and the prophets themselves.” The international Zionists, in collusion with powerful Western governments, fabricated a legend, and it is held higher than God.


The symbolic 6,000,000 and the special term, holocaust, were carefully created, crafted and fabricated by those who follow undeniably Talmudic-Kabalistic doctrines and dogma. 6,000,000 has nothing at all to do with actual deaths, yet Holocaustianity has become a government sponsored publicly supported and enforced religion...


The primary purpose of the 6,000,000 holo-myths is deceptive, evil and occult. It is an ongoing magical working of the Dark Forces. The Elders of Zion cast Protocols-like spells to deceive the goyim, causing them to ostentatiously and obligingly revere the Chosen Ones – and support them with money. This clever holo/hoax/hex works ever so well on the common people, especially the self-deceived so-called Judeo-Christians, thus we cannot deny its magic powers.


  1. "The primary purpose of the 6,000,000 holo-myths is deceptive, evil and occult. It is an ongoing magical working of the Dark Forces. The Elders of Zion cast Protocols-like spells to deceive the goyim, causing them to ostentatiously and obligingly revere the Chosen Ones – and support them with money. This clever holo/hoax/hex works ever so well on the common people, especially the self-deceived so-called Judeo-Christians, thus we cannot deny its magic powers."

    Very scary...however, the spotlight of truth will set you free.



  2. when the goy finally realise theYve been shafted
    it will bring on a REAL holocausT and those
    deluded doyly headed defects will deservedly become extinct

    1. Well said that man

  3. Adolf Hitler — Agent of Freemasonry and Zionism
    Chapter 1
    On January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the German Reich. When he assumed power he was surrounded by four paramount advisers and their financial sponsors. Behind him was Henry Ford; beside him Hjalmar Schacht and Rabbi Leo Baeck, and ahead of him, Franz von Papen. An interesting picture appears when one takes a closer look at these four advisers.

    1. Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) was a Freemason of the Scottish Rite, 33rd degree. In 1919 Ford published a book called "The International Jew". In Germany, "Der International Jude" was soon printed many, many times. In official history books Henry Ford is always presented as an anti-Semite. He was actually the contrary, namely a Zionist agent with orders to bring anti-Semitism to Germany and middle Europe and by the exiling of Jews he was to help create the state of Israel.
    Edwin Black writes in "Nazi Nexus" on page 4: "..., Ford showed friendship to Jewish people – both the Jewish Eastern European immigrant factory workers who he treated with equality and his Jewish friends such as his next door neighbor, Rabbi Leo M. Franklin, who received a free custom-built automobile each year as a birthday present." 1.} According to Wikipedia, Rabbi Franklin was a member of the “Anti-Defamation League”, which in turn is merely an underground organization of the B’nai B’rith Lodge and further of the High Degree Freemasonry.
    I located a crucial reference from "" regarding these underground secrets where it is written: "What most people did not realize was that the Ford Motor Company was a subsidiary of the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil Company." 2.} In the book "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins, I learned that the Rockefeller family was linked closely to the J.P. Morgan and Rothschild families, particularly with regard to the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Thus the proof became complete.

    2. Hjalmar Schacht (Horace Greely) January 22. 1877 – June 3, 1970) was a Freemason of the Scottish Rite. He was connected to the English Scottish Rite Freemason Montagu Norman, and consequently to the Bank of England and the financial world of the City of London. As Eustace Mullins wrote in "Secrets of the Federal Reserve", the Bank of England is under the control of the Rothschild family.

    3. Rabbi Leo Baeck (May 23, 1873 – November 2, 1956) was a Freemason of the Scottish Rite, 33rd degree and a promoter of the Zionists’ plans. Gerd Schmalbrock wrote: "Dr. Leo Baeck was a Freemason of the 33rd degree, leader of the German conference of Rabbis and Großpraeses of the German district of the Jewish order Bnai Brith. In order to expose the deeper wisdom of the National Socialists, he was assigned, by Hitler, to be President of the Reich’s Deputation of the German Jews." 3.}

    4. Franz von Papen (29 October 1879 – 2 May 1969) was a Knight of the Holy Grave, one of the highest orders of the Vatican. He was assigned to lead the promotion of Hitler in such a way that during the distribution of the powers no disadvantage could occur for the Vatican.

    Hitler himself was not only a member of the Thule Order but also a member of a magic 99-Order. Details of the working methods of this order can be found in Franz Bardon’s book "Frabato the Magician". After closer examination of this constellation it can be stated that Hitler was an agent of Zion, of the Vatican and of the Bank of England (City of London).

