Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At Nuremberg, "4 million" deaths "proved" at Auschwitz; In 1990 Polish government says only around "1 million" total deaths. Number of dead at Auschwitz drops by 3 million - Sacred 6 million number remains unchanged

The "6 million" number of Jews supposedly killed is a monstrously untenable exaggeration. It was once deemed an irrefutable fact that "4 million" persons were "exterminated" at Auschwitz, with "3 million" of those being jews.

Immediately following World War Two at the Nuremberg Kangaroo "trials", it was officially alleged that "4,000,000" people were mass murdered at Auschwitz.

"About 1,500,000 persons were exterminated in Maidanek and about 4,000,000 persons were exterminated in Auschwitz..."

- Nuremberg Trial Proceedings - Indictment : Count Three
(see approximately 20% down page for quote)

Jewish Currents is a secular Jewish magazine published quarterly since 1958. In Volume 31, Issue 7, published in August 1977, it states:

"About 3,000,000 Jews were hanged, shot or gassed in Auschwitz" [1]

Around 1990, the government of Poland revised the number of alleged deaths at the Auschwitz concentration camp to around "one million".

Pictured here are the current and old plaques at Auschwitz, mentioning the "official" number of alleged deaths, at the time:

(click image to enlarge)

Left: This was the plaque on display at the Auschwitz camp until 1989: note the "4 million" victims. Right: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002)

Note the suddenly reduced number of victims to 1.5 million - a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million. Question: Does '6 Million' minus 2.5 million still equal '6 Million'?

The Official Auschwitz Museum website currently claims the total number of Jews who were deported to Auschwitz to be 1.1 million (remember, this is just what they claim were deported; not all of those deported to the camp died there):

"As a result of the inclusion of Auschwitz in the process of the mass extermination of the Jews, the number of deportees began to soar. About 197 thousand Jews were deported there in 1942, about 270 thousand the following year, and over 600 thousand in 1944, for a total of almost 1.1 million." -Państwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau

source: Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

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  1. They are good mathematicians I tell you these jews..

  2. heavy "shit" ...

  3. 3 million,2.5 million 1.1 million ti still add up to one life snuffed out by another who gave them the right to decide that this is just.

  4. Bullshit, it never happened. Its The Big Lie of the centuries.

  5. According to the latest Wikipedia entry, the number of Jews killed in;-

    Chelmno = 152,000
    Majdanek = 60,000
    Auschwitz/Birkenau = 960,000
    Treblinka = 1,000,000
    Sobibor = 250,000
    Belzec = 500,000

    This makes a grand total of 2,922,000.

    I'm afraid that someone has now got to pluck up the courage to inform Elie The Weisel that half his ruddy old holocaust has gone missing.

  6. Allow me to direct you to IHR to read the pamphlet " Did 6 million really die?" Which happened to cause the trial of the century in Canada 1985.