Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Hannah: From Dachau to the Olympics and Beyond" - Another outlandish Holohoax Survivor™ story exposed as a fraud

Another day, another Holocaust Survivor™ Story exposed as a fraud:

Article #1: 'Windsor author discovers holocaust survivor fabricated tale'

Article #2: 'Holocaust survival tale took in many'

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  1. Gosh,another phony Holohoax tale,imagine that !

  2. Hannah's big mistake was to allow herself to be baptised by a Texan evangelist "who made her somewhat of a Christian folk hero".

    Well, I'm afraid the Jews who run the holohoax industry were not happy with that situation at all! So they decided to expose her as a fraud themselves, and threw her to the dogs.

    If Hannah had stuck to her role of simply being a "holocaust" survivor, and not try and seek extra fame as a highly-publicised Christian, she would undoubtedly have been allowed to continue making money out of the holohoax.

    Hannah's fate provides a salutary lesson to all you holohoax "survivors" out there, who might think of branching out of your chosen career into other money-making scams.