    1. Hitler was no agent of the bankers. Hitler was the enemy of the bankers and especially the Bank of England. Were he an Ally, he'd not have tossed the Versaille treaty in the trash where it damn well belonged. Nice touch, but disinformation is what you spread Dieter. Hitler had no desire to put the Jewish population in Palestine either. Zionist? Hell no. The plan was to put the vampires on Madagascar. If you want to protect the rest of us from the bloodsuckers, you let them feed on one another. No better place than an island for that. Goebbels diary makes this clear. The Haavara agreement was one of necessity and done from a sense of justice, not charity. The Zionists were the ones who wanted Hitler to be the eternal villain, hence the BIG LIE of the holocaust. These were not allies, and if they supported him at the start, they quickly realized he would not support their continued bleeding of his people, and they turned on him. The idea that Ford was a Zionist by showing friendship to Jewish people is laughable. Judaism is not Zionism. Ask Rabbi David Weiss. Anti-semitism in Hitlers time was not about being against a people, as Hitler pointed out Jewish is not really a race. It was tantamount to saying anti-materialism. It was antithetical to Christian values, and Hitler was a devout Christian, and not a genocidal maniac as he is painted to be by the Zionists. What Hitler was, was the Robin Hood of his time. He united the capitalists. They want the politicians to take from the poor and give to the rich. Hitler did the opposite. He was NO Zionist nor was he an ally. Did he wish the Jews to leave Germany? Of course he did. Did he need them in Palestine? Of course not. The point of ridding oneself of vermin is to have them go away. Where is secondary. Don't confuse pragmatism with Zionism.

    2. heymrpaul, after reading Dieter R's un-sited, Jewish propaganda garbage, it was wonderful to read your post. Might you know the origins of the propaganda DR cited in his scary drivel? I have come across bits and pieces of this Adolph Hitler the Zionist crappola myself in the past, but no specific source comes to mind.

  4. Christ came against the same venomous multigenerational entity. Christ said the following concerning this entity of self-justifiying perversionists:
    1)that they were of their father the devil
    2)that they discarded the commandments of God, substituting instead, the traditions of men (like the talmud).

    3)they were blind guides
    4)strained at knats and swallowed camels
    5)they laid grevious burdens on men but would not lift one finger to help
    6)they were clouds without rain,..., blemishes
    7)they themselves would not enter the kingdom and blocked those that would enter into God's kingdom
    8)they were hippocrites
    9)they encompassed land and sea to make one proselyte, and when they did, he was two fold more the child of hell, than themselves

    Is it any wonder they killed him?

    The talmud is, allegedly, the book of justifications for horrendous acts such as pedophilia with 3 year olds of either gender, careless murder, theft, and much more. Almost all Jewish religious leadership recognizes the "talmud", as higher authority than the Torah (Christian's old testament +er-)

  5. I realized that the 6 million is of kabbalistic origin. But I can't understand everything about that. I know about "You shall return minus 6 million" and about the missing letter vav / v, but vav / v is only the number 6, not 6 million. Where is the million from?

    I tried to understand it, I was in every revisionist page and couldn't find the answer. Do you know maybe the answer, Lone Wolf / Son of Saxon?

  6. In answer to the last question,

    600,000 is the number of souls in Israel (according to rabbinic authorities)


    According to the Kabbalists, there were 600,000 Jewish souls that stood at Sinai to receive the Torah. They comprise the "Body" of the unified Jewish People. Together they represented the complete creation of Mankind (before the sin) by God on the sixth day of Creation.

    You ask: What about today and the millions of Jews that live today in the world? How do the numbers fit?

    The answer is that each Jew has a Jewish soul, but not necessarily an entire soul of someone who stood at Sinai. We each have at least part of one of the the souls of the people there, and possibly various parts of different people who stood at Sinai. Pieces of souls. However, the pieces that we have were given to us by God in order that we have a unique purpose in our lives.

    Source -

    The Sephirot is the divine emanations of God. And is represented by the number 10. So the talmudists believe that the jewish souls are the emanations of God.

    600,000 (jewish souls) X 10 (Sephiroth).

    = 6 million.

    1. Strangelove, 6 years later - thanks for posting this...I've been earnestly searching for answers for 3 years non-stop & this is first time I've come across this particular information.

  7. Unbelievable! For a long time, I've been saying that humanity has been had by religion. I've always said that it was these bastards who wrote the Bible as a tool of subjugation. If this doesn't pretty much proves it, I dunno what does. And this is only half of the story. The other half is still being written.

  8. Wrong, Anonymous. The Bible is the proven Word of the Creator, Yahweh. Jonathan Gray's books the Forbidden Secret and the Genesis Bombshell prove it beyond any doubt. But mankind has been had by religion. Religion is an invention of men, not supported in Yahweh's Word.

  9. Remarkable insight into '6 million'. The multimillion businesses of the WWII 'Jewish Holocaust' are quite a racket!

  10. I witnessed Auschwitz and am a child survivor. My grandparents were white/black. Grandpa was black. They left USA, because they could not marry and went to Galicia in the Ukraine. He was shot by Nazis' there. There is an archival picture in Galicia area.

  11. Moloch/Anu/Yahweh/G_d same shit same thing nothing "satanic" (aside from the fact that it was a title for the adversarial "lawyer" of the court of Anu) just plain abrahamitic evil religions at play....

  12. dear other anonymous, Yahweh was an evil psychopathic genocidal ruler and invader maybe even alien read your bible literally, discover it and deal with it

  13. want to do something proactive to counter this Jew evil plan? Reverse Torah Rituals!