Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holohoaxer "survivor" speaks to Arizona high schoolers - Saw the "jew soap", says "3-4 thousand jews gassed from shower heads in 15-20 minutes"

LMAO.  A bunch of mexican students listening to some hideous jew decked out with his beanie peddling nonsense. And he still pushes the "jew soap" lie, which even the top priests of Holohoaxianity have abandoned. I guess he didn't get the memo.

Summary of Fred's Tale:

Fred Schiefler says he survived 11 concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

How did Fred survive 11 "death camps"? A miracle of course. Says Schiefler, "I believe in miracles. It's a miracle that I'm sitting here in this chair, being able to talk to you, where are all my families?"

Fred says that in the Nazi gas chambers "in 15-20 minutes, 3,4 thousands people, they would be gassed".

Schiefler says that after the war he visited a German pharmacy to buy some of the "jew soap" that he says was "made of Jew's fat from the concentration camps."

Fred has several books in the works, and spends his time telling his tale to high school students.

Article: "Holocaust Survivor Speaks To Local Students"

Note: use http://www.archive.org/ to find article if original link no longer works


  1. The LYING PARASITIC KIKES, are allowed to brainwash our children in JEW-SKOOL??? Gotta get them young, and CONdition them for life!!!

  2. Don't these people know the script has changed now we all know the 'Jew Soap' lie?

  3. Up until the 1970's, most parents - if they saw someone like him coming along the street - would warn their children; "Come away, kids - don't get involved. He is just an elderly jewish gentleman who has a weird outlook on life, and is bound to be full of fanciful stories and outlandish trickery"

    Today, however, society has declined so much, that they actually allow characters like him into the schools themselves, where the kids are a captive audience.

    Verily - what has the world come to!

  4. Is Jew soap available from Amazon.com?