Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chaim Ferster's Holy Hoax yarn: "I survived eight death camps, saw flames coming out of the chimneys at Aushwitz, only water came out of the gassum chamber"

Chaim Ferster is a jew from Poland.

He was 20 years old in 1943, when he says he was taken prisoner.

Upon arriving at Auschwitz, Chaim says he saw "falmes coming out from four chimneys"!  Not smoke, but FLAMES!  Is that even possible?  Who cares!  It makes for a scary Holy Hoax story.

At Auschwitz, Ferster says that the same "shower room" that was used to (allegedly) mass murder people also had the capability to dispense harmless water.  Have the Holy Hoax priests ever described the use of such German technology in the camps?  Doesn't matter!  This makes for a good yarn.

Chaim was "liberated" from Auschwitz in 1945, but only to be then marched to Buchenwald.

By a miracle, of course, he survived being holocausted despite being in, count them, eight "death camps".   According to Chaim, the rest of his family wasn't so all but two were holocausted.

Chaim emigrated to England after the war, and now gives speeches telling the "goyim" to not be "anti-Semitic".

Article: BBC: "The man who survived eight Nazi death camps"

Speech by Chaim Ferster in Manchester on October 19, 2014 denouncing "anti-Semitism".

(via Daily Stormer)

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    i vey you schmucks! i died 6 times in the holocauster! but luckily i survived every time!
    i have it wall well documented in my book too!


My grandfather moishe was nearly gassed 6 gorillion times. Every time he escaped through a ventilation shaft by levitation. Buy his book on Amazon goyim!


My great-uncle Schmuel Stankenberg survived exactly six million death camps.

Hear this "sacred" survivor tell his story: